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This post is all about dorm closet organization.

dorm closet organization ideas

It can be shocking moving into a dorm room and seeing just how small a dorm room closet really is.

 Knowing the best dorm closet organization tips is essential and can change the entire feel of your room.

When I moved into my dorm room I was freaking out about how I was going to fit all my clothes into that closet. I went from a walk-in closet at home to a closet the size of a shoebox!! For anyone in college you can probably relate.

These are the best dorm closet organization tips that allowed me to fit all my clothes in AND leave extra space for other things.

Best Dorm Closet Organization Ideas

1. Use Felt Hangers

college dorm closet

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Felt hangers are a lifesaver in a dorm closet organization for two reasons.

The first reason is that it fits WAY more clothes in a closet than other hangers because of how skinny they are.

The second reason is really my personal favorite though. Your shirts don't fall off and end up on the bottom of the closet with velvet hangers!! 

2. Use A Rolling Clothes Rack

dorm closet ideas

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If all of your clothes don't  fit into your closet, using a rolling closet rack is a super simple solution to dorm closet organization.

It's the perfect way to expand your dorm closet and is honestly cute too.

3. Use Baskets

organization dorm closet

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Using baskets in your dorm room closet is ESSENTIAL to keeping it organized. Store your casual clothes or clothes you don't wear often in baskets to make room for you most used hanging items.

4. Use Curtains To Hide The Closet

dorm closet

A lot of dorms have their closets open to the space and it instantly makes the room feel incomplete.

By adding curtains, it not only adds a cute decor element to a dorm room but it also allows you to close the curtains if your closet is messy (which let's be real, happens to allllll of us). 

5. Use A Shoe Rack

dorm closet diy

One of the hardest things to find a place for in a college dorm closet is your shoes.

A shoe rack is one of the best ways to organize and make sure that your shoes aren't just thrown on the ground everywhere.

6. Use Your Closet As A Food Station

dorm closet organization small

This will only work if your dorm room has a dresser or another place to put your clothes but how organized does this food area look?! 

This girl did a perfect job on making the space practical but also super cute.

7. Use The Space Above Your Closet

college dorm closet ideas

My second dorm room didn't have a traditional closet and had more of an armoire like this one. 

It was honestly really hard to organize because of all the wasted space above the armoire. By using cute baskets, it allows you to have even more places to put clothing/other products.

8. Use Hanging Organizers

dorm organization closet

I wish my dorm closet looked this good!! Also, isn't that hanging organizer/laundry basket so cool?!

This is the perfect example on how you can turn your dorm closet into a space that works for you and looks really good at the same time.

dorm room essentials

The Best Dorm Closet Organization Tips

9. Only Hang Necessary Items

Because you are working with such little storage space, it is essential that you only hang clothes that can wrinkle easily and need to be hung.

Instead of hanging the more casual items like sweatshirts, tank tops, or jeans, use the space for dresses, nicer tops, skirts, and slacks.

I dedicated each of my dresser drawers to the more casual items like workout clothes/leggings, pajamas, sweatshirts, etc.

10. Store Seasonal Clothes Elsewhere

It is pretty much impossible to store summer and winter clothes in a dorm room closet

During the warmer months, store coats, sweaters, and long sleeves outside of your closet in bins or baskets. During the colder seasons, store tank tops and short sleeves in baskets to make room for your winter gear!

11. Think About What You Are Storing

Because dorms are usually pretty small, you will most likely have to store items in your closet that you would not typically think of.

Towels, shower caddies, and extra toiletries are items I ended up needing closet space to store. Make sure to leave room for these items on the shelves in your closet!

12. Over The Door Organizers Are Your Best Friend

Over the door shoe organizers can be super useful for shoes, but you can also use them to store hats, scarves, toiletries, and really any items you don't have room to hang!

13. Look Up Your Closets Dimensions

Knowing the dimensions of your closet can help you know what size curtains, baskets, and other organizational items will fit best. 

The dimensions of your dorm room and closets are usually listed on your schools housing website!

The Best Closet Organization Products

14. Hanging Drawers

If you run out of space in your drawers, hang this in your closet! It allows you to easily access all your clothes in one place and really takes advantage of your closets vertical space!

15. Cloth Drawers

Cloth drawers are a cheap and easy dorm closet organization item. Even if they don't fit inside your closet, you can store them under your bed! 

16. Cap Hangers

These cap hangers are something I SO wished I had in my dorm closet. I was always looking for places to store my hats and beanies and this is a great space saving item!

You could totally use these to hang belts and scarves as well.

17. Shoe Rack

The most important part of dorm closet organization is using every inch of space. Use the space under your clothes and use these shoe organizers to keep them organized and easy to access!

18. Pants And Skirt Hangers

Hangers with clips on them save space in your dorm closet and prevent them from wrinkling.

19. Five In One Hangers

These hangers allow you to hang five items on just one hanger, giving you five times more space... Genius!

This post was all about the best dorm closet organization ideas.

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