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One of my favorite things to do is find new ways to decorate the places I am living. BUT, everything is so dang expensive these days!

Plus, I always seem to like the most expensive things (insert eye roll emoji!!).

I have wanted this headboard for so long. You know, one of the big, tall headboards that just make the room look "complete".

Sooo, guess how much that bad boy is?! Yeah, starts at $2,595.00...!!

Let's hope someday I'll be able to make that purchase but for now I need to keep putting my deal finding skills to the test.

I am going to show you 10 easy ways to update your apartment without breaking the bank.

1. Update Your Cabinet Hardware

Copy This Apartment:

Getting new cabinet hardware can completely rejuvenate old, boring hardware that was previously left in the apartment. The best part about this easy update is that you can take it with you wherever you move next!

I have been seeing inexpensive hardware sets a lot of places (a ton at Homegoods/Michaels) that have a set of 6 or so for less than $15!

I also love these sets available on Amazon Prime. This set of modern brush brass pulls are only $17.49 for a set of 15 (that's such a good price!). I am d-y-i-n-g over this acrylic hardware (10 for $34.99).

 2. Washi Tape Wallpaper

Copy This Apartment:

I love how easy this one is! Washi tape comes in so many different patterns and colors now that you can really customize this to be exactly what you want.

This is great since you can easily take it off but it spruces up a rental/dorm and makes it more unique than before.

I do really like this cross pattern they have going on here, but I would definitely check out Pinterest for some more pattern ideas. There are so many!!

This is my favorite washi tape packet that I own (but it doesn't include black!). It has metallic silver, gold, and copper.

3. Get a New Area Rug

This is one of my favorites because it is my own space and I can say just how much this updated my room!!

Plus, this carpet was less than $70... I know, so good!! I am usually not this much of a pink girl and steer more towards the neutrals but I love that since this was so inexpensive I could go a little more out of my comfort zone. The carpet is thinner, but I have vacuumed it numerous times and it gets daily traffic and has kept up really well!

I am super into the over-dyed rug look and love this blue version as well!

4. Trendy Pot Holder DIY

I think this DIY is such a great way to make a statement in your kitchen while decluttering the space and getting it organized.

I have seen this used for pictures but never seen it used in the kitchen and I think A Beautiful Mess did such a good job!!

Interested in purchasing items you saw in the video? Click here to see where I bought everything in my first apartment.

5. Personalized Kitchen Storage

I love this for keeping your most reached items easily accessible while looking SO cute!

Even if you are DIY challenged I would check out this DIY from The Lovely Drawer because she has templates for you to follow so you look like a true calligrapher ;).

On another note-- this would be a really great house warming gift to make for someone!

6. Update Your Shower Curtain

Moii Bohemian Black Tassel Shower Curtain, Fashion Ethnic Black and White Stripe Fabric Bathroom Curtain Shower Curtain Waterproof Fabric Suit, 72 x 72in

One of the biggest eye soars in a lot of apartments are the outdated showers. Adding a new shower curtain can transform your whole bathroom.

I personally go for more neutral and "clean" looking shower curtains and love this inexpensive one.

7. Update Your Throw Pillows

One of my parts of decorating a room no matter how updated or outdated it is is to go shopping for new throw pillows.

My favorite place for inexpensive pillows is Homegoods since it almost always has a great selection to choose from.

Buttt, if you are looking to get a little crafty this tutorial will show you how to make a throw pillow out of a table runner.

8. Get a New Headboard

This is my latest bedroom update-- a new headboard!! And you'll never believe the deal I got. It's not my dream headboard (yes, the one mentioned above 😉 but it's so much nicer than the one I had!!

A headboard is one of those things that you would just assume to be a lot of money and out of budget, but with a little research you can find a great deal!

Here's the headboard I got for $64.99.

9. DIY Your Entry 

Your entryway can get extremely messy if you don't have a good organization method.

This drop-off peg board would not only make your life easier so that everything is organized but also adds a element of design into your space.

10. Hang Up A Gallery Wall

And lastly....hang a gallery wall! It seems like it would cost a lot of money but actually it is super inexpensive if you do a little digging.

This is my room again-- I got most of the frames from Ikea and got the gold frames from Goodwill. I got all my prints from from these posts: My Favorite Free Gallery Wall Art of 2018 and My Favorite Free Gallery Wall Art.

Do you have any easy decor updates that made a big difference in your apartment?

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