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Holidays during college can be hard.

You’re used to all of your family traditions and holiday activities you used to do with your high school best friends and now times are different.

You’re living in a dorm and carving a messy pumpkin isn’t the most practical thing to do. But you still want to participate in the holiday spirt somehow, right?

Head to the local pumpkin farm (or grocery store) with some of you college friends and pick up a pumpkin for each you. Then head back to the dorm and make this no-pumpkin! Once you’ve made the pumpkin, you can put it outside your dorm room door. It will look so cute!!

This tutorial shows you a super simple way to decorate a pumpkin that involves no carving OR mess! Perfect for a college dorm room.

Supplies Needed:

1// Pumpkin

2 // Black paint (I used matte black paint, BTW)

3 // Gold Sharpie Paint Pen

ADDITIONAL: Put a Halloween Spotify playlist on and pour yourself some cheap wine…

Step 1: Clean your pumpkin.

To ensure that your paint sticks well to your pumpkin you need to make sure that it is clean.

For this, you can just use a paper towel and water. Nothing too fancy!!

Make sure to get rid of all the dirt… if you don’t the paint won’t stick and will just come off. Let it dry for at least 20 minutes.

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Step 2: Paint your pumpkin.

To make it cheaper for you, I would just buy a foam brush from Michaels. They are less than 50 cents!

Coat your pumpkin entirely in black paint. Depending on the quality of the paint your purchased, you might have to go over this a few times.

Also, if you want to use another color, go for it!! I just liked black for this but another color would also look great.

Let the paint dry for an hour.

Step 3: Add the triangles to the pumpkin.

A sharpie paint pen is the absolute best for this because it gives off the metallic look.

I just hand sketched the triangles on in a pattern I liked. You could also search other designs and add that to the pumpkin instead.

I then colored the triangles in and let the sharpie paint dry.

It’s that easy!!

 This is the perfect project for a craft night in the dorm room and will be something that you can start as a tradition with your college girlfriends (or boyfriends) for the next few years. 

Happy fall!

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