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I am a HUGE podcast listener. If you follow me on Insta, you know I swear by my "therapy" walks. I stick a podcast in and go on a long walk. I feel SO much better afterward that I make it a requirement at least two times a week. Truly nothing better than a long walk or drive with a really good podcast in! 

I don't want to brag, but I think I was one of the earliest listeners to podcasts ;). Kidding, but I did start listening to podcasts YEARS ago when I had to drive to Chicago weekly for an internship I was doing. Since I've listened to podcasts for that long, I have a long list of podcasts that I continue to listen to and love. I've listened to hundreds over the years so that shows that this list is really, in my opinion, the best of the best!

Shelby, Sarah, and I actually have a group message named "Podcast Gang" where we talk about all of our favorite podcasts. We all looveee them. I had them add their favorite podcasts into this post as well so we can see a variety of interests! 

favorite podcasts

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My Favorite Podcasts

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The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

This is probably my #1 podcast. I have followed Lauren for YEARS and love her. I tend to really only listen to her more business and productivity podcasts, not really the ones about health. I think she and Michael are one of the best at asking they really get in there and ask the questions I am wondering about. Not surface level at all!!

Favorite Him & Her podcast episodes:

#160- Ed Mylett: Peak Performance & How To Achieve Your Goals

#225- Sophia Amoruso: Girlboss, Nastygal, & Serial Entrepreneur

#238- Ed Mylett: How To Achieve Goals, Enjoy Success, & Hold Yourself Accountable

#395- Erika Nadini: CEO Of Barstool Sports On How To Be True To Yourself & What It Takes To Stand Out

#135- Lauryn Evarts Bosstick: Lauryn's Time Management & Productivity Hacks

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Just B with Bethenny Frankel

This is one of the newer podcasts I've listened to. I love the Real Housewives so I originally started listening to it for Bethany. I find that she gets really great interviews and is super blunt about her questions. So, just like the Skinny Confidential, she asks all the questions I am thinking in my head. She's a "cut to the shit" girl and I appreciate it haha.

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Ready, Set, Spill with Lindsey Carter

This podcast is hosted by the Set Active founder, Lindsey Carter. I am pretty obsessed with her. She just started the podcast so it's newer, but she gets really granular when talking about her business. I'm starting to realize a trend while writing this that I lean towards the podcasts that get into the nitty-gritty of their processes, strategies, organization systems, etc.

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The Ed Mylett Show

This is one of my favorite motivational podcasts. It's one of my favorite to listen to when I'm on a therapy walk. Ed Mylett interviews a wide-variety of people from various backgrounds and just has the best inspirational content.

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Life With Marianna

I've watched Marianna on Youtube years ago and really like her podcast. I do think sometimes her podcasts are more surface-level than others I've listened to, but she gets really great people to interview. She gets a lot more influencer and social media-based businesses which is interesting and different from other podcasts I listen to!

best podcasts 2022
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A Well Designed Business

This is super niche but she interviews interior designers and hears about how they got where they are. Since I am so early on in the interior design world I have learned an insane amount from her! She's really helped me learn about programs and strategies interior designers use which has been really helpful.

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How I Built This

This is on my holy grail list. It is SO GOOD. This is probably my #1 favorite podcast. The interviews are just spot on. Can't say enough good things about this podcast!

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AFT Construction 

This is another more interior design/construction-based podcast! I think it is so interesting to listen to people from all different aspects of construction and has helped me figure out how to act/do things with different trades on renovation projects!

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Juicy Scoop

I LOVE THIS PODCAST. It is different than all the other podcasts on this list. This is my "light" and "happy" podcast. I goes over pop-culture things and reality tv happenings. I am a sucker for reality TV so I love it. Heather (the host) makes me laugh the entire time. Like I literally laugh out loud the entire time the podcast is on. 

best podcasts of all time
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The Ramsey Show

I paid off over $56,000 of college loans a month after I graduated college and I SWEAR this podcast is the reason why. I didn't know anything about money before and he taught me so so much. I know some people are opinionated about him, but from the fact of what I learned, this podcast taught me an insane amount. 

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9 to 5ish

This is another one of my longtime listens. They get really a great businesswoman in for interviews and are great at interviews.

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The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim wrote one of my favorite books, The Four Hour Work Week. He gets SUPER successful people on his podcast for interviews. A few weeks ago he had Mark Zuckerberg, for example ;). 



1. The Skinny Confidential This is definitely my most listened to podcast, and always has been. They just have such a large variety of people on the show and are so so good at interviewing. They ask amazing questions and never hold anything back. I also think their banter is funny. I saw them in Austin once and now I feel even more ~connected~ to the podcast. 

2. It’s Me Tinx Tinx just released a podcast which I’ve been loving! The episodes are super short which is perfect for when I want to pop something on during a short walk or while I do the dishes. I think she has great advice about dating, career, self-worth, etc. and she’s hilarious. 

3. ILYSM I love Kenzie Elizabeth. She has really interesting people on and for me as a single gal in her twenties living far from home, a lot of the topics she talks about resonate with me. 

4. Anything Goes Emma Chamberlain is hilarious and honestly pretty iconic. She also is wise beyond her years and I could listen to her talk about anything. 

5. Smartless This podcast makes me actually laugh out loud. The hosts are Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett and they are SO funny together. They have really big celebrities on the podcast which is always interesting to hear about. I recently listened to the one with Billie Eilish and Finneas which I loved! 

6. The School of Greatness This one I’ve been loving for more self-help topics. He has a huge range of guests on that talk about health and wellness, psychology, mindfulness, etc. and I always gain a lot of insight from it. 


1. The Skinny Confidential because duh - I not only love the people Lauryn and Michael interview, but I also learn SO much. I have learned so much about myself and how I can best take care of myself and I just feel good when listening to it

2. The Wellness Cafe - this girl is great and talks all about “that girl” trends. She is soo about balance and is so funny and relatable and I feel like I’m on the phone with a friend when I listen


I listen to the skinny confidential as well because I'm basic, but in a cute way LOL. Anywaysss, I've honestly been in a podcast slump right now and I've just been testing out some new podcasts (none that I would 100% recommend yet). But, I'll most definitely update this when I find some. Mine are basically the same as Sophie's as well (minus the interior design & pop culture). I love super motivational podcasts (Ed Mylett, Him & Her, Tony Robbins). Oh, but one that wasn't mentioned - On Purpose by Jay Shetty. I went through a period of listening to his podcast episodes RELIGIOUSLY; it's all about spirituality! 

This post was all about favorite podcasts!

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