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This post is all about the best healthy recipes.

healthy recipes

More and more I am craving healthy recipes.

Ones that taste just as good as my “bad for you” dinners but don’t leave me feeling horrible about myself after.

I just created a recipe binder for myself and have been stalking Pinterest for the best healthy recipes and these are the ones I am drooling over.

These are the best healthy recipes we are drooling over right now.

Healthy Recipes:

1. Taco Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

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This healthy recipe honestly sounds like a match made in heaven!

Good carbs from the sweet potatoes, and good protein from turkey meat. It’s a great way to start cooking healthy meals because this one is so easy to prep and make!

You can find this complete recipe at Belle of the Kitchen by clicking here.

2. Zucchini Lasagna 

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Carbs are usually one of our worst enemies. 1. because they taste so good that they are hard to kick out of the diet, and two because they’re so bad for our bodies!

This usually pasta filled recipe goes healthy by using zucchini instead of lasagna. That’s a healthy recipe if I’ve ever seen one! 

You can find this recipe on Evolving Table by clicking here.

3. Burger Bowls

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This is a great healthy twist on an American classic.

Bowls are super easy and healthy recipes, I totally recommend using them for lunch because you can meal prep them if you need to be on the go during that free hour! 

You can find this recipe over at 40 Aprons by clicking here.

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4. Salmon & Asparagus with Garlic Lemon Butter

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This looks SO good and so easy…my type of meal ;).

You can find this recipe on Eat Well 101 by clicking here.

5. Honey Lemon Chicken and Green Beans

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This is not only a healthy recipe, but a cheap recipe as well. That’s a combo I want more of!

And like honestly, doesn’t this picture from pinterest look almost mouth-watering? I think we all have to try it! 

You can find this recipe on Yellow Bliss Road by clicking here.

6. Brocoli Salad

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Hollllly shiizz this looks DELISH. This healthy recipe is so versatile that I had to share it!

It can be so filling if you have enough of it to where it can be a meal on its own. Or, serve smaller portions as a side to another healthy meal here. Ugh, we love combining! 

You can find this recipe over at Downshiftology by clicking here. (PS – love this website name!)

7. Chicken Pad Thai 

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This is on my “I’m Making ASAP” list. This is one of my favorite “chinese” meals (is it chinese??) and looks so good to me so I’m really intrigued at this healthy version.

You can find this recipe on Learn To Cook by clicking here.

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8. Cajun Shrimp and Sausage Vegetable Skillet

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Here’s a healthy recipe for all my cajun lovers out there, especially fans of Yats spinach mushroom etouffee recipe!

This has just about everything a New Orleans meal would offer you, except the calories. Which is exactly what we are looking for!

I can just imagine whipping this healthy recipe up for dinner and then eating its leftovers for lunch. I’m gonna make my imagination a reality sometime this week!

You can find this recipe on The Recipe Critic by clicking here.

10. Crispy Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

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A great way to keep your recipes on the healthier side is to make wraps or tacos with lettuce instead of tortillas! Trust me, it’s still really good!

This is a healthy recipe for all my spicy lovers. Thank me later! 

You can find this recipe at Sugar Dish Me by clicking here.

11. Skinny Chicken Fajita Soup

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Healthy recipes can be made year round, and this recipe proves it!

How APPETIZING does this soup look? Doesn’t it make you wanna snuggle up with a blanket and a good movie on a crisp fall night? Me too. I’m gonna go do that . . . nope gotta finish this for you so we can all have healthy recipes that keep us on that grind!

You can find this recipe at A Skinny Perspective by clicking here.

12. Parmesean Garlic Spaghetti w/ Chicken Meatballs

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If you’re a carb lover, this a great cheat meal for you that isn’t really a cheat meal!

Why? Because it is still healthy due to those chicken meatballs. And chicken substitutes are actually really good, I’ve learned. So open yourself up to new experiences and give this awesome easy and healthy recipe a try!

You can find this recipe over at a Wicked Whisk by clicking here.

13. Garlic Butter Turkey Meatballs and Lemon Zucchini Noodles  

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I’ve included a lot of chicken recipes, I know. So I’m gonna switch it up!

This recipe title has so many appetizing words that I kind of wanna whip it up in my kitchen right now. But I’m gonna finish this post instead, don’t you worry!

If you want a meal that looks so good it can’t be good for you, I think you have to try this healthy recipe out for dinner!

You can find this recipe over at Eat Well 101 by clicking here.

14. Healthy Chicken Enchiladas

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Who doesn’t love mexican? If you don’t, I’ll pray for you, while I make this healthy mexican recipe!

I mean c’mon, seeing this recipe just proves how easy it is to turn pretty much every recipe we know into something that is so good for our bodies! 

You can find this recipe over at Clean Eating With Kids by clicking here.

15. Turkey Meatloaf

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What a unique and healthy twist on a home-cooked classic!

My mom use to make meatloaf all the time when I was a kid, but TBH I don’t wanna know what kind of calories it had in it! I’m so glad I found this easy and healthy recipe I can try while keeping my childhood memories alive! 

You can find this recipe over at Organize Me Skinny by clicking here.

17. Quinoa Salad 

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Quinoa! That’s a word our generation has really come to love, huh? But it doesn’t really have a flavor most of the time, does it?

So use that and all of quinoa health benefits to your advantage by incorporating it into like all your bowls and salads, like this healthy recipe! You’ll become a big quinoa fan in no time, I promise! 

You can find this recipe at Cookie and Kate by clicking here.

18. Garlic Butter Steak and Lemon Green Beans 

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Ok, but if you MUST cave and have some red meat, tbh I don’t blame you I love that stuff, especially steak!

But do it right ok! It’s one thing to cheat, it’s an entire other thing to blow everything you’ve been working so hard for. 

This delicious recipe is healthy and easy and a great recipe for dinner for two. I totally recommend trying it out! 

You can find this recipe over at Eat Well 101 by clicking here.

22. Chickpea Tiki Masala

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If you’re an indian cuisine lover, don’t fret! I have a healthy recipe you can drool over too!

Making tiki masala with chickpeas keeps it vegetarian and healthy. But no worries, the spices are still the same so you will still get that kick you love from Indian food! 

You can find this recipe over at Watch What U Eat by clicking here.

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23. Vegan Potato Tacos

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And yet another vegan and easy healthy recipe! Veganism is such a trend that honestly has some great health and environmental benefits so TBH I have to support it. 

Did you know that Taco Bell does potato tacos, too? Well now you know. But don’t go get those, eat this easy and healthy recipe instead! 

You can find this recipe over at The Savory Vegan by clicking here.

24. Sloppy Joe Bowls

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What a fun healthy twist on a childhood favorite! Did anyone else’s elementary school serve sloppy joes like all the time? No? Just me, ok cool!

Regardless of how boring your childhood was or not, this is a healthy recipe idea that is easy and healthy and will taste delicious. What a winner! 

You can find this recipe over at Marys Whole Life by clicking here.

25. Healthy Cobb Salad

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And lastly on this list, is one more healthy recipe idea for lunch!

Cobb salads are staple, but sometimes with certain dressing and bacon and fried chicken the calories can add up!

This healthy cobb salad keeps the calories down but fills us up. And most of the time, that combo is EXACTLY what we are looking for!

You can find this recipe over at Easy Quick Recipes.

This post was all about the Healthy Recipes we are drooling over these days.

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    1. I know they look SO good!! I think I am going to try to make one of these every week until I get through them all.

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