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Wanting to find some decor inspiration for Thanksgiving this year? We've got you covered with all the cutest Thanksgiving decor ideas that you will be dying to recreate in your home.

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Fall is right around the corner so you know what that means… Thanksgiving! 

Aside from being able to eat all the food you want without feeling bad about it, Thanksgiving is such a fun holiday to decorate for. I mean, who doesn’t love fall decor?! It’s just so cozy.

But, most Thanksgiving decor consists of slapping orange and red tones on a napkin and throwing some kind of turkey decorations in there with it. While this definitely says “Thanksgiving” you may be looking for something more subtle and trendy (I know I am). If this is the case, you are going to absolutely love all these stylish Thanksgiving decor ideas.

This post is all about Thanksgiving decor ideas.


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Obviously, I tend to shy away from using color in my apartment so when it comes to the holidays I like to keep things pretty neutral while still incorporating “holiday-ish” elements. These decor pieces are my absolute favorites to decorate with for Thanksgiving. Some of these I already have and others I just recently found but will definitely be purchasing for my own home this Thanksgiving.


1. Fall Charcuterie Board

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Recreate this Thanksgiving decor idea:

No Thanksgiving party (or really party any) is complete without an awesome charcuterie board! Charcuterie boards are a party staple that not only require little effort and no cooking skills to make but are also super easy for guests/family to grab food and continue socializing.

Now that you’re sold on making a charcuterie board it’s time to make it a Thanksgiving charcuterie board- and it’s super simple. All you need are a couple of mini pumpkins to decorate your board with and yellow, orange, and red finger food! To top it off, incorporate fall floral arrangements and Thanksgiving-themed table decorations around your board.

2. Black And Gold Dinnerware

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Recreate this Thanksgiving decor idea:

Ready for a sleek table decorating idea for Thanksgiving? Here you go!

This table setup is the perfect example of how you can create a stunning dining area that still emits Thanksgiving vibes without throwing decorations that quite literally scream “Thanksgiving table decor” in your face. Use black plates and bowls to accent and gold candles to give your table that elegant and cozy fall feeling.

3. Neutral Table Decor

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Recreate this Thanksgiving decor idea:

Like keeping your holiday decor more neutral? Me. Too. A neutral Thanksgiving is totally achievable with just a few decorations!

Pick out a white, beige, or grey tablecloth and add centerpieces all throughout the middle. Organically shaped candle holders and decor are super popular right now so you will be sure to be seeing lots of them used in holiday decor this year.

4. Minimilist Fall Prints

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Recreate this Thanksgiving decor idea:

I absolutely love switching out my ordinary apartment decor for minimalist holiday prints because I can use decor I already have so it doesn’t require spending any money!

And what’s better than fall holiday prints? FREE holiday prints to put in all your frames. Sarah and I designed all these fall-themed holiday prints that you can download for free and use for free in your apartment this year! We’ll be twins! ☺️

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5. DIY Fall Doormat

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Recreate this Thanksgiving decor idea:

This is one of my favorite fall DIY’s I’ve ever done and it cost me almost nothing! I was searching for fall and Thanksgiving decor ideas and came across the cutest doormats. But, they were surprisingly expensive and I wasn’t willing to a good chunk of change for something that was going to be stepped on 24/7. 

So, I decided to make my own and I was obsessed with how it turned out. Plus, by making my own I was able to completely customize it to say what I wanted. After I had my DIY project completed I layered a neutral layering rug underneath and added fall plants outside my door. This ended up being the perfect fall decor to give my front door a little holiday spirit without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking to make a fall doormat of your own you can read my post on how to do it and all the supplies you need here!

6. Tassel Garland

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Recreate this Thanksgiving decor idea:

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving decor ideas that are less neutral and a little more colorful and fun then this is one you should definitely recreate! Hang a large print with a Thanksgiving-themed saying on it and decorate underneath with a garland! Tassel garlands are super popular party decorations and this one from Etsy fits right into the fall theme. Place matching Thanksgiving decor like mini pumpkins, wooden signs, and fall florals on your table to complete your decor!

7. Bead Garlands

Recreate this Thanksgiving decor idea:

I use bead garlands as apartment decor year-round but they fit right into other holiday decorations as well! Last year I used beads I already had and wrapped them around my fall candle and it added the perfect touch to my coffee table decor. You can also use beads to hang over pumpkin-filled baskets or as Thanksgiving table decorations on their own.

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8. Mini Pumpkins

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Recreate this Thanksgiving decor idea:

Mini pumpkins are a Thanksgiving decor must but these fuzzy mini pumpkins take it to the next level. These pumpkins from Kirklands are so insanely cute and a fun alternative to the basic mini pumpkins that everyone else uses!

9. Leaf Garland And Fruit Table Centerpiece

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Recreate this Thanksgiving decor idea:

Looking for Thanksgiving decor ideas for your dining room table? You can never go wrong with a leaf garland. These look great as table centerpiece decorations year-round but to make it fall-themed all you need to add are pine cones and fruit! Pomegranates make amazing decor additions scattered throughout leaf garlands and add the perfect fall color to your table.

10. Thanksgiving Bar Cart

Recreate this Thanksgiving decor idea:

Bar carts have blown up in popularity the past couple of years so a ton of people are using them in their kitchen right now. If this is the case for you then you definitely need to try this Thanksgiving decor idea out! Switch out your usual decor for pumpkins, leaves, and gold dishes to create the perfect drink station for this Thanksgiving.

11. Minimal Thanksgiving Centerpiece

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Recreate this Thanksgiving decor idea:

I scoured the internet for this gold and marble ‘thankful” centerpiece but had no luck. If someone finds it please let me know!!

Although I wasn’t able to find this exact centerpiece, there are a ton of other minimalist Thanksgiving centerpieces on Etsy that would look just as cute!

12. Trendy Candles

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Recreate this Thanksgiving decor idea:

Like I said earlier, funky-shaped candles are super popular right now so you will be seeing them all over Pinterest and home decor stores this year. Scatter these fun candles on your dining table and throughout your home to add a trendy touch to your Thanksgiving decor this year!

13. Black Accents

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Recreate this Thanksgiving decor idea:

It is pretty much agreed that Thanksgiving colors include a variety of orange, brown, red, and green. But did you know that black can be incorporated perfectly into this color scheme?

This stunning dining room table is an amazing example of how you can take inspiration from traditional Thanksgiving decor and turn it into modern, sleek decor in your home in 2021. Lay down a basic black table cloth and create your dining area using gold saucers, black plates, and gold utensils. Now that everything you need to eat Thanksgiving dinner is on the table it’s time to decorate! Accent your table with lanterns, fall-colored leaves, and greenery (this is where your table really starts to look fall-ish). There you have it, a Thanksgiving table that will impress everyone so much they won’t even want to eat on it! ? 

14. Outdoor String Lights

outdoor thanksgiving decor ideas

Recreate this Thanksgiving decor idea:

Hosting an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner? You can’t miss out on using string lights outside to brighten up the area. String lights not only create additional light above your dining table but also add a super cozy fall ambiance to the space.

15. Easy Pumpkin Centerpiece

Recreate this Thanksgiving decor idea:

Here is a super easy Thanksgiving decor idea that makes the perfect table centerpiece. All you need is a long dough bowl, mini pumpkins, and some leaves. Arrange your Thanksgiving decor in the bowl and you’re done. It doesn’t get easier than that!

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