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Looking for the best sorority paddles to buy or make? Here are all the ideas, supplies, and paddles to buy!

sorority paddles

Whether you are looking to find the best sorority paddles you can buy or if you want to make your very own, here is everything you need to make sure you give your big one of the best sorority paddles out there!

Even though I am in a sorority, the tradition of giving sorority paddles is not around at my school. But, I absolutely love the idea and get tons of questions about how to make one or where to buy them! In this post I will show you exactly how to make one yourself and give you tons of inspiration if you are the DIY type. If not, I found some super cute sorority paddles you can buy that I know any girl would love.

This post is all about sorority paddles.


1. Butterfly Custom Sorority Paddles

sorority paddles

This year I have been seeing butterflies on just about everything. Jewelry, clothes, decor, and now sorority paddles! These sorority paddles are so so cute and can be custom made for your big!

Of course you can always DIY the paddle yourself but if you aren't the artistic type but love the look of this sorority paddle, buy this one from Etsy!

2. Custom Geode Sorority Paddles

sorority paddles

I know for a fact any big out there would absolutely love this stunning geode paddle. It is super original so you can guarantee pretty much no other girl will be be giving her big the same one. If your big loves all things glitter and sparkles, this geode paddle is perfect for her!

If you want to make a paddle like this on your own, just buy some crystals from your local craft sore and arrange them in a half circle shape.

3. Floral Custom Sorority Paddles

sorority paddles

I absolutely love this floral sorority paddle because it is so pretty but honestly so simple! You can order this paddle in all different colors and have it customized exactly for your big and your sorority.

If you do want to make it on your own, you can just buy some artificial flowers from your local craft store and hot glue them on.

4. Big Little Custom Sorority Paddles

sorority paddles

This custom sorority paddle from Etsy is so cute and detailed! You can of course have it made custom to you and your big's name and decorated however you'd like. This is perfect for all the girls that want to give their big a paddle that looks hand made (without having to actually be artistically talented ?).

5. Custom Sorority Paddles

sorority paddles

These sorority paddles from Etsy can literally be custom made to say or look however you want! If you have an idea but don't have the artistic ability to actually do it, this is the paddle for you. 


6. Wooden Paddle

First things first when making your own sorority paddle, you are of course going to need a paddle. You can order this for really cheap on Amazon in all different sizes. This specific one is the most commonly used size when making a sorority paddle but you can always search for bigger or smaller ones on Amazon.

7. Acrylic Paint

Unless you want to wood stain your paddle, you are going to need lots of paint to create a sorority paddle! The best to use is just basic acrylic paint. You can buy these acrylic paints which include all the colors you need for under $20 on Amazon or you can buy individual colors if you only need a few.

8. Paint Brushes

Obviously you are going to need paint brushes if you are planning on painting your sorority paddle! These are the best and cheapest option from Amazon that includes every size you need to create your paddle.

9. Seal The Paddle With Mod Podge

To make sure your paddle lasts for a super long time without the paint chipping, seal it with mod podge after you are finished painting. This will not only make the paddle last longer, it will also add a shiny gloss finish to your paddle.

10. Decorate With Embellishments

Embellishments are totally optional but they can be the perfect finish to your sorority paddle. Grab a hot glue gun and start gluing on any finishing embellishments such as rhinestones, flowers, ribbon, crystals, or anything else you want!


11. Simple Girly Sorority Paddle

This sorority paddle can easily be made by anyone even if you aren't very artistic. All you have to do is pick out some colors and paint squiggly lines. Write out you and your big's name and sorority and your done!

12. Barefoot Wine Inspired Sorority Paddle

I know tons of college girls (myself included) that absolutely love Barefoot pink moscato so if your big is the same way, this could be a perfect sorority paddle idea for you to recreate for her! I mean the shape of the paddle is too perfect for a wine inspired sorority paddle.

13. Floral Mason Jar Sorority Paddle

How cute is this floral mason jar sorority paddle?! Paint a mason jar on your paddle after staining and then glue some flowers on! I also love how this paddle has the twine and bow at the top too!

14. Palm Tree Leaves Sorority Paddle

If your big grew up around the beach or even just loves a beach-y theme, this is the perfect sorority paddle to recreate for her! I would suggest using a permanent marker or a paint pen instead of a brush to create clean detailed leaves.

15. Gold Lettering And Floral Design Sorority Paddle

This sorority paddle is a cute but time consuming design so be prepared to work on it for a while! Once you have written you and your big's name in gold letters, decorate around it with small colorful flowers. This is a paddle your big will for sure fall in love with.

16. Black And Gold Leaf Sorority Paddle

Recreate this Sorority Paddle:

I think this is my favorite sorority paddle idea plus it is really easy to recreate! You can either copy this exact paddle or use other paint colors. I think it would be stunning if it was painted white too!

17. Butterfly Sorority Paddle

Like I said before, butterflies are super popular right now and if you have the artistic ability, this is a great idea! Use permanent fine point markers and fill in the wings with paint. Definitely draw it all out in pencil first though!

18. Wood Stained Floral Sorority Paddle

Recreate this Sorority Paddle:

This dark wood stain is so pretty and looks so good with the bright pink flowers! Then, just use a white paint pen to draw some designs on! 

19. Pink Paisley Sorority Paddle

This is another paddle that would take a lot of time to make but the end result is so cute! If you want to make a paddle for your big that shows her just how much time and effort you put into it, this is the perfect sorority paddle idea for you!

20. Trendy Rolling Stones Inspired Sorority Paddle

Recreate this Sorority Paddle:

The rolling stones logo is a classic and has been coming back in popularity for designs in recent years! You can either paint this design on to your paddle or to make it even easier, just use felt and stickers!

21. Simple And Classy Name Tag Sorority Paddle

Recreate this Sorority Paddle:

I absolutely love this sorority paddle idea! After picking out the colors you want to go with when decorating your paddle, punch holes in the tags, write out the letters of you and your big's name, and string them on to the twine. This is a super simple but adorable sorority paddle idea that is completely customizable!

22. Dark Wood Stain Simple Sorority Paddle

Recreate this Sorority Paddle:

You can easily recreate this sorority paddle by using a wood stain and a paint marker. Staining your paddle is perfect if you want to keep it more clean and simple. Then, just add some flowers or other embellishments!

23. Black And Rose Gold Glitter Sorority Paddle

Recreate this Sorority Paddle:

This rose gold glitter sorority paddle is so pretty and honestly super simple to recreate. You can always paint the letters on but if you want your paddle to look clean and crisp, use stencils or glue on letters!

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