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I am the first to admit that there are many places in my home that I forget to clean, randomly see, and want to vomit with how dirty they are. hah!

Every time this happens, I always tell myself that I need to write a list of all of those "places everyone forgets to clean" spots so I can remember. This post now officially serves as that list ;). 

cleaning checklist

There is already so much that goes into doing a fullll deep clean that it's super easy to overlook some stuff. It actually shocks me every time I do a deep cleaning how long it takes. By the end of it, I am just over it and start "skipping" some things. This list is basically my list of all those things I skip that then build up and get nasty. 

There's just also a lot of things I never even knew you had to your vacuum and washing machine. Who would've known you had to clean that?! Not me.

This post shows you all of the places everyone forgets to clean.


1. Vacuum Cleaner

overlooked cleaning

I sweat this is one of the top places everyone forgets to clean. If you've noticed your vacuum has a weird smell when you use it or just hasn't been working as well, there's a good chance it's overdue for a good cleaning. Also, apparently vacuum cleaning companies recommend cleaning them pretty often.

After putting in all that time to clean your house/apartment, cleaning your cleaning supplies is probably the last thing on your mind. But, it's a quick and easy thing you can (and should) be doing that will make all the difference next time you clean.

I have a cordless Dyson (which I love!), and it is pretty tedious to clean. I follow this Youtube tutorial and do it once a year. Probs should be doing it more, but ain't nobody got time for that ;). 

2. Inside The Oven

daily cleaning

Being honest, cleaning your stove is a pain in the butt. Most ovens have a setting where you can self-clean them. I have heard that works, but I have always just used the trusty Bar Keepers Friends. It's $2 and is one of my holy grail products.

I take out the racks and let them sit in some soapy water. I then just drizzle the BKF all over the oven. Get a damp sponge to help you distribute it around. After there is a light coating of it over the whole inside of the oven (even the glass!) I will let it sit for a few minutes. I then take the damp sponge again and go hard, rubbing it all in. You'll need to put your muscle in this, but it's amazing to see how clean it gets it. 

Here's a Tiktok showing how to clean your stove…

3. Kitchen Island Walls (Under The Counter)

cleaning checklist

It can be super easy to forget about the kitchen island walls since they are hidden underneath the counter. We don't have little kids (which I feel like would get this really dirty), but we do host a lot, and people are constantly kicking the wall (including me ;). 

I have two favorite ways of cleaning this. I like to use a Magic Eraser, or I like to spray some Dawn Dish Spray. Dawn Dish Spray is one of my newer holy grails, and I swear it gives a magic eraser a run for its money!

4. Laundry Machine

TBH, this is one I still need to do. It's been on the to-do list for a hot second haha. I love Lemi-Shine products, so I bought their laundry machine cleaner. I just got it at Target! Looks like it's not coming up online, so I might recommend checking out Walmart instead for it. It looks really simple to do, just something that I always forget.

5. Garbage Disposal

This is one thing I actually do all the time because I am obsessed with the foam that comes up, but I feel like a lot of people forget to clean their garbage disposal! I started doing this after my kitchen started smelling really bad, and I couldn't pinpoint why. I am a pretty clean person, so I knew it wasn't really anything moldy, and I take the trash out a lot.

I legit thought an animal died in the pipes of my apartment (lol), so I had the maintenance guy come, and he said that it was probably old food in the disposal. Disgusttting. I bought these garbage disposal cleaners, and like I said, I am OBSESSED. I do it at least once a week now. It basically foams up in your disposal and looks disgusting. It's very satisfying!!

6. Trash Cans

This one is pretty self-explanatory because I guess it does make sense that a trash can is dirty But, think back to the last time you gave your trash cans a good cleaning, and it's probably been a while. Go through and empty all the trash cans in your house and make sure to clean them (inside and out).

I know that people who own homes and a hose will just bring it outside and hose it down, then scrub with some dawn.

7. Shower Curtain Liner

Recently found out you can clean your plastic shower curtain liner in the washing machine?! 🤯Seriously life-changing. For years I've been hand washing mine or just buying a new one. But this cleaning hack has taken an entire step out of my bathroom cleaning routine. Less work AND it's better for the environment? I mean, you can't really ask for more haha.

I do get that they're only like $5, so you could buy one too but again...environment saver :).

8. Under Couch Cushions

things you forget to clean

TikTok had this Green Cleaning Machine going viral for a while. It was definitely more of a "want" purchase than a "need" purchase, so I put off buying it. Back in September, I went through a HUGE cleaning phase where I wanted to clean every single spot in my apartment. I ended up buying it, and it is SO satisfying. It really does work, and it's one of those cleaning products that everyone in your life will borrow. I've had at least four friends borrow it because it does such a great drop! 

Here's another TikTok showing how well it works...

@bysophialee debated buying it for a year after people went crazy for it on tiktok and omg 🤮🤮🤮 #cleaning #cleaningtiktok #cleaninghacks ♬ original sound - bysophialee

9. Tile Grout

I saw a TikTok of a girl showing pictures of her bathroom tile before and after cleaning the grout, and I was SHOCKED at the difference.

This is one of those commonly overlooked cleaning tasks that you would probably never think needs to be cleaned but makes allll the difference. Just take a little bit of your favorite floor cleaner, a small cleaning brush (an old toothbrush does the trick too), and get to scrubbin'! It's definitely one of the more tedious cleaning tasks, but I promise the before and after will be worth it.

10. Dishwasher

daily cleaning
apartment cleaning checklist

Did you know you have to clean your actual dishwasher?! Apparently, you're supposed to do this once a month. Who would've known? 🤯

I've had a lot of dishwasher problems. The dishes don't get fully clean, the cups have fog on them, etc. I am hoping that cleaning this dishwasher up will help with our issues.

First thing I did was clean this mesh piece in the dishwasher. Unless your dishwasher is super old, your dishwasher probably has a spot that you can pull out and rinse off. I wanted to actually vomit doing this, it was nasty.

To do the dishwasher deep clean, I used one of the Dishwasher Cleaning Packets from LemiShine which is one of my absolute favorite cleaning brands (you can get this at Target). You just sprinkle it in. So easy!!


never knew you had to clean the actual dishwasher 🤷🏻‍♀️ spring cleaning day 5! also surprised I’ve actually kept up with my spring cleaning checklist haha

♬ original sound - bysophialee

This post showed you all of the places everyone forgets to clean (so you don't). 😉

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