The Ultimate Guide To Writing Open When Letters (60+ Ideas and Printables)

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This post is all about making Open When Letters.

open when letters

There is nothing worse than being away from someone you are close with and sometimes you just need a little gift to show them how much you love him - insert Open When letters.

My boyfriend and I have been in a long distance for almost four years now and I know first hand how hard it can be!

I also know how you have to really use your creativity to keep sparks flying and remind them that even though they may be thousands of miles away, they are constantly on your mind.

This post gives you over a hundred Open When Letter ideas and a free printable so you can create a gift your loved one will never forget.

What Are Open When Letters?

open when cards

Open When Letters are a really special and creative gift to send to someone far away from you. 

You create a large amount of letters with special notes in them each pertaining to a topic. One example of an Open When letter would be, "Open need a study break".

This would be the perfect card to send to a college student that you are either in a relationship with, friends with, or is your child. 

When finals come and they need some extra loving, they can open that card and it can put a smile on your face.

It's an easy and personal way to let them know how much you love them!

What Do You Write In Open When Letters?

open when letters for boyfriend

This is really up to you and the person you're creating it for but there are a few rules we like to follow when creating our own Open When Letters.

First things first, there is a main card labeled just "Open When...". That is the first envelope they should open and in it you can write the rules of the cards.

In this letter, explain to them how they can only open one or two letters a week and to open the letter, they need to be feeling whatever is on the front. 

Here's some rules we recommend including on the first letter:

  • NO peeking! πŸ˜‰
  • Open the letter whenever the topic applies to you.
  • DON'T open them all right it sparingly!
  • Text me and send me a picture when you open one of the letters.
  • Save them! They will be fun to look back on.
  • ENJOY them!

For the other letters, write things that go with the envelopes topic. 

For example, in the envelope "Open When...You're feeling sick.", you can write different cold and flu methods that will help them feel better.

It's really simple and allows you full (and personal) creativity!

How Do I Make Open When Letters?

It is so easy to make Open When Letters! SO EASY!

All you need is an envelope, markers, and a whole lot of creativity.

Don't worry, if you need actual ideas for what to put on your Open Letters, we're getting to that in just a second!

On each envelope you need to make sure that you write "Open when..." and then include an event or feeling.

This will be gross if you are not in a physical relationship with this person (like if he's your kid haha) but some people even write "Open're horny." HAH! I want to see what they write in that!

Unfortunately for my boyfriend, he did not receive that letter 😜.

At the end of this post, I tell you how you can download all of these "Open When..." printables used in these pictures.

open when letters for college

Open When Letter Ideas:

We included 12 different Open When Letters ideas in the free printable used in this post but you can go create your own as well.

Coming up with ideas can be difficult so we have put a list together of over 60+ ideas. 

Open When Letters for Boyfriends:

Open when...

  • ​you are happy.
  • you are annoyed of me.
  • you need a hug.
  • you wish we were together.
  • I'm not answering my phone.
  • you're feeling jealous.
  • you're thinking of our future.
  • you need a kiss.
  • you're wondering if this is worth it.
  • you need to know I LOVE you.
  • you need to laugh.
  • you want to breakup.
  • we just got off the phone.
  • it's your birthday.
  • you just took a big exam.
  • you're really stressed out.
  • you miss me.
  • you're feeling sick.
  • it's our anniversary. 
  • you need to laugh.
  • you're feeling distant.

Open When Letters for Best Friends:

Open when...

  • you can't sleep.
  • you need a pep talk.
  • you're stressed.
  • you need a study break.
  • you're doubting yourself.
  • you graduate.
  • you've had a great day.
  • you're mad.
  • you're happy.
  • you need to talk to someone.
  • you need a pick-me-up.
  • you've had a bad day.
  • we fight.
  • you're bored.
  • it's your birthday.
  • you're sick.
  • you're feeling lonely.
  • you miss me.

Open When Letters for Parents:

Open when...

  • you're missing me a little.
  • you're missing me a lot.
  • you need someone to talk to and I am not answering.
  • we haven't talked for awhile.
  • you feel sad.
  • you feel lonely.
  • you're stressed out.
  • you're crying.
  • you need a hug.
  • you need some love.
  • you need to know how much I love you.
  • you need to know someone cares.
  • you need motivation.
  • you need a pick me up.
  • you feel out of place.
  • you just want to come home.
  • you're doubting yourself.
  • you want to give up.
  • it all feels like too much.
  • you feel like you have no friends.
  • you're feeling insecure.
  • you're feeling happy.
  • you need some momma time.
  • you can't sleep.

Want to print out the "Open When" Letters from these pictures?!

open when letters

Lucky for you, I am giving you a FREE coupon code so that you can download and print out these templates to use on your own cards!

It makes everything SO easy...all you need to do is print them out and tape them!

Here's how to download them:

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You will LOVE them!

This post was all about how to make the best Open When Letters.

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