Online Jobs for College Students | 6 Genius Side Jobs All College Students Can Do From Their Dorm

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This post shows you 6 online jobs for college students.

side jobs college students can do from their dorm room

As a college student myself, I know just how impossible it is to have a “normal” job in college.

Between already taking on a full load of work with the number of classes and homework you have to your irregular schedule that changes every three months, it is so hard to secure a job that will work around this schedule.

In an effort to earn more than $500 dollars this month {READ: How I made $414.05 Extra Money in January and Monthly Goals} I have been researching jobs that you can do from your dorm room, around your own schedule.

Talk about a win-win!! I am testing most of these out this month, so I will come back and update this post after in March and let you know how much money I made from each of these side income jobs.

 Now, onto the six online jobs for college students that can be done around your busy schedule.

Online Jobs for College Students: Usertesting

Earn $10 in 10-15 minutes by visiting a website or app and giving your opinions about it.

Usertesting has been used by thousands of people and highly recommended. Usertesting will record your screen and voice as you go to the website and complete specific tasks they give you.

The tasks are really easy and are along the lines of “Find what day {Company name} is closed on every week”. Then, you would go to the website, voicing your thoughts out loud, and see how easily you can find where they have this listed.

To get accepted into this program, they have you do an example run to see how well your voice picks up and how you sound recording. It took me less than 10 minutes.

I was at home when I did this testing and my dad started yelling up to me from downstairs so hopefully, it couldn’t hear and I get into the program!!


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Online Jobs for College Students: Mystery Shopping

How did I never know this was a thing?!

You can earn money by acting like a normal customer and either go into a store or call the store and then give a detailed review on how it went.

The amount you make can vary, but a lot of bloggers have said they have been able to make an extra $50-$100 dollars a month on this AND get free products! And no, you don’t have to be a blogger to do this, they are just the ones that are sharing their results :).

The company that I have seen to get the best reviews for mystery shopping is BestMark.

If you sign up for BestMark, put in my referral number!! Not sure what it does, but it said to have you give to people who you refer. I think it will make your application be reviewed sooner! My number is: WI21500.

Online Jobs for College Students: Blogging

I had to add this one in there 😉

This one definitely takes time, but if you have some time to put into it can really pay off!! Last October, I made over $600 on my blog from ONE post!! {READ: How I Made $781.88 in July 2018 Blogging}

On top of being able to bring in money with this, blogging has also lead me to many opportunities that I wouldn’t have received without it.

If you want to start a blog today, I recommend going through Bluehost. You can start it for as little as $2.75 a month and turn it into a business that brings in hundreds of dollars every month.

Online Jobs for College Students: Ebay Business

Rosemarie Garner from The Busy Budgeter used to run an eBay business (before she started making over $100,000 a month on her blog….now do you want to start a blog😉 where she would go to Thrift stores and purchase designer jeans when they would have the stores would have 50% off days.

She would then sell the jeans for a higher price on eBay and make $700 a month on it!! You would need a little more time for this between going to the thrift store, taking pictures of the jeans, and then shipping them but for $700 a month its worth the consideration.

You can also have FedEx deliver boxes to your dorm or apartment and pick them up so you wouldn’t have to worry about that.

Online Jobs for College Students: Online Surveys

This won’t make you into a millionaire but doing these while you watch TV could bring in a couple hundred a month.

The amount you get paid for these varies so I would do a little research and find one that you think you would enjoy.

Some popular ones are:

Swagbucks: You can get a free $5 dollars for signing up.

Vindale Research: You can earn up to $50 dollars per survey and just by signing up, can earn $2. 

Online Jobs for College Students: Ebates

ebates online cashback

I am a personal fan of Ebates and use it all the time. I have already made over $97.00 dollars and just got over $85 dollars deposited the other day (pictured above)!! IT’S THE BEST!

I have a whole post on it that really goes into detail about how it works.

{READ:How I Make Money While Shopping}

This one you can’t really “work” for, but you can get free money every time you buy something online.

With the amount of online shopping we do, any college student (or person in general) would be stupid to not download Ebates. It is free and pays you for nothing!

Some websites definitely pay more than others but a little bit can go a long way no matter what.

Sign up for Ebates and receive $10 with this link.

How do you make money in college? I am always so curious on the best online job for college students that are out there!

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genius side jobs all college students can do from their dorm room

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