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Looking for a reliable dorm fridge for your dorm room this year? These 13 dorm fridges are the best 5 star rated options.

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Most of the time, dorms come with a mini fridge but sometimes they can be old, ugly, and break easily which can spoil all your food and leave your dorm room smelling terrible (this happened to me and it was the worst). Plus, a lot of times you will be sharing the dorm fridge that is already in your room with your other roommates so you may just want to buy one for yourself to keep all your food and drinks in.

If you move in and like the fridge you are given then there is no need to go out and spend money on a new mini fridge for your dorm. But, if you want a more reliable or better looking fridge to keep in your dorm, there are plenty of highly rated options from Amazon! From retro dorm fridges to keep up with the cute aesthetic of your room to mini skincare fridges to keep your beauty products cool, Amazon has all the top rated options if you are looking for a dorm fridge.

This post was all about top rated dorm fridge options on Amazon.


1. Northair Tiffany Blue Dorm Fridge With Freezer

I know how popular retro themed mini fridges are because I saw tons of girls using them to replace their standard black fridge in their freshman year dorm. This mint fridge is one of the most popular colors and has tons of people raving about it. 

It has a separate freezer section that is perfect for frozen meals, ice, or leftovers. Definitely consider replacing your old dorm fridge with this updated retro one this year!

2. Frigidaire White Retro Fridge With Side Bottle Opener

Frigidaire is the classic fridge option so you know that includes dorm refrigerators as well! They are known for their amazing refrigerators and their iconic retro design. This retro dorm fridge includes slide out, adjustable shelves so you can personalize your food storage options. It also comes with an ice cube tray as well as a built in bottle opener right on the side of your fridge!

This dorm refrigerator also comes in black, blue, coral, lavender, pink, and red so you can choose the one that looks best in your dorm room!

3. Frigidaire Coral Retro Fridge with Side Bottle Opener

Frigidaire also has a smaller compact fridge that still has the retro look to it. 

It has two door compartment shelves, a built-in side bottle opener, a fridge and freezer compartment, reversible door, and it small enough to place anywhere in your dorm room!

4. Galanz Black Retro Dorm Fridge

Galanz is another retro dorm fridge option that you can't go wrong with. It is one of the more expensive options to achieve this look but it is highly rated and has tons of storage space as well as a separate freezer compartment.

This fridge has removable glass shelves, a storage basket, built-in door shelves, and interior light. It is a great dorm fridge for any guy or girl wanting to achieve that retro look.


5. Euhomy Dorm Fridge with Freezer

Stainless steel fridges tend to make your space look much nicer than white or black fridges so if your dorm fridge is going to be in plain sight, this fridge is a great option. This stainless steel fridge has a separate freezer section and the doors have additional shelving to store even more food and drinks. 

It is a little less than $200 which is not a bad price to pay for a highly rated fridge/freezer combination especially if you split the cost with your roommates.

6. Single Door Dorm Fridge with Freezer

This single door mini fridge has a small freezer section which is perfect if you tend to use more of the fridge and only need a small amount of freezer space. It has a reversible door which makes it easy to place in any spot in your dorm room.

This fridge is less than $160 and comes in a ton of fun colors like blue, green, orange, purple, red, and more!

7. Black Compact Dorm Fridge

If you like the look of a black fridge, this compact fridge is highly rated and is less than $200. It is the perfect size to slide under your bed, or even place beside it to have easy access to all your food. Both the fridge and freezer have built in shelves on the doors and the shelves leave plenty of space for all your food storage needs.


8. Walsh Compact Dorm Refrigerator

If you're looking for a small compact fridge to keep in your dorm room, this fridge is perfect for you! This compact fridge is less than $100 which is a great price to pay for a small fridge to keep for yourself. One of my friends had this in her dorm room to keep drinks and fruit in and said it worked for her perfectly. 

I would highly suggest buying one of these small compact fridges if you are living in a suite style dorm and want a separate fridge to keep just your food in, or already have a fridge but just need a little extra space.

9. TECCPO Dorm Fridge

This mini fridge is a bit more expensive but only by $15 and has equally as many great reviews on Amazon. The reviews claim that it is extremely quiet so that it won't interrupt sleeping, working, reading, etc. Plus, it has a reversible door so you can open it whichever way is easiest when placed in your dorm room. It is the perfect size to keep in your dorm if you want to add a little storage to keep all your food and drinks in.

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10. Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler With Removable Shelves

Sometimes you need a dorm fridge just to keep small snacks or all your drinks in. If this is you, a beverage cooler is the way to go. This fridge has a glass door which can actually look really good if you keep all your drinks stocked and organized.

If you do end up wanting a little extra space, the shelves are removable so you can take out as many as you need to fit all your items.


11. Mini Fridge Portable Skincare Fridge

Skincare fridges are a new thing that emerged in the past couple years and they are great for keeping all your beauty products cool and refreshed. 

This skincare fridge is made even better by the touch screen lighted mirror on the front of the door which means you can simply pull out your skincare products and apply them right in front of your mini fridge! Plus, the brightness of the makeup mirror can be adjusted by touch screen which allows you to do your makeup in dark or dim lit areas as well.

12. FaceTory Portable Mint Beauty Fridge

Like I said before, mint colored fridges are all the craze (again) so keep the trend going with a mint colored beauty product fridge. This fridge will keep all your skincare products cool to extend their shelf life while also adding a cute retro look to your bathroom counter.

It has a clear dry-erase board in order to keep track of skincare products or even just write daily reminders. This fridge comes with a handle on top as well which makes it portable and easy to move around your dorm room.

13. QUBI Professional Skincare Mini Fridge

QUBI's mini skincare fridge is my personal favorite just because of how cute it is (totally my aesthetic). Like the other fridge, it has a handle to make it easily portable but this one "uses an auto climate control system to eliminate water left inside the fridge." This regulates the temperature and humidity inside the fridge to keep it the perfect temperature to keep your products fresh.

It is one of the more expensive skincare fridges, but it is so worth the price according to the reviews!


14. White Dorm Fridge Cabinet

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Going to school at the University of Alabama, I have seen tons of girls using cabinets like this one to hide their dorm fridge in. I always wondered where they got them because I could never find them online or at the usual stores I shop at like Target or Home Goods. I finally found a few places to buy them but beware they come at a hefty price!

Although they are a little pricey, there is no denying they take the look of any dorm to the next level. They are perfect to hide dorm fridges in and add some extra storage. Plus, they can double as shared nightstand for you and your roommate. This white dorm fridge cabinet is the perfect way to cover up the look of your old dorm fridge and make your dorm look like a 5 star hotel.

PS. This company delivers right to your dorm at select schools. But, if they do not deliver to your school, you will have to pick it up in store so just keep that in mind before buying!

15. Judd Two Door Dorm Cabinet With Acrylic Knobs

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Recreate this dorm room:

dorm fridge

Again, I'm not going to lie and say these are cheap. But, just look how insanely good this fridge cabinet looks in this dorm room! I actually stayed in this dorm hall freshman year so I can tell you first hand this dorm room is crazy good.

Having a normal black mini fridge in the middle of this stunning room would throw off the entire look. So, these girls bought a dorm fridge cabinet, hid it inside, and decorated the top to make it look like a dresser!

16. White Storage Cabinet

dorm fridge cabinets

If you don't have the money to spend on a dorm fridge cabinet (no shame - I 100% couldn't have afforded it either), you could also DIY a cabinet or just buy a less expensive hollow cabinet and drill holes in the black to plug your fridge in.

This cabinet from Overstock is the right size to fit most mini fridges and has adjustable shelves that you can just remove in order to put your fridge inside. Most mini fridges will need to be plugged in so you can just drill a hole in the back to slide your plug through. This is the least expensive dorm fridge cabinet option that does require a little DIY but will save you hundreds of dollars.



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This post was all about top rated dorm fridge options on Amazon.

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