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Looking for the best gifts for roommates? Here are the best and least expensive options for you.

To be honest I must have been a pretty terrible roommate because I never thought to get them a gift. But, now that I think about it, it would be nice to receive a gift from the person you see 24/7.

Because you live with them, you probably know them better than most people so you can pick out a super great gift you know they will personally love. But, if you are just moving in and planning to buy them something as a house warming you may have no idea what to buy. So, if you are in need of some gift inspirations that are reasonably priced, you will love these gift ideas.

This post is all about gifts for roommates.


Best Overall:  Custom Roommate Poster

"This custom poster is so cute! I made it look just like me and my bestie and we have it framed in our living room. We love this as decor in our apartment!"

Best Under $25:  Bucket List Scratch Off Poster

"My roommate and I got this to do together and it has been so fun!! Such a great gift to give."

Best Value:  Morphe Eyeshadow Pallet

"I use this eyeshadow pallet every time I do my makeup. The colors in it are so pretty and there are so many of them! "

Best Custom Gift: Custom Wine Glass

"I bought a set of these wine glasses for my apartment and love them! SO cute!"

Best For Everyday Use: Throw Blanket

"I love this throw blanket! It  is so soft but also so soft and warm. I always have it on my couch to use."


1. Custom Roommate Photo

A custom roommates poster would be the perfect gift for you and your roommate to enjoy together! You can customize this to look exaclty like you and your roommate! This would look so good in any apartment and would make a super fun and special gift.

2. Custom Wine Glass

These custom wine glasses with your room number are so so cute and are surprisingly really inexpensive! I love the gold numbers on these. You could even buy a set of these to keep around if you really want to go all out!

3. Candles

If your landlord allows candles in your apartment, then a candle is definitely the way to go when picking out a gift for your roommate! Everyone wants their apartment to smell good, right? If you aren't allowed to have candles, you could find a cute candle warmer that doesn't use fire or even some good smelling room spray.

4. AirPods Case

Not only is this such a cute gift, it's practical too if you and your roommates all have AirPods! I know my roommates and I would always leave ours in the kitchen and forget which ones which. This is a great idea for gifts for roommates! 

5. Slippers

Every girl loves a good pair of slippers and these ones are literally so comfortable. Slippers would make a great gift for someone you are living with. I can guarantee she will be wearing these around the apartment all the time.

6. For The Girls Party Game

If you haven't played For the Girls you are seriously missing out and need to have a girls night to play it ASAP. This is such a fun game to play on girls night in. So grab a glass of wine and get ready to spill all the tea.

7. Bath Gift Set

 A bath gift set is a great present to give to literally anyone you are living with! Everyone needs a relaxing day once in a while and this is a great gift set for that! This set from Ulta smells really good and is a great gift if you are trying to find a bath set that stays in your budget.

8. Planner

I love getting new planners and stuff to write with. A planner is a great gift wether you are buying a gift for your college roommate or even just your roommate you are living with outside of school. Either way, I'm sure your roommate will get busy at times so she will be sure to use a cute planner like this one.

9. Wine Tumbler Set

Tumblers are pretty much the best thing to keep your drinks cold so if your roommate is a wine drinker she will absolutely love these! These wine tumblers from Amazon come as a set of four so she can have enough to let guest use when they come over as well (or you since, you know, you are her roommate).

10. Throw Blanket

I don't know about ya'll but I never get sick of getting new throw blankets. They make great decor plus they always come in handy if you want to snuggle up to watch a movie or have guest over to hang out. This one from Amazon is super cute and pretty neutral so it would look good in really any apartment.

11. Picture Frames

Decor is always a great gift to give your roommate as a gift. Picture frames can always be used to decorate around the apartment. If you know your roommate in advance, it would be super cute to print out photos in the picture frame of you two or her and her family and put them in the frames before you give them to her. This would make the gift a little more special and she will for sure love it so much!

12. Morphe Makeup Pallet

If you are buying a gift for your roommate who is a beauty lover you can't go wrong with a Morphe pallet. They are pretty much the best eyeshadow pallets that give you the best bang for your buck. This pallet is only $25 which is a steal for how man pretty pink shades you get! Your roommate would for sure love to get this if she is into makeup.

13. Bucket List Scratch Off Poster

How fun is this scratch off bucket list poster?! I absolutely love this idea and think it would be such a fun gift to give your roommate to scratch off together. You will never get bored if you have this around! You could even try to scratch them all off by the time you two move out.

14. Towel Set

Since living in an apartment myself, I have learned you really cant have too many towels. If you ever have guests over you learn really fast that towels get dirty quickly and it is kind of a pain to have to keep washing them. So, if you know the color scheme of your roommates bathroom, a towel set would make as a great  gift! Or, even if you don't know how they plan to decorate, you can always grab a set of neutral colored ones that will go with everything. 

This set from Amazon is priced really well especially for how many towels you are getting. Your roommate will be sure to love these!

15. Coaster Set

As roommates, you will probably be sharing tables so this is a little bit of a gift for you too. These white and god coasters are so cute and would look great on any table. You can never go wrong with a gift that is functional but also serves as super cute decor.

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