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Looking for ways to make the most out of your apartment balcony? These are the best apartment balcony ideas to transform your space into a place you don't want to leave. 


What's the point of having an outdoor space at your apartment if you don't use it to its full potential? There are so many different ways to decorate your apartment balcony...and it can be easy!

If you're looking for apartment balcony ideas, these are the best of the best. You'll create a space you love so much that it will become an extension of your apartment.

This post is all about the best apartment balcony ideas for creating a space you will never want to leave. 

Transform Your Apartment Balcony With These Ideas...

1. Get an Outdoor Rug 

Recreate this patio:

Adding an outdoor rug to your balcony can instantly make your apartment balcony feel cozier. Sticking with a neutral rug like the one above, creates a perfect base for a space that you can then go decorate with more pops of color (or if you're like Sophia, you'll stick to the neutrals :).

Outdoor rugs can get pricey so shop around. We recommend checking out Target and Ikea as they have outdoor rugs that look really cute without breaking your budget. In Sophia's balcony, she was able to find to her exact rug for $100 which is an amazing deal for a rug this size!

2. Choose Either Chairs or A Table 


Depending on the size of your apartment balcony, you can either choose to have a full size table or you can stick with larger chairs and a small table in between them.

In my personal apartment balcony (pictured above), I was just on the verge of having enough space for an outdoor table. Since my apartment kitchen isn't big enough for a table, I decided to go for it even though it would be tight (and now that we have used the table for a few weeks...we LOVE IT!).

If you have a small apartment balcony, sticking with two chairs and a really cute side table put in between the chairs would be the perfect way to decorate the space without making it feel too crowded. 

3. Patio Chairs


Recreate this patio:

One of the most common ways to decorate an apartment patio is by getting outdoor chairs. Would it really be a balcony without chairs to drink your morning coffee in or have a glass of wine at night?!

Outdoor chairs are expensive. Way more expensive than I ever thought they would be. I searched for a long time for outdoor chairs for my table that didn't cost over $600 but also didn't look like they'd fall apart tomorrow. 

Due to how expensive outdoor chairs are, this would be one of the biggest reasons to stick with two nicer chairs and a small table between it because these chairs ADD up. I ended up getting 6 of these from Target and spent a little over $400. I know, I nearly died when I saw they were that much too.

Other places that I saw had cute but "cheaper" outdoor chairs were Overstock, Walmart, and Home Depot.

4. Add Lights


We knew we wanted lights on our own balcony but we had no idea how much we would love having them. It has made the space so much cozier than it was before. 

We hung lights overhead but there are so many ways to incorporate lights on an apartment balcony - string them along the porch, candles, lanterns, etc. to name a few! 

In the Youtube video of Sophia decorating her apartment balcony, how she was able to hang the lights without nailing any holes into the wall. 

5. Candles


Candles not only add decor, but they are the perfect way to add ambiance into your apartment balcony decorating.

If you have a large table to decorate, you can layer candles on top or get a decorative candle piece like the one above. I wasn't able to find the exact decorative candle piece from HomeGoods but here is a similar option I love (getting two of these and layering them would be so cute!).

I love how they turned out and they look perfect for the rest of the balcony furniture! I filled mine with realistic tea lights that turn on and off so I don't need to worry about my apartment burning down (hah!). Plus, it's easy and quick. 

Candles are a great way to add some lighting to your apartment balcony and create such a perfect ambiance on a summer night. 

6. Add Lanterns 


Recreate this patio:

apartment balcony ideas

If you look at the most popular small apartment balcony decor on Pinterest, almost every single one has lanterns. These can add so much to a space while also adding ambiance, as mentioned in the last tip.

I got these lanterns from Target for my own apartment balcony and they are perfect! So many places sell lanterns at varying prices that you can add onto your own apartment balcony. 

7. Add Outdoor Pillows To Chairs

This is one of the easier apartment balcony ideas, but it truly makes such a difference. If you plan to have seating, adding a few outdoor throw pillows is a great way to add decor elements. Mix and match a few patterns for the perfect addition to your apartment balcony. 

This is also the perfect place to add a splash of color. Sophia likes her spaces neutral, so she stuck with this black and white pillow from Target, but you can add pops of color that compliment the rest of your apartment balcony. 

Watch Me Transform My Apartment Balcony:

8. Add a Variety of Plants 

Greenery is a great way to add color to your balcony and also bring the outdoors into the mix.

Plants are a great way to create a tranquil feeling in your outdoor space, mimicking the actual outdoors but in your own home. Being surrounded by nature is always a great way to create a relaxing space.. and it looks cute! 

9. Hang a Curtain 

Recreate this patio:

Whether it's an ugly wall you're trying to cover or a part of your balcony that just needs a little something else, hanging a curtain is a surprising thing to consider for apartment balcony.

By utilizing the wall space with a flowy curtain creates an effortless feeling on your apartment balcony. We love sticking to a white curtain like the one above because it makes plants pop out. 

10. Pops of Summer Colors

It never hurts to add a few pops of color, especially in the summer months!

If you get bored of the all neutral color palettes, adding a few pieces that incorporate some color is a great way to spice it up. I love this orangy yellow, especially for the summer.

11. Modern Neutrals

Recreate this patio:

I am very much a neutral person when it comes to decor so I'm obsessed with this apartment balcony idea! It's so simple and elegant and makes the space seem very cozy. 

If you have a small space like this one, having a two small chairs and adding pillows to them is a great way to make it a cozy corner. I also love how they incorporated a ladder.. great way to cover an ugly wall or hang a light on! 

12. Create a Comfy Corner 

I can already imagine my girlfriends and I cozying up on this couch with a glass of wine! Add a ton of pillows and a comfy blanket and you've got the perfect corner to relax in. 

By adding a variety of hanging lights, you also add a cozy element to the space. Lights in the window, along the balcony edge, and lanterns are a perfect touch to this cozy corner. 

13. Incorporate Unique Chairs 

Love how modern and unique this chair is. For small spaces, getting things off the ground is a great way to make your balcony seem larger. 

This apartment balcony does a great way of saving space and opening it up to seem bigger than it is. By hanging the planters on the wall, as well as the floating bar top, they avoid crowding the floor space which really opens it up. Love this for small apartment balconies! 

14. Add Shelving 

Recreate this patio:

Shelving allows you to add a lot more decor to your balcony. You can customize each shelf with plants or different nick nacks. Love the dark contrast of this one with the greenery! 

If you have more space on your balcony, this is a great way to fill a larger area and allows you to decorate it. I love this black one because it creates such a great contrast against the rest of the furniture and compliments the dark wall & couch so well. 

15. Breakfast Nook

If you don't have much space, getting a small table and chairs allows you to get the most out of your balcony. This is perfect for a hot cup of coffee on a warm summer morning šŸ™‚ 

For a larger balcony, this is also a great way to incorporate a table and chairs in addition to an outdoor couch. Best of both worlds! 

16. Mega Couch

Recreate this patio:

Another super cozy option is creating a mega couch in one of the corners of your balcony. This is a great way to fill up a space that might not fit a full couch or a couple outdoor chairs. 

And look how cozy that is! Would be perfect for an outdoor movie or just lay and look at the stars! 

17. Balcony Bar Top

Another option for a small balcony is a bar top looking over the edge. This is a great way to utilize a super tight space but still allows you to enjoy the view. 

This would definitely be pretty easy to DIY as well. 

18. Add Some Shade

Privacy can be important to incorporate into your apartment balcony, especially if you have extremely close neighbors.

For more privacy and shade, there are a ton of different options to block out the view into your porch. This can also create a more intimate feeling on your balcony which is always a great option. 

19. Incorporate the Wall Space

For apartment balconies with large wall space, put up a few frames or a tapestry to tie the entire space together. 

I love the way this balcony incorporated the neutral tones throughout the walls by using a variety of different textures. It creates a unique feeling that goes well with the rest of the decor. 

20. A Spot to Recline

For those that like to lay out all day, get a lounge chair that reclines. On a hot summer day, you won't want to leave this spot. 

21. Add Flowers

How elegant is this apartment balcony idea? Adding a variety of flowers and a LOT of them can really elevate the space and create an incredibly classy balcony. 

If you are more of a girly girl, this is your perfect balcony! 

22. Hang a Chair or Hammock 

Recreate this patio:

Hanging hammocks or chairs gives off a super boho, cozy look. This is such a perfect spot to curl up with a good book on a Saturday morning šŸ™‚ 

If you want something different than just regular patio furniture, this is a unique seating option that can make your apartment balcony a place you will love hanging out in. 

23. Incorporate Floor Pillows

If you don't have enough space to add another chair or couch to your balcony, floor pillows are a great alternative. 

You don't necessarily need to always keep the pillows out either. You can keep them hidden until you have guests - they're great for entertaining! 

24. Outdoor Pallet Seating

Recreate this patio:

I have seen these pallet chairs and couches all over Pinterest! Such a great affordable alternative than actual outdoor seating (which can get really expensive, trust me). 

This allows you to really customize the shape and size as well as the cushions you want to add to it. Super unique and looks amazing! 

25. Unique Flooring

A great way to add a bit of character to your apartment balcony is playing with flooring. This could be with a rug, tiles, etc. but it's a great way to add a little somethin' somethin' without going crazy with furniture or decor. 

26. Boho Outdoor Oasis

If you're into the boho vibes... this. is it. 

I love the variety of candles and lanterns this backyard patio utilizes. Also the plants are so elegant and work perfect with the rest of the decor. 

27. Black and White Contrast

Recreate this patio:

I love how this apartment balcony incorporating a variety of black throughout - rugs, plant holders, pillows, etc. - which creates amazing contrast with the rest of the neutral colors. 

Also how fun is this egg shaped chair? I've been seeing these everywhere and love the look they give off. And it looks so cozy! 

28. Pastel Door & Accents

For a more simple and subtle apartment balcony idea, this one is so cute with the blue pastel coloring and wood accents. 

This post is all about apartment balcony ideas.

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