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The Sophomore House reveals are officially beginning! This house was a completely different experience for me compared to the GBOGH house. We completed the entire house, from start to finish, in just 6 months - that is an insane in the construction world! We focused on ensuring that every single room was jaw-dropping.

Let's start with one of my favorite spaces in the home...the foyer (& 'vestibule')!

foyer ideas

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One of my favorite things about old homes is when they have a vestibule leading into a bigger foyer. I feel like you can have extra fun in the vestibule since it's such a small space.

We went all out on the vestibule and then kept the main foyer much calmer (but still beautiful nonetheless 😆).

This post is all about the vestibule and foyer at The Sophomore House.




So, so much better!!

The wallpaper I chose is one of my favorites from Sandberg Wallpaper. We color matched the green in it for the crown and base.

In terms of the base, I had them build it up extra thick. I wanted it to be a focal point while still matching the original look of the house.

For the tile, we went with a traditional penny tile and created a pattern with it. I kept envisioning this vestibule as if it had always been here and could easily fit in an upscale house from the 1940s.

entryway renovation


I wanted this room to have a traditional feel, so I searched for inspiration pictures and found one with super chunky baseboards that I fell in love with. My carpenter ended up creating a two-step baseboard that replicated the super chunky look.


For the tile, I chose a traditional penny tile from Bedrosians Tile; it's affordable and timeless in style.

To make it more interesting, I added a border that matches the wallpaper.



Can we talk about the floor stain? I'm obsessed! For some reason, the moment I stepped into this house, I knew it called for a super rich stain.

I started questioning myself when they sanded the floor, but now that it's done, I couldn't like it more. It just feels right!

entryway renovation
entryway renovation

We also scored this table for $100 on Facebook Marketplace...major win.


the sophomore house


the sophomore house


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