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Looking for the best places to buy curtains? Here are our top 15+ stores to buy window curtains from you'll obsess over!

best places to buy curtains

Designing a room you are comfortable in and love the look of takes a lot of work and planning. There are lots of little decor choices you can make that totally change the atmosphere of your room. Curtains are one of those things!

Curtains can totally change the look of your bedroom, living room, or any other space with windows, so you definitely want to find a set that you love.

You can buy curtains from pretty much any home decor store, but I am going to show you 15 of my top places to buy curtains from that are both super cute and affordable.

This post is all about the best places to buy curtains.


1. Target

No brainer- Target is the go to place for all things home decor. They carry all kinds of super cute decor pieces for really affordable prices! 

A lot of times Target has a better collection online so definitely look for your curtains on their website!

I bought these white velvet curtains from Target and of course used my secret hack to make the curtains look more "expensive". They do a great job of filtering light even though they're white and have tabs on them so curtain rings aren't even needed. 

Bed Bath and Beyond is another amazing store to buy curtains from. They not only are really good quality, but they are also super affordable compared to some other stores!

World Market can sometimes run a little pricey, but they have a lot of great deals! Plus, they have a lot of unique options so you can guarantee almost no one else will have the same curtains as you. 

We all know and love Pottery Barn and they really came through with all their super cute curtain options! Pottery Barn curtains are some of the best quality curtains that I have ever had. 10/10 recommend looking at PB, PBTeen and PBKids for curtains! 

We used these roman shades from PBKids in the nursery when staging the GBOGH house and they looked absolutely adorable.

Okay I will admit, West Elm is on the pricier side. But, they seriously have the best curtains that are super durable and high quality. I am currently obsessing over the curtains on the left... Someone stop me from getting them please. ?

How freakin' cute and unique are these curtains from Anthropologie?! They have a ton of great curtain options that are perfect to hang over tall windows. Anthropologie is 100% my top recommendation on the best places to buy curtains if you are willing to spend just a little extra $$.

Society6 is a great place to buy curtains from if you want something unique and fun! They use artists work and put their designs on curtains, pillows, tapestries, etc. So each curtain is custom designed by an artist which I think is so cool!

8. Etsy

Etsy is a great place to buy curtains from, especially if you want them custom made for taller or shorter windows! We used these sage green sheer curtains in the teen room for the GBOGH house and these white cotton curtains for the owner's suite. They do let in a lot of sunlight so they are more for decoration than functionality, but if you want to leave your windows nice and bright these are the curtains to get!

Looking for an inexpensive place to buy curtains? Walmart is a go-to choice. They actually have a ton of options that feel really high quality. Walmart carries mostly simple curtains so if you want a neutral and basic for your room you need to check here!

10. At Home

Does everyone have an At Home around them? If not, I am so sorry... But, the good news is you can still order from At Home online!

At Home stores have literally anything and everything you could ever need to decorate your space. Plus, they usually have great sales and coupons available so you can find things for a great price!

Overstock carries a ton of curtains for a really affordable price! Any type of curtains you are searching for can be found on Overstock ranging from sheer indoor curtains to heavy duty waterproof outdoor curtains for your porch.

If you are going for a light, airy, boho look in your space, Urban Outfitters is the place to buy curtains. These are great to put in living rooms when you want to let a little extra light in! 

13. Home Goods

Home Goods sadly does not have an online option but who doesn't love going to the Home Goods store anyways? They have a ton of super cute decor items, including curtains, that are unique and often on sale for a great price. Definitely find your nearest Home Goods and search there for your curtains!

14. CB2

Literally obsessed with both of these window curtains from CB2. I recently discovered how much cute stuff CB2 has and their curtains did not disappoint! They have a more limited selection of curtains but most of them are neutral enough that they will look great in any space. 

I also love these peachy orange curtains for a fun pop of color in a bedroom or living room.

15. Wayfair

Wayfair is similar to Overstock as in it carries literally thousands of products. Even if you don't know exactly what curtains you want, you can be sure you will find some you like on Wayfair. Plus, all of their decor pieces are super affordable.

You can find sheer curtains, blackout curtains, outdoor curtains, and any other curtains you need on here!

16. Amazon

Last but not least, you know Amazon is one of the best places to get literally anything you could ever need. So, you know you can count on Amazon when shopping for curtains. They carry everything from sheer options to blackout curtains. 

I bought my all the bedroom curtains in my apartment on Amazon and was seriously so impressed with them. I got these navy blue velvet curtains for my bedroom and these dark taupe velvet curtains for the guest room and layered 2 curtains on either side of the window for an extra full look. Both of these curtain sets from Amazon are blackout curtains which I highly recommend if you're choosing curtains for your bedroom!!

This post was all about the best places to buy curtains.

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