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This post is all about dorm supplies you will need this year.

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When I was moving into my dorm room, I spent a lot of time planning what to bring and making sure I didn't forget anything. This kind of helped me but I also ended up bringing a ton of things I didn't need or just took up space.

If you're looking for all of the dorm supplies you actually need to bring to your college dorm, this is it! From cleaning supplies to decor, I have compiled all the dorm essentials you need to make sure to bring this year.

This post is all about the dorm supplies you will need this year.

Dorm Supplies - Cleaning:

1. Small Vacuum

To be honest I didn't use my vacuum a ton but it still came in handy a few times. I tried to vacuum my dorm once every two weeks and my room always felt so much cleaner afterwards! A ton of people will also forget to bring one so you will be the hall hero if you have one. I would 100% recommend a small vacuum that won't take up much space in your dorm.

2. Clorox Wipes

Clorox wipes are the fastest and easiest way to clean pretty much everything in your dorm. These are especially great to wipe down the desk you do your makeup at or clean up spills.

TIP: Definitely keep these handy during dorm move in day and wipe everything down before you start moving your things in.

3. DampRid

I made the mistake of forgetting to buy DampRid before moving in but after a week of living in my dorm I quickly realized this was an essential. My mirror literally fogged up from the humidity and my clothes and bed were literally wet which was not fun. Either keep DampRid or a dehumidifier in your dorm room especially if it is an older building.

Having some kind of moisture absorber will also keep you from getting sick and make your room a lot more comfortable!



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4. Air Freshener

When it comes to dorm supplies you definitely need, air fresheners are always at the top of my list. Because dorm rooms are usually so small, it can be easy for them to start to smell. Keep air freshener around to spray once a day to keep your dorm smelling fresh and clean.

5. Trash Bags

Trash bags are kind of an obvious dorm cleaning essential but they are something you definitely don't want to forget. You will be surprised how much trash piles up in your dorm room after only a couple days.

6. Magic Eraser

Magic erasers are a holy grail cleaning item that are great to keep around. These can get almost anything off walls, furniture etc. This is especially helpful to avoid being charged fees for ruining anything in your dorm.

Dorm Supplies - Essentials:

7. Mattress Pad

You definitely don't want to show up to your college dorm without a mattress pad. The dorm mattresses are always old and uncomfortable. You don't want to be sleeping on a thin mattress all year.

This mattress pad is the one I got and absolutely loved!

8. Comforter

There are tons of comforter options on Amazon, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Dormify, etc. Pick one you like and that fits your style!

9. Fan

When packing up all your dorm supplies make sure to pack a fan! The last thing you want is to be trapped in your dorm room in August with no AC and no fan. Trust me, the AC went out in my dorm before and it was miserable. So, make sure to buy a fan for your dorm before moving in.

10. Mesh Shower Caddy

I always recommend the mesh shower caddies over the plastic ones so you don't end up bringing a shower caddy full of water back to your dorm.

Keeping your shower caddy on your dorm supplies list is a must! No one wants to be bringing shampoo bottles and razors back and forth without something to keep them in. 

11. Towel Wrap

The most frustrating thing is trying to walk to your dorm bathroom while holding up your towel and also carrying all your shower supplies. A velcro wrap around towel will prevent any flashing accidents and make traveling back and forth to your bathroom much easier.

Plus, these are great to get ready to go out in because you can easily take it off after doing your hair and makeup.

12. Over-The-Door Mirror

Most dorms don't have a full body mirror, if any mirror at all. An over-the-door mirror is definitely on my dorm supplies list.

13. Makeup Mirror

Like I said before, most dorms don't have mirrors and even if they do, the lighting in your dorm room is legitimately the worst. This mirror is cheap, small, and has great extra lighting so you can perfect your makeup before going out!

14. Phone Chargers

I honestly can't tell you how many chargers I either broke or lost in college. It's always good to keep some extra phone chargers around. I really like this set of chargers for Amazon because they have a ton of different lengths.

15. Extension Cord

Usually dorm rooms have very little or oddly placed wall plugs so bringing an extension cord is a must. This will make it a lot easier to sit in your bed while your phone is plugged in!

16. Command Hooks

Dorms usually don't allow nails in the walls so command strips are the only way to hang things. I used command hooks to hang all my dorm decor and also used them to keep bags, hats, towels, and jackets organized.

Dorm Supplies - Organization:

17. Space Saving Hangers

My dorm closet was super small so space saving hangers can really help you out when organizing your closet. These pretty much double or triple the space in your closet and will keep all your clothes organized.

18. Pants Hanger

Pants hangers are great for your nicer pants or even jeans to prevent them from getting all wrinkly.

19. Drawer Organizers

Without drawer organizers, my drawers would have been a hot mess. These will keep your clothes super organized and will make finding everything a lot easier.

20. Shoe Organizer

Definitely include a show organizer on your dorm room supplies checklist. Without one of these my shoes would have been everywhere. A shoe organizer will make it a lot easier to find all your shoes and make your closet look less cluttered.

21. Under-The-Bed Storage

Under the bed storage was the only way I was able to keep my clothes in my dorm organized. I especially recommend the bins with wheels on them so you can easily slide them in and out from under your bed to access your extra clothes, food, or shoes.

Dorm Supplies for School:

22. Backpack

Every college student needs a backpack but this is one of my favorites. A NorthFace backpack is the perfect size to carry all your books around and it also super durable so you can use it all of college.

23. Pencil Case

I always liked having a pencil case to keep my highlighters, pens, and pencils organized. This also ensures none of your writing supplies bleed out in your bag or dry out.

24. Scissors

I ended up needing scissors more often than I expected.  Keeping them in your backpack or around your dorm is definitely a must.

25. Binders

Keeping your school work organized in college is so so important. I liked to keep my work in a binder with tab dividers. This made keeping my work organized a lot easier and also kept my papers from getting crumbled or lost in my bag.

This post is all about dorm supplies.



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