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Want to add an element of fun to your college apartment? Here are the cutest decorations and inspirations to help your create the cutest bar cart on campus (while sticking to a budget).

college bar cart

Every good college apartment HAS to have a bar cart. But I’m not talking about just any other bar cart that you see in college apartments… you know the ones decorated with empty wine bottles and vodka handles. ?

I’m here to help you create the cutest bar cart possible that not only will make you the best host on campus but ACTUALLY looks cute in your apartment. 

From the trendiest bar prints to wine glasses you’ll love displaying, here are all the best college bar cart decorations + original bar cart inspiration ideas!

This post is all about the cutest college bar cart ideas.


I found a ton of cute stuff to create a bar cart of your own so I thought I would create a few collages to give you an idea of how everything would look all put together! I briefly linked a few of the products below each collage but these are only some of the things I found!! Keep reading after these 5 inspiration pictures for even more super cute college bar cart decor and ideas. ?

college bar cart inspo
bar cart inspo
college bar carts
college bar cart ideas
college bar cart inspiration


1. Safavieh Couture Bar Trolley

The price of bar carts honestly ranges in price by a lot. This acrylic and gold bar cart is a little more on the pricey side but if you are living with other roommates who are willing the split the cost it is totally affordable!

This bar cart is by far one of my current favorites.

2. Modern Gold Rolling Bar Cart

This is the gold bar cart you have probably seen everywhere! It’s SO freaking cute and is super affordable to create your college bar cart area with!

3. The Odessa Bar Cart

Looking for something more unique? This circle-shaped bar cart is the way to go! This is the perfect sized piece to make a fun statement in your college apartment.

4. The Francesca Bar Cart

The “FirsTime & Co.” Francesca gold bar cart is another amazing option you can get right off of Amazon!

5. "Silverwood" Gunmetal Gray Serving Cart

Not a fan of gold? Here is a super sleek bar cart in a gunmetal gray color for all you minimalists out there.

6. The Gold Rolling Bar Cart

This gold bar cart is another fan favorite.

And don't worry- this bar cart also has lockable wheels so you don't have to worry about all your wine glass and booze falling off while your cart rolls around.

7. "South Shore" Metal Bar Cart On 

This is the exact bar cart I have in my apartment right now and I absolutely love it! This option is super affordable and is guaranteed to make the perfect statement piece in your college apartment.

8. The Fitzgerald Serving Bar Cart

Walmart has some super stylish bar cart options as well! The “Better Homes & Gardens” bar cart is the perfect sized piece for even small apartments.


9. The More the Merrier

In love with this colorful set of six! Perfect for all the girls looking to create a fun and trendy college bar cart.

10. Never Enough Champagne

“BohoPosters” on Etsy has a ton of stunning prints that are perfect for anyone looking to decorate their bar cart more minimalistic.

11. BSL's Minimalist Bar Cart Prints

Going for a more neutral bar cart? I feel you (I’m pretty much the queen of neutral). These are my very own bar cart prints that you can download for completely free and decorate your bar cart with!

12. Elle Woods' Pink Sparkler Spritz

This matching watercolor drink print is the perfect addition to any bar cart!

13. Custom Cocktail Drink

Okay seriously, how cute?! These custom bar cart prints are super trendy and would look SO good hung above your bar cart.

14. Aperol Spritz to Old Fashioned

This set of 6 watercolor prints is perfect to create a collage on the wall above your bar cart or can be purchased separately and placed directly on your bar cart for added decor.

15. Drink Up

Incorporating fun pops of color is super easy with prints like this one from Etsy!

16. "Glass In Hand"

Need more than one? Here’s another neutral bar cart print to pair with the others from “BohoPosters”.

17. "Grapefruit Please"

How adorable is this? This print can be put in any sized frame to decorate your bar cart!

18. Water Color Beverage Prints 

Just for good measure, here is one more adorable watercolor print to add to your bar cart print collection.

19. "Mimosa"

Cute, simple, and perfect addition to your bar cart decor!

20. "Pick Your Poison"

I just LOVE how these colorful drinks look against the black background. This print is perfect for anyone looking to add some contrast to their college bar cart decor.

21. Moscow Mule with a side of Limes

How adorable are these watercolor bar cart prints? As a Moscow mule lover, this one is definitely my favorite!

22. "Yes Way Rosé"

“Loedesignsco” makes and sells a ton of adorable bar prints just like this one!

23. Champagne

If you can’t tell already, “TheHyggeWorkshop” has tons of bar prints you can easily add in frames!


24. Eve Coupe Cocktail Glass

I absolutely LOVE these glasses from CB2. Most of the time CB2 is pretty expensive but these are such a great price!

25. Horizon Collection Set of 4 Clear Wine Glasses

These wine glasses are so sleek and modern! Perfect for the trendiest of college students looking to decorate their bar cart.

26. Tritan Stemless Wine Glasses

Here is a set of stemless glasses from the Amazon Basics collection as well. It’s always good to have a variety of glassware on your bar cart!

27. Gold Rimmed

Iridescent Glasses (10 fl oz.)

I have recently fallen in love with iridescent glassware and cannot get enough of these!

8. "Lysenn" Stemless Martini Glasses

Some iridescent martini glasses with a gold rim to go with them. ☺️

29. "Twine" Rose Crystal Stemless Wine Glass Set

These rose-colored glasses are the perfect way to add a touch of color to your bar cart without it being too much!

30.  Iridescent Tumbler  Glasses (8 fl oz.)

Oh look, another set of iridescent glasses… are we surprised?

31. Pryce Gold Rocks Glass

If you love gold accents as much as I do then these are the perfect set of glasses for your bar cart!

32. Calder Double Old-Fashioned Glass

Don’t these just LOOK expensive?! These are a stunning set of glasses for your bar cart that are super reasonably priced!

33. "Amazon Basics" Set Of 4 All-Purpose Wine Glasses

The Amazon Basics Collection has everything you need to stock up your college bar cart. This set comes with 4 super affordable wine glasses.

34. The Esme White Wine Glasses

Here is another stunning set of rose-colored wine glasses to add a pop of color to your bar cart decor!

35. Set Of 4 Fluted Acrylic Glasses

Talk about trendy bar cart decor! These glasses from West Elm are super stylish and colorful which make for the best college bar cart glassware.

36. Lustered Shot Glasses

You cant forget shot glasses! This opal shot glass with a gold rim is small but will make such a statement on your bar cart!

37. Bitty Bite Tall Glasses

Looking for a more simple alternative to shot glasses? This set from Amazon comes in a pack of 8 and is a great price!

38. "Farielyn-X" Base Shot Glasses

Here is the taller version… for when you really want to have a fun night in college. ?

39. Optic Double Old-Fashioned Glasses

They also have regular drinking glasses in the same style!

40. "Martha Stewart" Blush Coupe Glasses

For all the girly girls out there, here is a super cute set of wine glasses to add a pop of bright pink to your bar cart.

41. Ripple Carafe and Glass Set

Having a set like this is great when you have friends over and need to serve a large amount of the same drink.

42. Parallels Whiskey For Two Decanter

Whether you’re a whiskey drinker or not, a decanter set is such a good addition to bar cart decor!

43. Silver Glass Decanter

This decanter from Amazon is simple, stunning, and at a great price!


44. Blecked Martini Pitcher

Not only are pitchers great for hosting, but they also make for great decor pieces on your bar cart!

45. Ona Pitcher

Here is a glass pitcher for all the trendy girls out there. This fun pitcher is guaranteed to make a statement on your college bar cart!

46. Viski Modern Gold Pitcher 

Gold is usually a go-to accent color for bar carts. Here is a fun and modern gold pitcher to incorporate gold into your decor.

47. Oggi Ice Bucket

I never thought I would say I’m obsessed with an ice bucket but here we are… this is SO cute and will definitely come in handy when serving up drinks on your bar cart.

48. Massampton Reusable Metal Straws

Save the turtles right?!

A ton of my friends HATE drinking without a straw and I know a ton of other girls can relate. Keep a set of cute metal straws on your bar cart for you and your friends to use.

49. Glass Straws

Here is a cute set of glass straws if gold isn’t your thing!

50. Oggi Gold Bar Tool Set

You seriously cannot have a functioning bar cart without a good set of bar utensils. This set from Amazon is always a fan favorite.

51. Jungalow Cocktail Bar Tool Set

If you are a gold lover you are going to fall in love with this collection from Target.

This collection comes with a set of all gold bar utensils that will be perfect for making drinks at your serving station!

52. 3L Gold Ice Bucket

Here is the ice bucket from the same collection!

53. The Sleek Cocktail Shaker

Love the modern sleek look of this whole collection... but Target nailed this cocktail shaker.

54. Mae Champagne Gold Cocktail Picks Set

Don’t forget a cute set of martini picks! These are great for garnishes!

55. "Minisland" Gold Pearl Bamboo Cocktail Picks

These are another super cute and affordable option from Amazon.


56. Acrylic Wine Rack

You most likely have a few bottles of wine that you are going to need to store on your bar cart. This acrylic wine rack is the perfect way to display and organize all your bottles!

57. Gold Geometric Wine Rack

Here is a cute gold wine rack from Amazon if that’s more your style!


58. Acrylic Serving Tray

Serving trays not only make hosting way easier, but they also make for super cute decor on top of any bar cart!

59. "Hearth & Hand" Round Wood and Wire Tray

Chip and Joana Gaines know how to design a beautiful tray- I absolutely love this! The tray would be a great piece to decorate with in order to add a natural element to your bar cart.

60. Square Clear Glass Tray

Here is another stylish glass and gold tray from H&M that you can use on your bar cart to display and organize all your bar utensils.


61. Black And Gold Metal Pillar Candle Holder

Adding vertical decor is ALWAYS a good idea when it comes to decorating your bar cart and candles are the perfect way to do this! 

These gold and black candle holders from World Market are my personal favorite especially for anyone going for a more neutral and sophisticated look on their bar cart.

62. Ombre Taper Candle Set

Here is a candle alternative for all of the college girls going for the colorful and trendy look! Urban Outfitters has all the cutest candles for you.

63. Asha Taper Holder

I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen this candleholder by now but I just had to include it! Every single time this decor piece has been used it looks AMAZING.

64. Gonioa Gold Candle Holders

This set is a simple but stunning option for anyone looking for reasonably priced candle holders!


65. Cocktail Chameleon

Now you have all the decor for your bar cart… but what’s the good in decorating a bar cart if you don’t know how to make any drinks? Here are some of the cutest and most helpful drink recipe books for your college bar cart.

66. Let's Get Fizzical

I can’t tell if I’m more obsessed with the look of this book or the drink recipes inside it...

67. Beach Cocktails: Favorite Surfside Sips and Bar Snacks

Can you think of anyone that could say no to a “beach cocktail”? I can’t… This recipe book has a ton of super yummy recipes and will look equally as good as bar cart decor.

68. The Mixology of Astrology: Cosmic Cocktail Recipes for Every Sign

Here’s a recipe book for all the astrology lovers out there! But to be honest, whether you believe in it or not, you and your friends are guaranteed to have a blast making individual drinks based on your astrology sign.

This post was all about college bar cart ideas.

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