21 Best Graduation Party Themes To Use This Year

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This post is all about graduation party themes.

graduation party theme ideas

Are you having trouble of thinking of graduation party themes that will impress your guests?

A party theme makes everything easier. It helps you choose what colors to decorate with, food to serve, and activities for guests to do.

But picking a graduation party theme that hasn't been done a million times can be HARD!

This post shows you the 21 best graduation party themes to use this year.

Graduation Party Themes:

1. Smart-Cookie Graduation Party

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Is this not the cutest graduation party theme ever?! Such a cute way to decorate your grad party on a budget.

Adding a cookie bar or labels that say “One smart cookie” is a great EASY way to jazz up any grad party. This has to be one of the most original but easy graduation party themes for 2019.

2. Taco Themed Graduation Party

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What more could you want than a taco themed graduation party? 

Such an easy and unique graduation party theme! Best part is, all you really need for this theme is a killer taco bar and this "taco bout a future" gold balloon set.

3. "Oh, The Places You Will Go" Graduation Theme

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graduation party ideas for guys

This Dr. Seuss party idea really brings growing up full circle (I mean, who didn't read Dr. Seuss books growing up??).

This graduation party theme is super nostalgic and a good way to embrace being a kid for one last time.

The graduates have so many new places they are planning on going and things they want to see that this "Oh The Places You Will Go" is really so cute.

4. Black and Gold Glam Theme

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Everyone needs some sparkle on graduation day, Right?

 This creative Graduation party theme is one of my personal favorites because it is super glam while still being easy to re-create. 

5. "Donut You Forget About Me" Theme

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I am SO obsessed with this graduation them idea for 2019! Seriously, so cute.

 You can't go wrong incorporating food into your graduation party theme and your guests will LOVE this idea.

6. Elegant Graduation Party Theme

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Is this a graduation party or a wedding?! For real though, how beautiful is this table?

This is such a timeless and classic Graduation theme that is actually super easy to create on a budget.

 This idea is such a mix of classy and trendy that it makes it one of my all-time favorite graduation themes 2019.

7. Tropical Graduation Theme

This Graduation party theme is for all the tropical lovers out there.

 You can play up this idea however you want by adding yummy colorful fruit, balloons, or funky table cloths can make any Tropical Graduation party theme for 2019 the most talked about party.

My personal favorite is the cute cups and tropical balloons in the background.

8. Sunflower Theme

This Graduation party theme is my personal favorite because it just looks HAPPY! 

We all vision our graduation party being one of the most memorable times and with this fun and happy theme, this unique graduation theme will be something you always remember.

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9. Candy Graduation Party Theme 

Who doesn't love candy?!

 What a sweet way to decorate your high school graduation party theme (or honestly college students might appreciate this candy theme even more ;).

10. College Sports Team Theme

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graduation party themes for guys

GOAL! You officially reached your goal and graduated.

What a fun High school graduation party theme for the special sports lover in your life.

This would also be so fun to make your school colors and have it be your future college sports team colors.

11. School Spirit Theme

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Decorating your graduation party with with your high school/college colors is a great last goodbye to all the good memories you had in the last four years.  

At my own graduation party, I had mostly black and gold decor but then sprinkled in some orange since Orange and black were my high school colors. It was the perfect collaboration of the themes without it being too much.

12. Backyard Party Graduation Theme

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This graduation party theme idea is what most people opt for because it can be in the convenience of your backyard and instead of renting a place, you can put the money towards decorations.  

Stringing some lights and banners from trees takes the party up another level and also help give it some light at night. 

13. Shoot for the stars Theme

Fun fact: Stars are ALL the rage right now. 

This graduation party is cute but I think it could be taken up a whole another level with some "trendy" star themed decor. Nonetheless, a "reach for the stars" theme could be such a cute graduation theme for girls.  

14. Book Themed Graduation Party

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If the graduate is a book lover, this theme is for them.

 This unique high school Graduation party idea is such a fun way to celebrate book lovers and can be done on a major BUDGET. Seriously, a trip to Goodwill and some cheap books later, you can make such a cute photo backdrop with book pages.  

15.  Friends Theme

I shared this picture on Pinterest and people are going crazy over it.

But really, how cute is this.

We all love know the theme song... we all love the show... what could be better than a Friend's graduation themed party?!

16.  Pink and Gold Girly Theme Graduation Party

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Whew! Talk about glitter.

If you are the ultimate girly girl, you will LOVE this.

17. Ice Cream Party Graduation Theme

If you're looking for a graduation party theme everyone will love, this is it.  A sweet theme for a sweet graduate!

This is especially a good idea for all of you in the south where it is blazin' hot!   

18. "Your Future Is Bright" Graduation Party Theme

Okay, this theme is pretty cheesy but it IS clever.

Heading to a bright future with this party theme that all graduates would love. 

For 2019, it can be difficult to find creative college graduation party themes but this theme is easy and super appropriate for a grad party!

19 Great Gatsby Theme

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20. Cupcake Theme

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I'm going to be honest, it can be really hard to find graduation party themes for guys. Like really hard. 

This is such a great gender neutral party theme that everyone would appreciate. You could almost do a "Rock and Roll Out of High School" theme.

21. Memory Theme

This Graduation Theme Is So cute If you are throwing A graduation party for your son or daughter. You can easily attach Photos of them to the clear balloons and make the theme all about the graduate.

 It will be a super adorable way to congratulate the grad while sharing memories of him or her growing up getting to the point in their life that they are at.

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This post was all about the best graduation party themes.

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