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It is finally time to reveal the kitchen!! Kitchen renovations are my absolute favorite and I loved the challenge this particular one gave me.

This kitchen renovation really tested my creativity-ness because there wasn’t enough space to have an island, and I wanted it to feel like a million dollar kitchen. Which, to do that in a galley kitchen, is TOUGH. 


I really wanted this kitchen to feel different than the GBOGH kitchen. I didn’t want to be a one hit wonder haha. We had this green/brown sample tile at the office and I instantly knew when I saw it that I wanted the cabinets to be that color. Despite some pushback from basically everyone around me on the color (lol), I trusted my gut and went for it. I was thrilled with the entire process this time around, especially after our terrible experience with cabinets in our last house. The result is SO good!

To complement the bold choice of cabinet color, selecting the right countertops is crucial. Granite countertops offer not only durability and functionality but also a timeless elegance that can elevate the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. For those seeking expert guidance and superior craftsmanship, Granite Countertop Installation & Fabrication Long Island NY is a trusted partner. Their expertise in granite fabrication and installation ensures a seamless integration of this luxurious material into your kitchen design, further enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of the space. With your discerning eye for detail and a commitment to quality, your kitchen is sure to be a standout success, surpassing any previous endeavors.


That hardware is the jewelry of this kitchen and boy does she shine! Some of my favorite hardware I have ever used. It’s all from Emtek. The hardware is in an unlacquered brass which adds a beautiful hue to them.

We opened up the space and added an archway that mimics the arch between the foyer and living room.

the sophomore house

We went with the knobs on the drawers, which I think looks really pretty and helps finish off the kitchen. 

Working with Emtek was an absolute pleasure; we pitched them and they generously gifted us the hardware. Their team is outstanding, and if you’re in the market for hardware, I highly recommend them. The hardware adds a touch of luxury to the kitchen, and I am completely obsessed with it.


kitchen cabinet
the sophomore house

After the GBOGH mudroom floors, I have a strong relationship with slate flooring. The large-scale, twelve by twenty-four black slate tiles look unbelievable and tie in beautifully with the cabinets. The natural cracks and divots, make it super practical and give a little touch of character. The darker and blacker the slate tile is, the more I like it, and this one has that beautiful, dark black look.



In the kitchen I went with this absolutely STUNNING large slate tile from Bedrosians and am truly obsessed. I had to do a LOT of convincing when I told people I was going with slate tile in the kitchen but I’m so glad I trusted my gut because it is a complete showstopper.

kitchen decor

I am so proud of the kitchen we were able to create 🥹. It’s always tear-jerking to see a labor of life come to life that all started with an idea I had in my head.

Other Room Details:

Cabinet Paint Color: Downing Earth by Sherwin Williams

Wall Paint Color: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

Drapery: Budget Blinds (AMAZING!)

Countertop Details: 2cm Carrera Marble

Bench Cushion: Custom made by The Home Life Pro

kitchen decor ideas


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Microwave Trim Kit

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    • Emtek Cabinet Knobs
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Emtek Appliance Pull

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Emtek Kitchen Cabinet Pulls

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Kitchen Sink

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Kitchen Drain

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Kitchen Sink Faucet

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Kitchen Sconces

Pattern Pillow

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Jute Pillow

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Jute Bowl

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Scalloped Bowl

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Olive Oil Dispenser

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Gold Salt & Pepper

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Wood Bowls

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Black Vase

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Wood Cutting Board


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