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This post is all about friendsgiving game ideas.

friendsgiving game ideas

Throwing a Friendsgiving party is already stressful enough, but making sure all your friends are entertained and having a good time is a whole 'nother beast. 

There are so many different games you could play at your Friendsgiving party - from DIY games like Minute to Win It to drinking games like Drinking Jenga (if you're of age of course!). 

Here are a variety of Friendsgiving game ideas that are guaranteed to make your friends have the best time at your party.

This post is all about Friendsgiving game ideas.

Fun Friendsgiving Game Ideas:

1. The Voting Game 

The Voting Game is a really fun one to get to know your friends even better. 

Each round, you vote anonymously for the person that you think the question describes the most, then tally the votes and find out the truth about people's personalities! 

For example, one question is "Whose Google search history would you want to see the most?" This game would definitely be interesting! 

2. Guesstures

My family and I always play this! It's basically a high-speed charades but it is SO funny to see people try to act out some of the words they give. 

Your friends would get a kick out of this game, especially if they get competitive! 

3. Karaoke

This one is pretty self-explanatory but... Karaoke is always a fan favorite. Get a few drinks flowing and you'll have friends acting like they're the next Michael Jackson. 

4. Minute to Win It

If you've never seen or heard of Minute to Win It, it was a popular game show where contestants are given a minute to complete these absurd tasks. 

There are tons of things you could do for this so just look up Minute to Win It games to play and you'll find options for your own Friendsgiving. 

You could also make up your own competitions to play in a minute which would also be a fun option!

One of our favorites is Cookie Face where you have to balance a cookie on your forehead and move it to your mouth with no hands. 

5. Thanksgiving Family Feud (Friends Edition)

If you want to create a more Thanksgiving-themed game, you could make a DIY Family Feud (but with friends). You can split up into two teams and play each other like in Family Feud.

The teams will work to come up with the most popular answers to Thanksgiving themed questions and whoever wins will be able to compete in the "Fast Money" round. 

You can decide which questions to ask. They could be more general, or more R-Rated to make it interesting! 

This would definitely require some planning, but it would be worth it! 

6. Taboo

Taboo is one of our favorite games. It gets so competitive and gets everyone involved. Split into two teams and see who can get the most amount of words! 

You can definitely make this a drinking game too. Drink every time someone gets buzzed or the losing team has to drink! Drinking or not, this one is definitely a great Friendsgiving game idea.

7. Spicy Uno

If you're looking for a more relaxed game that's slower pace but still fun, check out Spicy Uno. 

All you need is a regular Uno deck. There are extra rules that you add to make it more interesting than a regular game.. for example, if anyone plays a 7, everyone must be silent. Anyone who speaks must take 1 card.

For more of the extra rule explanations, click here.

8. Catch Phrase

Catch Phrase is another one of our favorite games to bring to large gatherings. As many people can play as you want and it gets super competitive. 

It's basically an easier version of Taboo. You are given a word to explain to your team and you want them to guess it as fast as possible since your under a time limit. Highly recommend! 

9. Most Likely To (DIY Edition)

This is something my friends and I always play when we're in big groups. It's basically a game of most likely to but everyone comes up with their own phrases. 

Each person gets a handful of small pieces of paper and they write what ever "most likely to _____" they think is funny. Then we put them all in a big bowl and mix them up. 

Once all the sheets of paper are mixed up in the bowl, we pass it around and divide the sheets of paper among each of us. Then you decide who you think is the most likely to do whatever the paper says and we'll give that sheet of paper to the specific person.

In the end, each person should have a few pieces of paper. We'll then go around the table and read off the "most likely to's" that we got. It always ends up being pretty accurate and funny! 

Friendsgiving Drinking Games:

10. Macy's Day Parade Drinking Game

Record the Macy's Day Parade and watch it later at your Friendsgiving. The parade is never that exciting, so make it a drinking game by coming up with funny rules.

For example, one rule could be "take a drink when you see a Disney character float pass by" or "take a drink when the host mentions their favorite float." 

This is super fun because you can make up the rules for yourselves and it makes a Thanksgiving tradition a little more exciting! 

11. Tall Boy Roulette

This is something we've recently been seeing all over Tik Tok but basically you get a huge variety of tall boys - White Claw, Four Loko, Miller Lite, etc. and disguise them in brown bags. 

Then each person grabs one from the pile, not knowing what it is since it's in a brown bag, and that's the drink the have to finish that night. Some drinks are much worse than others, which is what makes it so fun! 

12. Drinking Jenga

Jenga is a game that requires patience and focus... which definitely don't mix with alcohol! That's why mixing Jenga with drinking was a genius move. 

Each Jenga piece has a task or rule that needs to be completed. Everyone takes turns taking a piece out and whoever knocks it down takes a shot! Definitely a unique drinking game that would be super fun with friends. 

13. Buzzed

This game is great if you're goal is to get a little drunk 😉 

Basically, everyone takes turns picking a card. They'll read it out loud and either they'll drink or a group of people will drink, depending on what the prompt is. 

For example, one card is "Take a drink if you've ever been a "sexy" animal for Halloween." 

14. Take a Shot When...

Decide on a few rules at the beginning of the party, and whenever those events happen, everyone takes a shot! Some of our favorites... Take a shot when: 

  • Anytime someone mentions Black Friday 
  • Someone unbuttons their pants 
  • Someone gets injured watching or playing football

You get the jist. Anyways, this one is great because you can really tailor it to your friends!

15. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

I mean, this one says it all in the title. 

These cards are all pretty random prompts that somehow end in someone drinking. Super funny and definitely gets the drinks flowing! 

16. Best Friends Challenge

Based on Jimmy Fallon's game, where him and his interviewee have a white board and marker and ask each other questions about the other person. For example, "what's my favorite TV show?" 

Take turns asking questions about two of your friends, and whoever doesn't answer correctly drinks. 

17. "Seconds"

Basically, anytime someone says they're going back for seconds, or asks if anyone wants seconds, take a drink. 

Decide the rules before you start the meal but I guarantee a lot of people will be drinking to this one! 

Adult Friendsgiving Game Ideas:

18. What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme? is another fun twist on Apples to Apples, instead the main card is a photo of a meme. 

If you and your friends are well educated when it comes to memes, this game is for you. And just a warning, this is definitely X-Rated! 

19. Cards Against Humanity

This is a classic that we had to include. If you have never played Cards Against Humanity, I don't know where you've been. It's so much fun, especially with friends!

20. Never Have I Ever

If you really want to get to know your friends better, Never Have I Ever is a great game to play. 

As the game says, "turn your poor life decisions and ugly memories into winning points." 

21. Most Likely To

We love a good game of "Most Likely To" and this card desk has the best prompts for it! 

From most likely to "wake up with half a burrito in bed" to "just wants to cuddle," this game is so much fun to play with friends. 

22. Telestrations After Dark

If you've never played the PG version of Telestrations, it's where each player attempts to draw the word they're given and then they have to try to guess what other people drew. 

In this version, the words that you have to draw are a little more Rated-R, making this such a great adult Friendsgiving game idea! 

This post is all about Friendsgiving game ideas.

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