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This post is all about tips for online school and how to ace your online classes.

tips for online school

Learning how to organize and complete your school work on a timely manner is always so hard. I remember being so overwhelmed my first year of college by how many due dates and assignments were being thrown my way.

What is even harder than normal college is doing college in an online setting. Online classes are a whole different ball game because you have to be completely reliant on yourself to remember your assignments and due dates.

Because I am a college student myself, I have had to navigate my own way through online school this year and I can admit it is so much harder to stay motivated and on top of things when you aren’t physically attending class. But, the good thing is, because of having to attend school completely remotely this year, I have been able to figure out exactly how to conquer online classes and still stay organized during them. 

 This post is all about tips for online school.


1. Make A Calendar When School First Starts

Making a calendar is my biggest tip when it comes to acing your online classes. This is a tip I would give to anyone in college because planning out your due dates and assignments is key to getting good grades in college. But, when it comes to online school, planning in advance is even more important.

Because you don’t have classmates and professors constantly reminded you about due dates in class, it is so important you know what is due on your own. At the beginning of the year, I always write down my assignments wether it is on Google Calendars or in a physical agenda. This will allow you to look at the week as a whole so you know what needs to get done all at one glance and can plan accordingly. Having a set calendar seriously saved my grades in college.

2. Designate A Study Space

Now, we all know doing school at home can be difficult because you aren’t in a “learning” environment. This is why it is so important to designate a study space for you to sit down and learn to get work done. I can tell you right now if you lay in bed while watching a lecture you will want to just fall asleep and won’t learn a thing.

When you are watching a lecture or working on homework, make sure you are sitting at a desk or table wether it is in your kitchen, library, or study room. You will retain information so much better this way. It is almost like training your body to want to work while in a certain environment. 

This will also help you relax and sleep better if you keep work in your study space and your “you” time in your bedroom.

3. Color Coordinate Your Classes

This is a small detail that seems silly but really does work. When looking at my classes, if they are color coordinated, either by highlighting or changing the color in Google Calendars, I can easily see what needs to get done for each class at a glance. This really comes in handy if you have one class that is a lot harder than another.

For example, if I color coordinate my calculus class red, I can easily see that I may need more time to do homework on Wednesday than I do for my purple English class on Thursday. This seems like a small thing but I promise it really does make planning and scheduling time to do homework easier.

4. Set Your Due Dates A Day In Advance

Setting your due dates for online classes a day earlier will seriously keep you on top of things. No one wants to be doing an assignment 20 minutes before it is due. So, scheduling your assignments a day early will almost trick your brain into thinking it is actually due that day. This also relieves a lot of stress while turning in your assignments knowing that you are on top of things and have all of your work done on time.

I personally love doing this because it ensures nothing is late. This means if there is a day I am especially stressed, I know that doing my assignment later that night won’t be a big deal. But, don’t take advantage of this and put it off for a day because I promise that will stress you out even more!

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5. Communicate With Your Professors

Communicating with your professors is one of my biggest tips for online school. I mean think about it, you are unable to talk to your professors in person, so how emailing them is essential.

I know way too many people who are afraid to let their professor know they missed a deadline or are confused on a topic and this can be detrimental to your grade. Professors are literally getting paid to make sure you know the material and succeed so make sure to take advantage of that! Profs are a lot of time very understanding and most likely will try to work with you if an issue comes up. Obviously, don’t make a habit of missing deadlines but if you are really concerned about your grade or assignment, definitely try and reach out first.

6. Print Out Assignments

Printing out assignments really will help you when it comes to doing well in an online class. It can be really hard to understand material when staring at a computer screen so sometimes we all need a physical copy to highlight and mark up.

I personally do this for all my online projects. Take the time to print out the assignment and highlight important things and scribble down notes. Reading a physical paper as opposed to a computer screen will definitely increase your understanding and help you out in the long run.

7. Use Your Resources

Seriously, use your resources! The absolute best part of online school is the ability to use your computer, which you are already using! There are loads of information on the internet to help you better understand the material you are learning!

When it comes to online learning, utilizing available resources is key to maximizing your educational experience. One valuable tool that can greatly enhance your understanding of the material is a learning management system (LMS). learning management system (LMS) features, that can support and complement your online studies. However, it’s important to remember that the internet itself is also a vast source of knowledge waiting to be tapped into.

If you find yourself grappling with a concept during a lecture, take advantage of your computer and the wealth of information available online. A simple Google search can lead you to articles, tutorials, and even videos on platforms like YouTube that can provide additional insights and help solidify your understanding. So, embrace the power of technology and use your resources wisely to make the most of your online learning journey.

So, if you are in the middle of a lecture and don’t quite understand the topic, do a quick Google search to get a better grasp on it. YouTube is one of the best resources for quickly learning and understanding a topic so make sure to use it!

This post was all about tips for online school.
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