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silverware drawer organizaton

Welcome back to another Back to Basics series! Today is a topic that probably no one on the planet thinks about...besides me ;). I have a strong belief that things that are cuter, make your life a little happier. If I use something multiple times a day, week, or month no matter what it is, it should be pretty.

Same goes with my silverware drawer. If I am opening it multiple times a day, you better bet that I am going to make it pretty. 

Here's how I organize my silverware drawer.

Back to Basics by sophia lee (1)

My drawer organization:

Here she is! I bought this silverware divider from Amazon. I love it because it spreads out so it perfectly fits in my drawer.

I've had my gold silverware for a year now so I can really give my opinion if there worth it or not. This is the exact one I got but the gold is sold out. This silverware set from Home Depot looks exactly the same. 

1) I STILL love the shape. You know how some forks just dont feel good? These feel good. They fit into your hands nicely haha.

2) The gold is starting to come off. Nothing major and nothing that I've had to throw any away for, but it definitely is starting to fade. Gold silverware in general is known to do this so I was expecting it in a way.

In my personal opinion, I think it is pretty good that it has been great for a year and a half but it is annoying that I will need to replace next year or the year after. 

silverware drawer organization

That wraps up the second day of the Back To Basics series! Hope you're enjoying it!!

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