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Looking for the best Christmas Tree Toppers? Here are 34 tree toppers we are obsessed with this year!

christmas tree toppers

For some people, Christmas traditions are making gingerbread cookies, or watching a special movie on Christmas Eve. For others, putting the star on the top of the tree is the best Christmas tradition.

If you're in the market for a new Christmas tree topper, you sure are in luck because I found 34 of the most beautiful Christmas tree toppers ever! Every single one of these Christmas tree toppers is so simple and classy, they will look gorgeous with your ornaments!

This post is all about Christmas tree toppers.


1. Burst Gold Tree Topper 

So obsessed with this tree topper! The gold burst would look so pretty paired with some white and gold ornaments.

elegant Christmas Tree Toppers

"I bought this in person and was not sure if it would look too modern and sterile for a cozy Christmas look but it truly looks like a starburst on my tree and very cute on the tree! Great price too!"

2. Capiz Star Tree Topper

I don’t know what it is about these capiz Christmas toppers, but I have never been so in love with a tree topper before haha. They’re the perfect mix of trendy and classic.

Christmas Tree Toppers 2021

"Very beautiful and high quality. Many star tree toppers are flat and not 3 dimensional, and I love that this one is 3D, since my tree is on a corner that can be seen at many angles."

3. Brass Star Tree Topper

Want something bold and gold? This is the perfect tree topper for you that is classic, but still makes a statement!

4. 16-Point Star Tree Topper

This star looks so fancy, I love it! This is designed by Cody Foster, and let's just say, he's been on top of the Christmas decor game lately.

5. Illuminated Capiz Star Tree Topper

Seriously obsessed with Capiz this year. The milky glass-like texture mixed with the subtle metal touches is too good!

Christmas Tree Toppers ideas

"Capiz is perfect for illumination. The gold trim is the right touch and I feel like this topper is sturdy."

6. Hand Painted Wood Tree Topper 

Black is super trendy right now. If you want that bold, contemporary look, this wood tree topper will be perfect for you! Pair it with some gold ornaments for a classy look.

wayfair Christmas Tree Toppers

"I love this tree topper! It is so simple but elegant and gives any tree the perfect touch!"

7. Lit Up Birch Angel Tree Topper

If you are not looking for a star and want an angel instead, you need this birch angel tree topper from Pottery Barn. I am so in love with the wood look and the small light details.

8. Starburst LED Christmas Tree Topper 

I never thought I would be a fan of this style, but I love this starburst LED topper. If you want to add that extra fun to your tree, this is the topper for you!

pottery barn Christmas Tree Toppers

"This is such a bright, cute alternative to a basic star on the top of the tree. The clip allows you to secure it tightly to the top branch, so it isn't tilted."

9. Glitter Starburst Tree Topper 

This tree topper reminds me of the celestial bodies Met Gala theme (and that is a major compliment to the topper)!! This is just a stunning tree topper, leave it to West Elm.

10. Glitter Silver 3D Star Christmas Tree Topper 

Opting for silver instead of gold? Or going for a little bit of both? This glitter tree topper is absolutely stunning!

Christmas Tree Toppers uk

"This is my favorite tree topper, and one of my best purchases from C&B. Easy to put on tree. It’s modern and vintage at the same time, sparkles in the light of our tree, and casts a beautiful shadow on ceiling!"

11. Woven Star Tree Topper

Going for an earthy, coastal vibe with your tree this year? This woven star is so pretty and would look amazing on a tree decorated with a dried orange slice garland and some dried wildflowers!

12. Metallic Star Tree Topper

Are you sticking to a more rustic look? This metallic star is so pretty and looks like it could have been a family heirloom!

13. Felt Gold Star Burst Tree Topper Large

I am really surprised at how much I like this felt star ornament! It has a sweet, nostalgic vibe to it that I am obsessed with!

christmas tree toppers hobby lobby

"So beautiful! Happy with my purchases!"

14. Beechwood Tree Topper

I am a huge fan of natural wood, and this star is just my style! How gorgeous would this look paired with earthy-toned, neutral ornaments?

15. Carved Star Holiday Tree Topper

So in love with these natural wood toppers! This one is super similar to the previous one, but it's a seven-pointed star which adds a little more flare!

16. Aged Iron Star Tree Topper

This tree topper is giving all the vintage, rustic vibes. I could see this star on a tree with vintage ornaments!

christmas tree toppers angel

"Absolutely love it and receive so many compliments for it. Will enjoy for years to come!"

17. Woven Tree Topper

This tree topper could be used in so many different styled spaces! It would match a coastal look or even a more modern-boho vibe!

unusual christmas tree toppers

"Love this star. Goes beautiful with our simple coastal decor. I love the natural look of this, not too simple or fancy, just perfect."

18. Gold Star Tree Topper

This star looks way more expensive than it really is! I love the hammered metal look, it's organic while still being polished!

simple christmas tree toppers

"Beautiful star! Mine arrived in great condition, and it looks beautiful on top of my tree."

19. Metal Botanical Star Tree Topper 

This botanical star tree topper looks exactly like something that would be sold by Anthropologie, but in reality, it's a fraction of the price at Target! I am so impressed with this tree topper!

christmas angel tree toppers

"Very pretty piece and it stands alone, not just for use on top of a tree. You might need to gently bend the flowers and details on it to adjust it to how you like."

20. Metallic Bow Tree Topper

Want something really simple? This metallic bow tree topper is so gorgeous and would look beautiful with black and white ornaments, or the traditional colored ornaments!

21. Jeweled Snowflake Tree Topper 

I was pretty hesitant about this snowflake, but after looking at it up close I am 100% in love! It is just gorgeous!

22. Starry Crown Tree Topper 

I was confused about what this was even for and then somebody said it's a tree topper and I was in love!!

Some homes have such a cool style and they could totally pull off this starry crown as a tree topper!

christmas bow tree toppers

"Makes me feel like I scored something that's vintage and priceless. Love it"

23. Gold Glitter Wire 3D Star Treetop

3D stars are perfect if your tree is in a location where people are seeing it from all angles! I love this gold, classic look.

christmas tree star

"Yes, this is heavy, but it is really well made and I expect it to last a long time. I love it so much, I would not give up on finding a way to stay on the top of the tree."

24. Holly Pommed Snowflake Tree Topper

This is such an adorable tree topper! This would look beautiful on a flocked tree filled with sentimental homemade ornaments.

outdoor christmas tree star

"it’s the perfect mix of boho and whimsy. I Can not wait to put up out tree and place it at its rightful place at the top"

25. German Glass Glitter Coral Tree Topper 

Wow! This tree topper is beautiful. These starburst tree toppers are everywhere right now, but this one has the best organic look to it!

26. Unlit Woven Angel Tree Topper 

This would be my choice in tree topper if I was looking for an angel! I love how simple and understated this topper is. The subtle gold touches with the wire are too good!

27. Wire Star Tree Topper

This really does not get more simple. I know you may not be a big fan, but when styled right I think it could look really cute! Someone in the reviews even mentioned wrapping it in lights!

christmas tree star topper

"Looks exactly as pictured. A good size - not too big or small. Could definitely wrap in lights if we want to jazz if you in the future. Simple and beautiful."

28. Handmade Glitter Champagne Gold Star Ornament

I have no idea how this is made or what it is made out of, but I have never seen such a sparkly tree topper! If you want something that will really stand out, this is the best tree topper for you!

christmas tree star light

"Gorgeous tree topper!! Good weight and not too tall. Exactly what I was looking for."

29. Personalised Family Name Wire Tree Topper

Love this! If you want something more personal, this wire tree topper is so fun! Very understated, but still decorative!

christmas tree star decorations

"This arrived so quickly and is beautiful! We have it on our 4.5 ft tree in the front living room so it’s easily noticeable."

30. Pre-Lit LED Christmas Tree Topper, Flower

How gorgeous is this tree topper? I am super into the dainty look, especially with the small firefly light details!

christmas tree star silver

"It is a good size for a medium-large tree, and I love how delicate it is."

31. Light Capiz Angel Tree Topper Clear/Gold

Last capiz tree topper, I promise!! This angel tree topper is so good, I literally debated leaving all of my star traditions and buying this! It's from Target, which is even better!

christmas tree star target

"This Angel was perfect for my Christmas tree! Very classy. I’m so happy I was able to find her in stores."

32. Stellar Silver Metal Star Christmas Tree Topper

If you're looking for an old-fashioned finial tree topper, this is a modern take on one and I am actually into it! I think it would look so good on a tree with white glossy ornaments.


"this is perfect to finish a tree but still blend in"

33. Holiday Felt Tree Topper Angel

How sweet is this felt angel tree topper? It has such a nostalgic, innocent look and I am just obsessed!

34. Evergreen Dreams White Star Tree Topper 

This is such a cute, unique tree topper! The feathery look is so cool, I have never seen anything like it before! Definitely would look adorably with a bunch of bright colorful ornaments.

This post was all about Christmas tree toppers.

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