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Looking for the best dorm futon options to create the perfect hangout area in your room? Here are the best futons currently on the market!

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If you are lucky enough to have space in your dorm for a seating area, you 100% need to use it! Traditional dorms usually only have enough room for two beds, but many suite-style dorms also have an extra seating area or even an entire living room as well!

If you're living in a dorm this year, it is such a good idea to have a small couch or futon to use. More seating equals more space for friends to sit and hang out! Plus, who doesn't want a comfy place to sit back and relax, watch Netflix, and take naps after a long day of school?

Whether you are looking for a small dorm futon for the corner of your room, a larger comfy one for your suite-style dorm, or even just a futon to use under your lofted bed, these are the best dorm futons you are guaranteed to love.

This post is all about dorm futon options.


1. Finn Futon Sofa

If you're looking for an insanely comfy dorm futon to cuddle up on and watch Netflix, this is the one! I mean, seriously, doesn't it look like it feels like laying on a cloud?

Not only is this dorm futon made of foam for extra comfort, but it also looks so sleek. While Pottery Barn furniture is a little more expensive than other stores, the quality makes it so worth it; this futon is crafted just for you and comes in 6 different colors and fabrics. You can guarantee this will be an amazing futon in your dorm room.

2. Faux Leather Folding Futon 

If you want to add extra seating space but don't have a whole bunch of room to do it, this loveseat sized futon is the perfect option.

It can even be leaned backward for extra comfort or folded up so you can slide it under your bed or against a wall when you aren't using it!

3. Black Futon Sofa

dorm chairs

Looking for a simple, but sleek dorm futon option on a budget? This futon is the perfect size for any room and is only $120! That is a price you honestly can't beat when it comes to buying a futon.

The futon offers enough space to comfortably sit two people, as well as a back that can fold down. 
(Perfect for napping or scrolling through TikTok ?.)

4. RealRooms Tyler Velvet Futon

dorm futons target

I got my futon from Target my freshman year and absolutely loved it, so you will definitely love yours too; this futon is actually on sale right now for $100 cheaper than normal so, if you are looking for a stunning blue futon for your dorm this is the one to buy.

5. Mainstays Channel Cushion Futon

dorm futon walmart

Walmart has seriously been pulling through with the stylish furniture and decor lately. This cushioned futon is insanely comfortable and is the perfect size to put under lofted dorm beds or in a small living space. The orange-blush color is so fun, but if you want a more subtle look, this futon comes in grey and blue as well!

A lot of futons are upholstered, with buttons, but this futon gives off a completely different modern and sophisticated vibe you are sure to love in your dorm.

6. Winslow Armless Sleeper Sofa

mini dorm futon

Urban Outfitters is the go-to place to shop for trendy boho furniture, so it is no surprise they have amazing dorm futon options as well! This upholstered boho futon is the perfect size to have in your dorm room and is extra cushioned for comfort. You will most definitely never get tired of hanging out on this one!

7. DHP Nola Leather Futon

If you want a more sophisticated look to your dorm room, a white leather futon is a way to go. The best part about this futon is you can use it as a sofa for friends to sit on, but you can also lean it back to convert it to a bed! Your friends will appreciate being able to sleep on this when they visit you rather than an air mattress on the floor.

Plus, this dorm futon is one of the best prices out there. If you are on a budget but still want a super usable living area in your dorm, this is the best one to get.

8. Strasburg Tight Back Convertible Sofa

dorm sleeper sofa

Currently obsessing over this sleek black futon, it's the perfect futon for both college guys and girls to have in their dorm room.

It is filled with foam, so it is extra comfy and can easily be turned into a bed when you have friends stay over. It also comes in grey velvet if you prefer that over black leather!

9. Fluffy Mini Futon

best futon for college dorm

DormCo has pretty much everything you could need to live in your dorm room this year. If you are working with a small amount of space but still want a seating area in your dorm, this mini futon is perfect for you.

P.S.!! DormCo also offers student discounts on absolutely everything on their site if you are a student! Take advantage of being a broke college student while you can.

10. Mainstays Memory Foam Futon

dorm couches

This memory foam futon is another amazing option Walmart offers. It can be folded up to create armrests when you are using it as a couch and can also be folded completely down to use as a bed; it's one of the only you can find that works completely as both, so if you like the idea of having both a sofa and a bed consider buying this.

11. Novogratz Brittany Round Arm Sleeper

mini futon

When shopping for your dorm futon, definitely consider looking on Wayfair. They have thousands of options, so you are bound to find one you like.

A ton of my friends used this exact one in their dorm room and ended up loving how it looked. It also comes in 5 other colors if you are worried about getting white dirty!

12. Modway Prospect Channel Tufted Upholstered Velvet Loveseat

Now I know this isn't technically a "futon," but because dorm rooms tend to be so small, I figured I had to add it in for those of you working with such little space; this is the perfect size to use in dorm rooms under your lofted bed or between you and your roomie's beds as a shared seating area.

13. Pink Velvet Emily Futon

Colorful futons are super popular right now, so considering a fun colored futon like this pink one is such a good idea. The futon comes in 9 different colors, so if you want a colored dorm futon but aren't feeling the pink, they have other options too!

Throw some fun colored pillows on there, and this dorm futon creates the perfect seating area in your dorm to invite all your friends over!

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