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Looking for the best tips & tricks to keep your dorm room super organized? Here are 27 life-changing organization ideas you need to try out in your dorm room!! 

dorm room organization

When I was moving into my dorm room the only thing I was thinking about was decorating (not kidding ?), and organization never even crossed my mind. But trust me, there are so many things you have to bring with you to school there's no possible way to store it without some form of organization.

While living in the dorms, I figured out what organization products I couldn't have lived without, and the organizers that were just, meh. I'm only sharing the best of the best with you today ?

Organizing is not just about having your clothes neatly in drawers, I have organization ideas for every last corner of your dorm room!! Keep reading for dorm room closet organization, dorm room toiletry organization, dorm room food organization, and dorm room desk organization!

This post is all about dorm room organization.



1. Store extra clothes in stackable storage bags 

I always felt like the biggest waste of space was at the bottom of my dorm room closet/wardrobe. I wish I had these stackable storage organizers because I could store all of the clothes that I only wore during certain seasons. 

They are meant to fit a lot in a small space, so definitely check them out if your closet is overflowing with clothes. 

2. Use "magic" space saving hangers

I have linked these so many times but I WISH I had these when I was in college. A lot of dorm rooms don't even have drawer storage, so hanging your pants is essential. 

The amount of space you could utilize with these hangers is insane. 

3. Utilize space under your bed to store out of season clothes 

If you're going to college somewhere with drastic weather changes, you know the struggle of having full blown snow clothes and then an entire summer wardrobe. Take advantage of the space under your bed to store clothing items you aren't currently using. 

If your bed is not raised, go for the flat option. I had a raised bed so I bought drawers like the ones linked above and stored clothes in there. 

4. Keep your shoes tucked away in a hanging shoe organizer

These shoe organizers are super nice to keep all of your shoes off the ground and paired together so you're never missing a shoe. 

I've also rolled my sweatshirts and stored them in a shoe organizer before and I think that may be one of my best life hacks.

5. Keep all of your drawers organized 

If you're lucky enough to have drawers in your dorm room, keep them organized to make sure you get the most out of them. You can fit a TON into your drawers if things are folded a certain way. 

6. Get a separate clothing rack (if you have room for one)

In a lot of the rooms I've seen lately, girls have these clothing racks that almost make your clothes decor. If you have some fun statement pieces or bulky jackets, a clothing rack would for sure be a good idea for your dorm room. 

This one also has wheels, so you could move it around as needed!

7. Get a shoe rack 

If the hanging shoe organizer isn't going to cut it, you need a shoe rack. Even if you don't have a ton of shoes, you can store anything on these shelves. I actually ended up not needing my shoe rack and used it for food storage!! 


8. Use your limited desk space wisely 

If you are keeping all of your makeup and skincare on your desk, you need to take up as little space as possible so you have room to actually work there. This organizer is taller, so you can fit a ton of things but it will still leave you with plenty of desk space. 

9. Use a 3 tier rolling cart to organize beauty products 

These 3 tier rolling carts are pretty much a must-have for every dorm room. I loved mine because I kept it next to my desk and organized all of my beauty products there for easy access. 

The top shelf had all of my daily makeup and skincare, the second shelf had all of my hair products and other misc. makeup, and the bottom shelf had all of my hot tools (flat iron, blow dryer, etc.). 

10. Keep it minimal with a mirrored tray

If you don't have a ton of beauty products and want a more sleek, minimal look, go for a simple mirrored tray like this! 

It looks super pretty on a desk or dresser and keeps everything in one place. 

11. Keep a clear bin to catch the water from your shower caddy

I remember getting back from the showers with this sopping wet shower caddy and it would leave huge puddles all over my dorm room. I think it would be super smart to have a designated spot where this clear bin would stay, and when you're back from the showers just drop your caddy in there! 

No more spills, and you always know where your shower caddy is going to be. 

12. Keep extra beauty products in drawers 

There were things like nail polish, self tanner, face masks, medicine, etc. that I would only need on occasion and I could never find them because they were in random places. These clear drawers are not only functional, but are actually cute! 

13. Get an organizer with a handle so you can move it wherever

If you have a tiny desk and don't have room for beauty products on there all the time, go for a caddy like this with a handle so you can move it around easily! 

Also, in college I feel like my roommates and I were always getting ready in random places around our room/suite. If I had this it would be so much easier than awkwardly carrying around my flat, acrylic organizer. 

14. You can never have too many bins 

I know, more clear bins?? ? Honestly though, you can never have too many!! You can store those backstock items or hardly used products in bins like these under your bed, in your closet, on a shelf, etc.


15. Buy organizers specifically made for mini fridges

Who knew they made these type of organization bins for mini fridges?? This is perfect, especially when you have roommates because then everyone can have their own designated drawer(s). 

16. Get an over-the-fridge shelf and put your food in cute baskets 

When I say utilize every last bit of space, I mean it. This over the fridge shelving may not be the cutest thing ever, but it could be spiced up with these cute little baskets or clear, acrylic organizers. 

Each roommate could have a shelf to keep their food, and the extra shelf could hold your microwave or coffee maker! 

17. Store food in an over-the-door hanging organizer

This is a life ?? hack ??!! If you have a bunch of random food containers and nowhere to put all of it, definitely take advantage of the space on the back of your door and get a shoe organizer for all of it! 

18. Keep food in these trendy, stackable storage bins 

These bins totally remind me of the HAY crates that are all over my Pinterest and Instagram feed right now. The pastels add a super trendy look, and the bins are perfect because you can keep food, school supplies, beauty products, etc. all together in a small space! 

Always think vertical storage when you're in a tiny dorm room! 

19. Get a tiered lazy susan organizer to save space 

This lazy susan is made to keep your snacks looking extremely organized. Look at the little granola bar compartments ?. Not going to lie, this type of organization makes me way too excited. 

20. Get a storage bin just for your drinks

This is super nice because there's such limited space in your shared mini fridge. This way, you can store up to 8 cans and still have room to stack stuff on top of them! 


21. Get a desk organizer with shelves

Once again, think vertical storage always. This desk organizer will keep all of your books, pens, decor, etc. out of the way during your late night cram sesh.

I think the way they styled this shelf with little pops of decor is perfect because it's just the perfect mix of functional and cute. 

22. Get an organizer for notebooks and textbooks

I had a magazine holder on my desk all of college to hold my notebooks and it was so convenient!! This organizer will help you avoid the tower of notebooks and textbooks that build up on your desk throughout the semester. 

23. Keep important papers filed away in an accordion folder

Nothing is worse than shuffling through all the papers you stuffed into your desk drawer trying to find an important paper that you never thought you'd need again. An accordion folder will change your life.

No dorm room has space for a filing cabinet or hanging file boxes. This thin folder will keep everything together and you'll never be missing your papers again! 

24. Get a desk lamp with storage for pens and pencils 

For some reason I was so resistant to getting one of these and now I think they are probably the smartest thing ever for a dorm room. Desk space is so limited, this will give you storage and lighting all in one! 

25. Keep your desk drawers organized

Okay - if you're lucky enough to have a desk with drawers definitely try to keep them as organized as possible. My college desk didn't have drawers (I know, lame) and I had to store everything in a basket underneath my desk. 

26. Get a bin that stays under your desk for extra school supplies

Anddd this is for those who don't have desk drawers (just like I didn't ?). If you have a bin like this, you can still try and keep your stuff as organized as possible, even if you don't have drawers.

27. Get pretty sticky notes and paper clips to feel fancy ?

You know my love of gold accessories!! This is everything. 

Such a good amazon find! If you are looking for something a little fancy to add to your desk that is functional and cute, get this! 

This post was all about dorm room organization. 

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