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If you're looking for bedroom inspiration, you need to see these 16 super trendy bedroom ideas!

trendy bedroom ideas

If you are updating your bedroom and want to have the trendiest new looks, you have to take inspiration from these 16 trendy bedroom ideas. Whether you are going for a boho, neutral, bright, or modern style, I've got you covered! Decorating rooms is one of my favorite things to do, but without good inspiration photos, it can be hard.

Being trendy is tricky because you don't want it to go out of style within the next year. I have found styles that are currently trendy, but still have that classy, timeless look that will look good forever!

Check out these amazing trendy bedroom ideas.



1. Use a Photo Ledge to Display Art

sourced from @estiloginger

Recreate this trendy bedroom idea:

Photo ledges are everywhere right now and I can see why! You will love not only how easy it is to display art on a photo ledge, but how good it looks! This is one of the trendiest boho looks ever down to every detail. The salt lamp, light on the blanket ladder, unique lamp, and posters all work SO well together!

2. Put Plants on a Floating Shelf Above Your Bed

Recreate this trendy bedroom idea:

This bedroom is straight out of an Urban Outfitters ad. The decor is minimal, but the plants are a major statement! If you have a green thumb, this is the perfect trendy bedroom idea for you. If you're like me (and seriously struggle to keep plants alive) you could absolutely recreate this look with fake plants!!

3. Create a Gallery Wall With Posters and Frames

Recreate this trendy bedroom idea:

I have never seen a photo on Pinterest so many times! This has to be one of the trendiest bedroom inspiration photos out there right now because I see it pretty much every time I am on Pinterest! A gallery wall like this is easy to pull off and could be done with any posters and wall decor you have! 

4. Pair Textured Throw Pillows with Botanical Posters


Recreate this trendy bedroom idea:

It doesn't get much more boho than the botanical posters! I always say it, but it really is all about combining the right textures to add depth and make your room look super cozy. There aren't an overwhelming amount of pillows on this bed, but there are just the right amount to accent the posters and add some color to the white bedding!


5. Pair Neutral Window Treatments with Neutral Bedding

Recreate this trendy bedroom idea:

This was one of my favorite inspiration pics when I was moving into my apartment. Does that not just look like the most comfortable bed in the whole world? It is so simple and that is what makes it so beautiful.

The muslin comforter looks heavenly and the little touches of black look so classy! 

6. Stick with Plain Bedding and Color from Plants

white bedroom inspiration

sourced from @christina_onthedaily

Recreate this trendy bedroom idea:

This is the perfect example of how you can make white look good without it being toooo much white. The jute rug and basket paired with the white bedding is gorgeous!

You could DIY this nightstand by buying a plain white nightstand for cheap and adding your own leather pull! This style is very approachable and could for sure be recreated in your bedroom!

7. Use Pampas Grass and Natural Wood For an Earthy Look

Recreate this trendy bedroom idea:

Pampas grass is everywhere these days and I am a big fan! Adding an earthy element usually means adding green plants, but pampas grass is the perfect neutral plant!

The natural wood bed and gorgeous neutral Moroccan rug combine beautifully to make a room that looks fresh out of a Studio McGee catalog. 

8. Layer Neutral, Textured Bedding to Create a Hotel Look

Recreate this trendy bedroom idea:

What a dreamy bedroom! Similar to my bedding, they made the perfect "hotel" style bed. It's not about having a ton of patterned or colored throw pillows, instead have a couple of simple, luxurious-looking pillows. The wall sconces are the perfect touch and make this room look very classy. 

college planner


9. Mix Varying Shades of Similar Colors for a Cohesive Look

Recreate this trendy bedroom idea:

If you can't tell from my apartment, I'm not huge on color. If I was trying to go for a bright, colorful look, it would definitely be something like this!

Bright colors can be tricky, but this room could not have been more perfectly executed. The white bed paired beautifully with the rattan wall decor and coral pillows!

10. Use Pastel Colors for the Perfect Danish Look

Recreate this trendy bedroom idea:

It doesn't get trendier than this. This style is classified as "danish", and it is seriously everywhere right now. It is a super fun, bright look that is usually styled with a lot of funky candles and pastels.

11. Mix in Animal Print for a Fun, Bold Look

Recreate this trendy bedroom idea:

Leopard print really made a comeback in 2022, and it's a perfect accent to incorporate into any bright bedroom. I love that the art ties in with the throw blanket, throw pillows, and lamps. Recreate this style in your bedroom for a bright, girly, preppy look!

12. Add Bright Colors in Your Bedding and Art

Recreate this trendy bedroom idea:

This pendant lamp is so beautiful, you would never think it was under $70 and from IKEA!! This room is light, airy, and just the right amount of colorful. The colored throw pillows, a comforter with neon accents, and the pink and teal canvas make the perfect bright space!


13. Stick with All Neutral Colors and Black Finishes

Recreate this trendy bedroom idea:

This minimalistic bedroom is gorgeous! It’s all about texture, and the layered textured rugs are the perfect touch! The side table and bench at the end of the bed are the perfect modern furniture pieces. The best additions are the black wall sconces, they really elevate the space. 

14. DIY Unique Panelling On Black Walls

Recreate this trendy bedroom idea:

You definitely need to copy this DIY project! You will need some of the 1 in. x 2 in. x 8 ft boards from Home Depot, and then follow these instructions!

The natural wood against the black wall creates a beautiful modern look! Pairing minimal bedding with the bold, wood detail is a perfect balance. 

15. Go With Large, Bold Art For a Modern Look

Recreate this trendy bedroom idea:

Okay, don't kill me for linking super expensive artwork, but it was just too pretty to pass up!! I love this room, and I think you could DIY some art similar to that and create the same look on a budget! The huge olive tree is such a statement, and looks very modern!

16. Mix Earthy Elements with Black Finishes for a Contemporary Look

Recreate this trendy bedroom idea:

When I first saw this room I thought it looked SO high-end, that I hesitated to include it because I thought everything in the photo would be so expensive! Little did I know, all of the furniture besides the bed is secondhand, the painting was a DIY project, and the majority of the decor is from Amazon!! I am obsessed! 

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