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Looking for the best Christmas gifts for brother? Here are some gifts that he will be obsessed with!

christmas gifts for brother

Oh, brother (haha, get it?). I am so thankful that I don't have a brother to shop for because sisters are way easier!! Even though I don't have a brother, I'd like to say I'm pretty good at picking out gifts for guys!

In this list of Christmas gifts for brother, I have everything from clothing to games, expensive to cheap, funny to meaningful. It's all here! With these 47 Christmas gift ideas for brothers, you are guaranteed to find at least one perfect gift for him!

This post is all about Christmas gifts for Brother.

gifts for big brother


Best Overall:  Nike Hooded Sweatshirt

"My son absolutely loves this hoodie so I got him another one in another color because the price cannot be beat for this quality"

Best Under $25:  Herschel Cardholder Wallet

"This wallet is amazing for me. It came in a very nice packaging and has been amazing to use for the past few days."

Best Value:  Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket

"I'd buy 5 of these over a single "fancy" blanket any day of the week."

Most Popular: Spike Ball Game Set

"Easily portable/packable to bring to any grass fields, sand, indoor/outdoor settings."

Best Thoughtful Gift: Framed Photo of You and Your Brother

"Very nicely made black painted photo frames. Easily adjustable to hang vertically or horizontally."

Best Tech Gift: Apple AirPods Pro

"The sound is beautiful, the fit is perfect. I literally just got these out the box and I fell in love!"

Gift That Keeps On Giving: BirchBox Men Subscription

"Birchbox offers a great introduction of premium grooming products at a modest price."


gift for brother on birthday

1. Lululemon Pace Breaker Lined Shorts

Your brother will never stop telling you how much he loves these shorts!! They are the perfect length, super comfortable on, great quality, and come in so many colors!

2. Play Station

Does every single boy play on play station now?? It sure seems like it. If your brother doesn't have a Play Station already, you got to get him in the loop and gift him this gaming console!

3. Bose Bluetooth Speaker

Yes, your brother probably already has some type of Bluetooth speaker. But does he have a really nice Bose one? Treat your brother and get him a Bluetooth speaker that will make his music sound wayy better. 

4. Button Down Shirt

What is something that every guy needs more of but doesn't usually buy for himself? Clothes!! A nice dress shirt can go a long way and come in handy on so many occasions!

No matter his age, a dress shirt is the perfect practical gift for your brother!

5. Nintendo Switch

If your brother already has a play station or an Xbox, take his gamer status to the next level, and give him a Nintendo Switch!!

These things are awesome because you can take it anywhere with you and play classic games like Super Smash Bros. Your brother will be obsessed with this gift.

6. Apple Leather Phone Case

Anyone else obsessed with the look of this phone case?? It's just so classic and looks high quality!

This phone case is made by Apple and it is compatible with the new MagSafe charger! Your brother is going to love the look and functionality of this phone case!

7. Nike Hoodie

You can't go wrong with a classic grey Nike hoodie! Hoodies are an essential part of boys' wardrobes, so they will be thanking you for this and wearing this often!

8. Mini Projector

This is so fun!! This would make a great gift for anyone, but especially your brother! He can use this with his friends, teammates, and your family.

9. Cards Against Humanity

If you don't know about this game, you're missing out. It's extremely inappropriate, so perfect for brothers. The humor in this game is exactly the type of humor your teenage/young adult brother will enjoy.

10. Leather Bottle Opener Keychain 

Have a brother who's over 21 and in need of a cool bottle opener keychain? This is the gift for you! Your brother will definitely put this gift to good use.

11. Herschel Cardholder

I think a lot of guys are starting to card cardholders like this as opposed to a traditional wallet! They're lightweight, easy, and hold everything you need and nothing more!

12. Gaming Headset

If you have a gamer brother, he will definitely appreciate this gift! I know a ton of guys who use gaming headsets while talking with their friends on Play Station, and they say these headsets are a "game-changer".

13. Vintage Suitcase Record Player

I know you have definitely seen these super cool suitcase record players, but wouldn't it make such a great gift? I can totally imagine this in a guy's room being used (and as cool decor). If you want a bigger gift, pair it with his favorite album on vinyl!

14. Vintage Reeboks

These shoes are sooo cool and trendy right now!! They are a perfect neutral sneaker that is timeless, not outrageously priced, and really good-looking!

gift for brothers from sisters

15. Men's Birchbox Subscription

Did you even know this existed? It never occurred to me before that men could have beauty subscription services like BirchBox. This is an awesome way for your brother to treat himself, practice some self-care, and try new products.

16. 100% Silk Tommy Hilfiger Tie

Similar to the button-down shirt, this may not be a gift that they are super excited to use on Christmas day, but it is definitely something they will use!

A tie is a wardrobe essential, so if your brother doesn't have one (or only has a few) this would make an amazing, practical gift! 

17. Apple AirPods Pro

If your brother doesn't already have AirPods Pro, he probably wants them. These are a game-changer from the original AirPods and they will be put to good use by your brother!

18. Leather AirPods Case

Maybe Santa is bringing AirPods to your brother, so you have the perfect gift by getting him a really nice AirPods case! This leather case is good-looking and protects well, so it's a no-brainer for the brother with AirPods.

19. Air Fryer

Let's be honest, if your brother is living on his own, is he really cooking well for himself? Help him out and give him an air fryer that will change his life while cooking! He can just throw his food in there and have an easy, healthy meal!

20. Classic Carhartt Pocket T-shirt

Guys are obsessed with these Carhartt T-shirts. Not only did the brand become suddenly popular, the quality of the shirts is insane for the price point! This is a shirt that will last them forever and be a great wardrobe staple.

21. A Cameo From His Favorite Celeb

Have you heard of Cameo? Through this website, you can pay celebrities from practically everything to make customized videos for your brother. Get their favorite reality TV show stars, musicians, actors, athletes, or TikToker to give them a custom shoutout! 

22. 2-pack of Trendy Sunglasses

It's always good for a guy to have a couple of pairs of inexpensive sunglasses to wear for times when they could easily get lost. The nice thing about this 2 pack of sunglasses is that they sure do not look cheap (but they are)!

23. Apple Watch

Have a super active brother who wants to track his health? An Apple Watch is an amazing tech gift that may actually cost slightly less than you expect. Everyone I know who has an Apple Watch is obsessed!

24. Kobe Bryant - Mamba Mentality Book

I literally can't think of a guy in my life who wouldn't want to read this book. Everyone loves Kobe Bryant and wants to know how such a talented man created the empire and success that he had. This book is a must-read, and your brother will definitely be into it.

25. Air Freshner

If your brother has his own car, he 100% needs an air freshener in there! These are long-lasting air fresheners that clip onto your vent to keep your car smelling fresh!

26. North Face Backpack

No matter what age your brother is, he will appreciate a North Face backpack! A good backpack is an essential item that you always need. He will put this to good use and look good using it!

27. LED Strip Lights

In case you missed the past two years, these LED lights are pretty much in every guy's room. They are an extremely popular and easy way for guys to "decorate". If your brother doesn't already have these, get them for him!

28. The Dude Diet Cookbook

Once again, if your brother is living on his own, we need to make sure he's taking care of himself and cooking some real meals! This "Dude Diet" cookbook is the perfect way to get him into cooking and encourage him to take care of himself!

29. YETI Rambler 26oz Water Bottle 

Yeti water bottles are superior to all other water bottles, and your brother will totally agree when he gets this Yeti Rambler as a Christmas gift. He will love this for day-to-day use, working out, school, etc..

30. Hat with their favorite team

If your brother is a big fan of any big sports team, Christmas is the perfect time to get him a bunch of gear to rep his favorite team! A hat is the perfect, easy way to go!

31. Handheld Percussion Muscle Massage Gun

If your brother spends a lot of time at the gym, or plays sports, he knows the struggle of being super sore, and he definitely is going to want this Massage Gun. This is a cheaper version of the Theragun, which is really nice (if you want to get him a more expensive gift). 

32. Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket

This is a gift that you can almost guarantee he will use!! There really is nothing like a brand new blanket, especially during the cold months following Christmas!

33. Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker

Does your brother like to play music in the shower? If he does, you need to get him this shower speaker so he can do it without risking damaging his phone!

34. Mini Putting Green 

This is so funny and would make such a great Christmas gifts for brother (especially if he is into golf). Into golf or not, this would make a fun gift for any brother!!

35. Live Plant

Sometimes brothers need to learn how to keep something alive and care for something. A plant is a great place to start! This plant is a perfect gift for your brother that he can (hopefully) have for a long time!

36. Wallet

A wallet is a gift that keeps on giving!! He will use this every single day and think of you every time! If you want to make this an even better gift, you could put gift cards to his favorite places inside!!

37. Herschel Fanny Pack

Sometimes I wonder why fanny packs are in style, but they really are convenient. Your brother will rock this Herschel fanny pack!

38. Gift An Experience 

If you want to give a really good gift that your brother will remember forever, give him an experience instead of a material object. Whether that is concert tickets, tickets to a sporting event, or even a fully planned day trip with you, he will definitely appreciate this gift.

39. The Art of Shaving Shaving Kit for Men

The Art of Shaving is super high quality and will help your brother have a luxurious shaving routine! It does not come with a razor, but you could totally add one to the gift!

40. Echo Dot (4th generation)

An echo dot is such a great gift! It is an alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker, personal assistant, and weatherman all in one! He will definitely use this echo dot and it would make the perfect Christmas gifts for brother!

41. Cologne

You can't go wrong with getting your brother a nice cologne (and let's be honest, he probably needs it). For this gift, I would recommend going into a store where you can smell the scents in real life before dropping money on one!

42. Corn Hole Set

Corn hole is a classic game that everyone loves! If your brother is into playing games, this gift will be so much fun for him and the whole family! Corn hole sets can get really expensive, and this is a great set for a pretty good price!

43. Drone With Live Video

Okay, coolest gift ever. I don't care what type of brother you have, he is going to love this drone. This is one of those things that will always be fun and he will use it as soon as he opens it!

44. Portable Hammock

Have an outdoorsy brother? This hammock is so cool because you can put it up practically anywhere nature will allow! Tie this hammock between two trees and you are good to go!

45. Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit

If your brother is really into his car, gift him some self-care for his car! This 12 piece set comes with everything you need to "clean, shine and protect your paint, interior, wheels, bumpers, and everything in between".

46. Frame a Photo of You & Your Brother

Let's be real here, your brother is not going to frame a photo of you and him. So, do it for him! This is such a thoughtful gift that he will always hold on to (because he really does love you).

47. Spike Ball Game  Complete Set

This may be the ultimate outdoor game ever. Every guy I have ever talked to about Spikeball is obsessed. It's easy to learn, super fast-paced, and can get really competitive! The best part is that you can pack it up and take it anywhere with you! 

This post was all about Christmas gifts for brother.

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