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I am insanely Type A, borderline psychotic, and there are certain things I do every Sunday night (and Monday mornings if somehow I can't get to it) that prepare me for the entire week and are the best daily planner tricks I've implemented.

best daily planner

I'm huge on routines and my planner is truly my ride-or-die when it comes to helping me stick to the habits I've purposefully added into my life.

I'm hoping this will help some of you Type A gals out there who either need someone to relate to or are looking for ways to spice up your routine!

I know some people are going to understand these and other people are going to be like, "What is wrong with her??" 😂.

This post is all about best daily planner tricks.


borderline crazy type A things I do to plan my week 😇

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1. I put matching workout tops & bottoms on the same hanger so I can easily grab it and go
best daily planner

First thing is I set up my clothes in my closet so that I can just pull something out and the whole outfits right there. Super time efficient and hassle free to have the top and the bottom together! 

I will only buy workout SETS so that I don't have to think about what I'm going to wear to the gym. The decision is already aesthetically made for me.

2. I plan my entire week of meals at the same time
best daily planner
best daily planner

Second thing is I plan my meals for the entire week at once. I use the this iPad planner I created and I'll plan my meals and workouts at the same time.

It's nice to have it all written out on one page and know I'm hitting my goals (one of them being to workout five days a week 😬). I'm an Orange Theory and Pilates gal so I like to switch off between the two!

Also, right next to dinner I write down what my running grocery list is. Since they're right next to each other I don't have to hassle to make sure I'm getting everything right. 

Then, every Thursday morning I have a weekly task I do which is online order my groceries for the next week! I don't have to worry about it on the weekend. It gets done on Thursday and I can enjoy the rest of the week knowing my meals are already planned for the next week.

3. I religiously tan every single Sunday night

I tan every Sunday night so I don't feel ugly during the week 😂. It's truly a mood booster for me! Therefore, I make sure it gets done 9/10 times.

4. I go through my Google calendar and time block my day-to-day task chunks

I will go through my Google calendar and time-block the tasks I've written down in my planner; this way I can make sure that there is time set-aside to actually get done what I need to do!

5. I color coordinate my tasks
best daily planner

I'll go through my Weekly Overview and color code my tasks. 

  • Blue → things I need to order
  • Green → Errands that I have to run
6. Thursdays are my ordering mornings

Thursdays are my ordering mornings. Like I said before, I order my groceries on Thursday, then other things, like birthday gifts and items we need restocked I will also order on Thursdays!

7. I always put my dishwasher on at night 

I always turn my dishwasher on a night so I can unload it in the morning and keep the kitchen clean. I hate waking up to a messy home (especially on Mondays).

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This post was all about best daily planner.

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