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Can you believe its been almost three years since I last did a roundup of my favorite free gallery art?! {READ: My favorite Free Gallery Art. This still has so many good options!}

Thinking back on it now, I think I was still keeping my blog a secret to the public when I wrote that post 😉 Oh, how times have change!!

I have had a gallery wall in every single space I’ve lived in (all pictured below) and believe they make such a difference in the feel of the room.

Plus, they are so easy and affordable to put together.

This is the gallery wall in my bedroom at home. I’ve had it for a few years and still really like the way it looks. I bought the gold frames from random stores but the black frames came from here.

They’re super inexpensive and still (after a few years) look in really good shape. I always think having a matte in your frame makes it look high-end so keep an eye out for that! 

I also get questions all the time about where my rug is from {Read: How to Transform Your Room With These Two Simple Steps}. It’s from here and is SO cute. I really think it makes my whole room look more decorated and put together. I got mine less for $120 (for an 8 x 5) so it’s really a great price!!

This was just in my dorm room and was SO easy to do. I got them all printed out, then taped on top of my (very ugly) dorm wall. I ended up using double stick tape and cute tape on the front.

I have one in my new dorm room too, just haven’t photographed it, so we’ll see if I ever get to adding that in here!

As you can see, I clearly love gallery walls, and think they’re such an easy way to spruce up a room.

What’s your favorite free gallery art print?