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Looking for products to buy a beauty lover? Here are the best gifts for beauty lovers.

gifts for beauty lovers

As a beauty lover myself, I am pretty picky about what makeup I like and what I will actually use. Everyone has their own preference on makeup and skincare products based on what works for them. But, there are tons of great beauty products that literally everyone loves.

If you want to buy makeup, skin care, hair products, or anything under the "beauty" category to give as a gift, you need to check out these products. I promise anyone will love and use these gifts if they enjoy anything beauty!

This post is all about gifts for beauty lovers.


Best Overall:  Makeup Eraser

"This thing works wonders. Literally erases all of my makeup, and it's environmentally friendly!"

Best Under $25: Stila Glitter And Glow Liquid Eyeshadow

"These glitter liquid eyeshadows are perfect. I think Stilla has the best glitters, I always get so many compliments!"

Most Popular: Gel Nail Kit

"I've saved so much time and money using this at-home gel nail kit. So easy to use and really does work."

Best Skincare Product:  Overnight Lip Mask

"I am so obsessed with this product. Makes my lips so soft! "

Best Hair Car Product: Pureology Hair Conditions Gift Set

"Pureology is literally heaven. It smells amazing and does amazing things for my hair!"

Best Makeup Product:  Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palette

"These colors are so beautiful! Cannot stop using this palette. Always getting compliments when I wear these colors."


1. Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette

beauty gifts

I swear by this palette. It's been my go-to for the last two years and love all the neutral colors that it has.

Any beauty lover will for sure know and love this pallet and brand. You just can't hate this pallet.

2. Makeup Brush Set

gifts for beauty lovers

Every beauty lover has makeup brushes but getting a new set is always so exciting. Makeup brushes get dirty really fast and if you don't clean them, they can make you break out. This makeup brush set from Sephora would be the perfect gift for any beauty lover. 

Plus, it comes with a cute makeup brush to store all the new brushes!

3. Lip Mask

gifts for beauty lovers

Buying a beauty lover a lip product can be tough because people are so different with what lip colors they like. I think about Ben picking me out a lipstick color and I can almost guarantee it's not going to be the color I want hah! I would love receiving a lip treatment or something like this that is still beauty related but is good for everyone.

4. Naked2 Basic Eyeshadow Palette

beauty gifts

This is something I am personally asking for. I love this simple palette. I am personally not one for wearing a ton of bright colors so I loveee this.

5. GloPRO

best beauty gifts

I have wanted this for SO long!! Everyone raves about this and says it's the best for your skin. It allows your products to absorb more and also prevents wrinkles. If she is a beauty lover, she will definitely know what this is. I've been following this brand for awhile and have wanted this for years.

6. Hourglass Face Palette

best beauty gifts

If the beauty lover you're searching for gifts for loves a good glow, this glow palette is for them! 

I see this everywhere on social media and so many people love it. I've been eyeing it myself too so hopefully someone sees this and gets it for me too 😉 

7. NARS Soft Foundation

gifts for beauty lovers

You can't go wrong with a much loved foundation. 

High quality foundation can get really pricey, and because it's not as fun as things like eyeshadow or lip stick, it sometimes hurts the soul when you have to repurchase it. That's why it's always a great gift to give! Whether it's just a restock of their favorite foundation, or one they haven't tried yet, this is always a great gift option. 

8. Lip Gift Set

gifts for beauty lovers

Gift sets are the best to receive! You get so many products you can try out and if you end up loving one, then you can purchase the full size yourself. 

It's so fun to be able to explore different products you normally wouldn't. 


9. Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

Every girl knows the struggle of blow drying their hair while trying to hold a circle brush at the same time. It is super annoying and takes forever. This Revlon hair dryer brush makes blow drying your hair so much easier because it dries as you brush and gives you extra volume. It is pretty much like getting a blowout but at home!

10. Olaplex Hair Kit

gifts for beauty lovers

By far one of the best beauty gifts. Olaplex is going crazy right now and is becoming SO popular. My sister and a lot of my friends use this product and swear by it. Yesterday, Shelby said this "saved" her blonde hair. Semi-dramatic, but still, those who have used Olaplex always go on and on about how much they love it. 

This is another gift that's on my personal list. 

11. Dyson Hair Wrap Dryer

This Dyson hair wrap dryer definitely takes some time to learn how to use but the end result is stunning. The dryer dries your hair and curls it at the same time, pretty much eliminating half the time it would take to blow dry and then curl. The price runs a little high for this but any beauty lover would be psyched to receive this as a gift. 

12. IGK Dry Shampoo

gifts for beauty lovers

Every girl has those days where you are either too lazy to wash your hair or just don't have the time. I have tried tons of different dry shampoos and this one smells the best and works the best in my opinion.

I SWEAR by this Dry Shampoo. 

13. Leave In Conditioner

Leave in conditioners can seriously step up your hair game. This product eliminates frizz and conditions your hair throughout the day. Every beauty lover should add this product to their collection.


14. Makeup Eraser

I received a Makeup Eraser as a gift last December and it totally changed my life.  These are a lot better for the environment because they eliminate having to use disposable makeup wipes. This will also save money on having to buy new makeup wipes every week.

With the Makeup Eraser you just soak it in water and it takes your makeup right off. And the best part is when it gets dirty you just throw it in the wash to use over and over again. I don't know how these work so well but they really do take off all your makeup so easily without any soap at all

15. Overnight Lip Mask

gifts for beauty lovers

Skip buying chapstick as a gift for your beauty lover and go for this over night lip mask. These leave your lips feeling so smooth and the morning so you don't have to keep reapplying chapstick all day. No one likes chapped lips so anyone you are buying a gift for will love and use this.

16. Jade Roller

Jade rollers are a fairly recent item to become widely popular but they really do work! I usually chill mine overnight and use it right before applying my makeup. This stimulates blood flow in your face and eliminates morning puffiness. Plus, it just feels good lol.

17. Mario Badescu

Any beauty lover knows about Mario Badescu products and know they work really well! This travel set acne cream and face mist would make for the perfect gift.

18. Face Masks

Face masks are always the perfect gift to give beauty lover. We all need a little at home spay day sometimes. These face masks are really popular and got great reviews on Ulta's site.


19. GrandeLASH Eyelash Growth Serum

At first glance this eyelash serum may seem a little pricey but compared to a lot of other eyelash serums it is a great deal. Many of the other serums can run up to $150 while this one is only $65. Plus, it lasts for 3 months when used once daily. I have been using this eyelash serum for years and I can tell you first hand it works. 

All beauty lovers will love this product. Say goodbye to fake eyelashes!

20. Makeup Brush Cleaner

All beauty lovers have their own collection of makeup brushes and know the struggle of cleaning all their brushes.

I have this exact makeup brush cleaner and don't know what I would do without it! I used to spend hours cleaning my brushes by hand in the sink and the ended up still being dirty when I got done. This makeup brush cleaner pretty much does everything for you! 

21. Makeup Bag

This makeup bag is a classic that can be customized to whoever you are gifting it too. It also comes in all different colors. Makeup bags can get dirty easily so she will be so excited to receive a new clean one to store everything in!

22. Gel Nail Kit

All beauty lovers love getting their nails done but the money adds up when you have to get them done every two or three weeks. 

So my sister-in-law actually got this for Christmas last year and I would go over to her house every two weeks to use it. I loved it so much that I bought it for myself haha.

I've been using this exact one religiously for over six months and love it!!

This post was all about gifts for beauty lovers.

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