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Looking for the stores to go dorm shopping? Here are our favorite stores to find dorm bedding, decor, and anything else you might need in your dorm.

dorm shopping

Buying stuff for your dorm is always so exciting! But, I know first hand how stressful it can be to find everything you need for a good price. Luckily, I spent hours searching for stuff to buy for my dorm and came across so many great stores to buy from. 

These stores are the ones that I have found have the best and most stuff for a dorm for the best prices. Wether you are looking for bedding, dorm organization products, or just some really cute decor, you will be 100% sure to find it at these stores while you are dorm shopping.

This post is all about dorm shopping.


1. Target

I think everyone knows how great Target is for dorm shopping but in case not, I am saying it now! They have really cute decor like this neon sign or cute tapestries. This mirror is selling for only $7 right now which is such a steal for a dorm room essential! 

You will definitely be able to shop for hours for decor, furniture, bedding and so much more at Target while dorm shopping.

2. Amazon

Amazon is always the go to for really anything but especially for dorm shopping. I mean, you can literally find everything on Amazon and even have it shipped right to your dorm if needed. I would suggest buying your essentials such as organization, cleaning, and stuff like your mattress pad on Amazon since it usually has the best prices.

3. Walmart

Walmart has so many hidden gems a lot of the time and you can find great stuff for really inexpensive! Throw blankets, pillows, dish wear, towels and so much more can be found for amazing prices and you will actually be surprised how much cute stuff they have sometimes. I would definitely check Walmart online too since there is a lot more available online than in stores sometimes.

4. Homegoods

Sadly, Homegoods does not have an online shopping option but honestly that may be a good thing for my bank account! But, it really is worth going to your local Homegoods and looking around for dorm stuff. You can find some really amazing deals here for some really cute stuff. Plus, your decor will most likely be more original if you buy it from here as opposed to a more main stream store!

You can use the button above to find your local Homegoods and start dorm shopping away!


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5. Do Your Research On Products

One of the most annoying things was buying something for my dorm and then finding the same exact thing or better for so much cheaper. This is why I always recommend doing your research for dorm products before you buy! 

Also take advantage of price matching if the store you are at does that! A lot of them do. 

6. Buy Most Of Your Decor At Home

I 100% recommend buying your dorm decor online or at home and early. One of the biggest mistakes I made was waiting to buy stuff I knew I would need like a curtain rod or sheets till I was at school. 

During move in, your school's local Target, Homegoods, Walmart, or any other store will be so picked over you won't be able to find what you need or like. So, if you are picky with your decor like I am, definitely get the stuff you want at home and way before move in.

7. Wait To Buy Some Stuff Till You Move In

I know this sounds contradictory to my last tip but here me out! There is some stuff you can and totally should wait till you get to school to buy so that you aren't having to pack your car to the brim during move in. This includes stuff like shampoo, face wash, toilet paper, batteries, and those essentials that you don't need to be picky about!

8. Coordinate With Your Roommate

You 100% need to communicate with your roommate if you have one when dorm shopping. For example, if you are planning on buying a vacuum, make sure to tell your roommate so she doesn't show up on move in day with one as well. This also goes for stuff like curtains, dishes, and other items that are in a room you two will be sharing. The last thing you want is to have 2x as much stuff as you actually need because you two didn't talk about it.

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