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Looking for the best places to shop and recipes for healthy college meals? We have all the information you need to plan healthy college meals this year.

healthy college meals


Eating healthy in college can be quite the struggle if you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t plan ahead of time. Even if you want to eat healthy in college, there will be times where you just need something to eat quickly or just feel like you don’t have the money to eat healthy.

But, the truth is, with adequate planning you can maintain a pretty healthy diet in college that doesn’t require spending a ton of money. There are so many recipes that are healthy to make in college that fit perfectly in your budget. So, if you are looking to eat healthier this year in college, whether you are in a dorm or apartment, check out these recipes and best places to shop for healthy college meals.

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This post is all about healthy college meals




1. Aldi’s

Aldi’s has really inexpensive grocery options and honestly a lot of really good things too. I do a lot of my grocery shopping here and it saves me so much money! 


2. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is the best! I get a ton of things from Trader Joe’s – Everything But the Bagel seasoning, pre-packaged frozen rice, almond butter, crackers, dips, etc. They have AMAZING frozen foods too. 

I wouldn’t get all of my groceries here though because it can add up. They do have a ton of amazing staples and things that you can add to meals (like really good seasonings and sauces) that make them a lot better though. 


3. Local Markets

Local markets always have the freshest and best tasting groceries. This includes produce like fruit and vegetables or even other meats or fish. Local markets have locally sourced food so it is the freshest food you can buy!


4. Walmart

Walmart is pretty much the holy grail of cheap things and this includes groceries. The good thing about buying groceries from Walmart is that no matter where you live there will most likely be one right close by. These groceries most likely won’t be the absolute best you could find but they aren’t bad by any means and you will definitely save money as opposed to going to Target or Publix for groceries.


5. Costco

If you have a Costco card or your parents have a membership, definitely get the card and head to your local Costco. You can buy in bulk at Costco and will end up saving a ton of money in the long run. This is great for college meals if you know you will go through a certain item really fast.




6. Microwave Fettuccine Alfredo


Fettuccini Alfredo is a notoriously unhealthy meal but if you use healthy alternatives and portion correctly it can definitely fit well in to your diet. This recipe shows you exactly how to make fettuccini in a mug in your dorm! It doesn’t get much easier than that.


7. Fruit And Oatmeal


This easy and healthy college meal would make a great breakfast or even mid day snack. You only need a few ingredients to make this and it can easily be made in your dorm.


8. Turkey Wrap


Wraps and sandwiches are always a go-to meal when you are in a rush in college. They can be made up really fast and there are a lot of different sandwich and wrap recipes you can try. You can keep all the ingredients from this in your dorm fridge and make it up a few minutes before you are ready to eat.


9. Mug Breakfast Casserole


One of my favorite things I learned when it came to making college meals freshman year was that you can actually make scrambled eggs in a mug. They actually taste so good so I can only imagine this breakfast casserole would be delicious too.


10. Strawberries And Cream Overnight Oats


This strawberries and cream overnight oats recipe almost looks like a dessert but it is actually a really easy healthy college meal. This recipe would be great to make up in the mornings before class or even as a snack at night when you have a little sweet tooth. I want to try this out myself too!


11. Microwave Fried Rice


Who even knew you could make fried rice in a microwave? I didn’t but I wish I had while living in my dorm freshman year. This recipe shows you exactly how to cook up some fried rice in your dorm that is super quick and easy!


12. Burrito Bowl


This burrito bowl is vegetarian but even the most avid meat lovers could enjoy this if you wanted to eat healthier. This recipe is almost like a home made Chipotle recipe so it will save you “going out to eat” money. This recipe only takes 5 minutes to make and can easily be made up from anywhere.


13. Pesto Chicken Mug Pasta


How good does this look?! And the fact you can actually make it in a mug makes it even better. Mug recipes like this are great while living in a dorm so you don’t have to worry about dishes.




14. Lemon Chicken


If you live in an apartment, you have a few more options when it comes to finding and making healthy college meals. You will definitely need more utensils like pots and pans but those are all things to invest in when you first move in. Regardless, this lemon chicken recipe only takes 5 ingredients to make which will save you time and money.


15. White Chicken Chili


This white chicken chili recipe is another meal that only takes 5 ingredients to make. I know I loved finding great recipes that only required a few ingredients because having to spend money on loads of groceries was always a pain. 


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16. Spinach Parmesan Zucchini Noodles


One healthy alternatives to pasta is veggie pasta. This recipe uses zucchini noodles instead of regular noodles which cuts down on carbs significantly. Again, this only requires 5 ingredients to make so definitely give this recipe a try if you are looking for cheap, easy, and healthy college meals to make in your apartment.


17. Sausage Egg And Cheese Roll Ups


This sausage egg and cheese roll ups recipe is perfect for breakfast, snacks, or even lunch or dinner if you are the type to like breakfast foods later in the day. They are super easy to make in your apartment kitchen and can be saved for later if you want.


18. Chicken Salad


Chicken salad is a staple when it comes to easy healthy college meals. I made this so many times in my college apartment because it only took a few minutes to make. There are tons of chicken salad recipes out there so if you are someone who doesn’t like grapes you can always leave it out. 


19. Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Bowl


Smoothie bowls make great meals at literally any time of the day. This recipe is pretty healthy but is still kind of sweet so you can feel like you are giving yourself a dessert without taking in all the calories. You could also make smoothie bowls and pre portion them ahead of time so you can grab them and run.


20. Chicken And Rice Bake


This casserole recipe is one to definitely try! Casseroles are great because you can make more than one meal out of them. Once again, this one only calls for 5 ingredients so you are making multiple meals out of just 5 things! Sounds like a great cheap and healthy college meal to me.


21. Vegetarian Taquitos


Just because you aren’t vegetarian doesn’t mean you can’t find and eat some amazing vegetarian recipes. These recipes are often times way healthier anyways. This recipe is a great healthy alternative to taquitos. But, if you love the meat in taquitos, you can find some great regular taquito recipes too!


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