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aunt betts top tips

Aunt Bett has gotten quite the rep on Instagram lately! I think the reason people love her so much is because she has just the right amount of traditional aspect that we're lacking a little in this world (in my opinion at least 😜). She is put-together 24/7, like seriously, always has a cute outfit and her makeup done.

Her and her husband (Uncle Bob) have been married since they were 18 and 20 years old and are still madly in love. They kiss each other every single time they leave each other and when they get back together! Aunt Bett has lunch ready for Uncle Bob everyday and Uncle Bob has always filled up her gas tank. Her house is so clean and always smells good! She reminds me that it wasn't this way when she had kids but still, it's pretty impressive! Basically anytime I am with her, I want to get my life a little more put-together haha.

Don't get mistaken though...While she is traditional in many ways, she is the first one to tell me that a woman needs to be able to support herself on her own. I wanted to drop out of college for a little. You should have seen Aunt Bett when I told her that...she was like "absolutely not"! She has constantly told me one of her biggest regrets (or maybe not regrets but she says "it was a different time") was not going to college.

I have a million questions for her and you all did too. I rounded up the top asked questions and had her answer them for us. We all need an Aunt Bett in our lives!

Here are all of Aunt Bett's top tips and most asked questions.


1. What's the best advice you've ever received? What advice would you give your younger self?

Not sure what the best advice I ever received is because I think along life’s journey you are always receiving advice.  That being said, I come from a very large extended family, with wonderful parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and along the way, our friends we call our chosen family.  They taught us that family is everything, to love, and to be kind.  I do remember two things that really stood out.  My son went away to college, I was so proud but actually almost heart broken. I cried every time I saw him and every time he left.  And he was only an hour away! Lol!  One day I was telling someone and they gave me a really nice piece of advice. She simply said that this is what you raised him to do, let him go, he will be fine.  At that moment it made so much sense.  The second one is when my hero, my Dad, passed away pretty suddenly. A friend called and said to me “I want you to be kind to yourself”.  I don’t know why but it touched my heart, and I have told other people the same thing.

I guess I would tell my younger self to not be such a perfectionist and to not worry so much. Maybe to be a little less serious and not worry so much about what people think about you, and to laugh more.

2. What are your favorite cleaning products/ what is your cleaning routine? Do you have any advice for keeping steady cleaning habits?

My favorite cleaning products I guess are Mr. Clean cleaning blocks, Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles for the Bathrooms, Tilex for Bathroom tiles, Lysol spray for the bathroom (I don’t like anything too perfume-like) more citrus and fresh Bruce Hardwood Cleaner, Endust for wood,  Mr. Clean Lemon for scrubbing floor tiles and Swiffer dusters, and my Dyson vacuum.

I dust my furniture at least once a week and hand scrub once a week.  I vacuum a couple times a week because I like the carpet to not look like it’s walked on.  I know it's goofy.  Everyday after we shower, I use my rechargeable little vacuum and vacuum the floor of my black hair.  Do a quick spray of the toilet and Windex my vanity and mirrors.  Then once a week or sometimes every two weeks I scrub the floors and tiles. I change linens and towels every week.  My best advice is to keep up with it, then it becomes routine and not overwhelming.  Twice a year I do windows and walls called Spring cleaning, and I iron once a week to keep it up.

3. What is your morning routine? How do you fit in time for self-care (working out, doing your makeup & hair, etc.)?

I’m a morning person.  My husband makes me my tea and then I workout in the morning or it doesn’t get done.  I work out at least 6 days a week for 40 minutes to an hour. If it’s my walk day, about an hour and twenty minutes. Then I shower, put on makeup, dry my hair and start my day.  It wasn't always like this, it was hard when the kids were home and had school, sports, and dance.  I’m a routine person, I wish I could be more unscheduled.

4. Do you meal plan? What are your favorite meals to make during the week? 

I kinda meal plan.  I like to cook on Sundays and Mondays for the week, so it’s prepared when I get home from work.  We eat a salad everyday. My sisters taught me about making salads for the week in those canning jars and they stay so fresh all week.  We are picky eaters and plain eaters, too.  I try to cook healthy.  I’m learning to use an air fryer and it’s amazing.  If only I didn’t like chocolate, I would be healthier! I’m not a night person,  when I’m finished for the day, I put on my favorite Soma pajamas, always remove make-up and moisture, a cup of tea and tv. Then I usually fall asleep as soon as I try to watch a show.

5. You're the ultimate hostess, can you share what you do before visitors arrive and stay at your house? Or what you do before hosting dinners, etc.

Honestly, we really don’t have many overnight guests. Mainly my Sophia who has been visiting since she was 11 once or twice a year since they moved away and we were both so upset.  And now Ben has come for a visit and we expect him every year, and we want her sisters to start visiting more as well.  Sophia’s youngest sister, Stella, is my husband’s god daughter and Shelby is like an adopted god daughter.  So when the girls come, there are fresh linens on the bed. On the bed I always have a beautiful tray, they always get new pj’s, homemade chocolate chip cookies, their favorite snack, a new candle, and flowers.  Then I like to plan days.  One day is usually a massage, nails, and pedicures.  Mostly we shop and go to lunch and dinners.  We are from Maryland so if anyone loves crabs we get steamed crabs or delicious crab cakes! In the bathroom always fresh towels, and on the vanity a pretty basket of toiletries, new shampoo, shower gel, lotion, etc.  I always want guests to feel extra special.  We actually have our favorite cousins coming to visit next weekend, so we will do the same, but probably not new pajamas and maybe a bottle of wine instead.  Now that the girls are older we have their favorite alcohol on hand. Sophia always gets so excited and it makes me happy to see her feel extra special.

Quick tip: if you are having friends over and your home is a little dusty dim the lights and light candles no one will notice dust just warm, inviting ambiance 🥰!

6. Are there certain products you use to make your house smell great?

Products for keeping the house smelling fresh are mostly just the Bath and Body Works plug-ins. And also, I light candles all the time. Mostly 3 wick from Bath and Body and yankee candle. Homegoods has great soy candles.

7. Any tips for long-lasting relationships?

Relationship advice: make your husband, wife, or special person your favorite person.  Be kind to each other, do special things for each other and LISTEN, not always easy lol.  Respect that person.  I just told Sophia it’s so hard sometimes because life is so busy and at times so exhausting, but at the end of the day that person should be your safe place and your comfort.  And listen, it’s not 50-50, sometimes one will give 100% and the other can only give 10% but that’s how you balance each other and take care of each other.  And have fun, laugh, and enjoy.  Be excited to see them.  It’s not always easy, sometimes really difficult, but let that love hold you.

8. What do you do for yourself that brings you the most joy?

Things that bring me the most joy are probably my four grandkids!!! Being with family. A cup of tea with my best friend. Just simple things. 

 9. How do you clean your whites? Bleach/ detergent?

Mr. Clean cleaning blocks are great for cleaning many things including the white around tennis shoes, I hate when they look grass stained.

10. What are your favorite shower products (shampoo, conditioner, etc.)?

I’m always changing because I work in a Salon and Spa!

11. How many days do you reuse a bath towel, jeans, kitchen sponge?

As I said, I change my towels and sheets once a week.  I usually only wear jeans once because I don’t like knees to bag out.

This post was all about Aunt Bett's top tips.

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