SUMMER OUTFITS 2020 – All The Clothes I Have Bought For This Summer

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Warm weather has *almost* arrived and I've been a shopping machine looking for cute summer clothes.

Today on Instagram stories, I tried on all of the clothes I've bought for summer so far. There's a huge mix of things with everything from shorts, to shoes, to shirts, to pajamas. 

ALSO, I found the BEST $15 white shorts!!

I am the worst blogger ever and forgot to take pictures of the outfits so I screenshotted them from my Instagram story (whoops - surviving not thriving ;). Just wait for some of the faces you see in these pics hahah. 

1. Target $15 Shorts + $14 Shirt

summer clothes

I NEVER like shorts on me. Like last summer I literally didn't wear shorts once. I have a small waist and bigger legs so it's hard to find shorts that fit me in the waist but don't have my ass cheeks jiggling everywhere (haha seriously).

These $15 shorts from Target ACTUALLY FIT!! For $15! I think I may go buy twenty pairs of these so I can have them for the rest of my life ;).

I am usually a size 2 or size 25 but I got a zero in these. They fit perfectly so I would recommend sizing down.

The shirt I am wearing in this picture is also from Target and I got it for $14. I just bought it on Wednesday in store and can't find it anywhere online. You may have luck if you go look at your local store!

2. Tie-Dye Satin Pajama Set

summer outfits

I'm a sucker for pajama sets so when I saw this at Target I *had* to have it ;). For real though, love that it's satin and that the straps on the shirt are adjustable.

Really comfy + cute - highly recommend!

3. Agolde Shorts

summer outfits

These shorts are EXPENSIVE. Like by far the most expensive shorts I have every purchased. 

Up until those Target shorts I bought Wednesday, I have not been able to find shorts I like on my body in years. My friend has a pair of these and they looked super cute on her. Bloggers also RAVE about these shorts.

In my mind I convinced myself that if this pair actually fits me, I can wear it for years and it's worth the money (aka my talent is being able to convince myself that I need everything and anything). 

I love them but they are one size too big for me (which they did say that in the comments I just disregarded it. lesson learned - don't disregard it!). I got the 25 and am going to size down to 24 if your a similar body type to me. I'm exchanging them because I do love them!

Here's the link for these shorts.

4. Tie-Dye Blouse

This shirt is from Vici Collection which is one of my favorite stores! I have seriously never gotten anything from them that I didn't love.

Only downside to them is that there clothes sell out really fast. AKA, this shirt. ugh sorry! Here is a super similar one that Vici sells (I have actually almost bought this shirt like five times).

Shoes are linked below!

5. Distressed Lighting Bolt Shirt

summer outfits

Love this shirt! I am basically obsessed with anything lighting bolt right now and love that it is also distressed. 

Click here to see this shirt. Shorts are the white ones from Target linked above!

6. Snakeskin Dress

summer outfits

Whether it's a wedding, bridal shower, graduation, baby shower, etc., having a cute dress that you can reach for in summer is important!

I LOVE this one and think it's the perfect amount of out there without being too much.

Click here for this dresses link.

7. Workout Tops

Got these for $14 from Aerie. They're more cropped than I originally thought but I still really like them!

Click here for the link to those shirts.

8. Summer Sandals

Sorry for having to look at my ugly feet ;). I have REALLY wide feet and these fit them all!

That's all the summer clothes I have bought so far! Now just waiting for it to *actually* get warm.


  1. Loving all of the denim shorts and those tie dye pajamas. So so cute!

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