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Looking for Christmas ornaments that will take your Christmas tree decor to the next level? Here are over fifty Christmas ornaments we are obsessed with!

christmas ornaments

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of my favorite Christmas traditions because of all of the fun ornaments. The only issue with picking out ornaments is that there are SO many to choose from and they're all so cute (well... mostly). Lucky for you, I narrowed down all the ornaments from pretty much every store and came up with only the 56 best ornaments that you need this year!

You can put together a whole tree full of new ornaments, or you can buy just one special new ornament to add to your tree. Whether you're looking for ornament sets, Santa ornaments, retro ornaments, food ornaments, monogram ornaments, gold ornaments, or custom ornaments, they're all here!

This post is all about Christmas ornaments.



You can't go wrong with a cute ornament set! If you want to have a coordinated tree with matching colors and styles, you definitely should look into getting an ornament set. Whether you want something very neutral and simple (like me) or you want to do something with a lot of coordinating colors, Christmas ornament sets are the way to go. The Christmas season is stressful enough, so make your life easier and buy ornaments that are already coordinated and look good together! I bought ornament sets last year because I had not collected any sentimental ornaments yet, and I wanted a very coordinated, white tree!

1.Days Of Yore Mini Ornaments

vintage christmas ornaments

2. Textured Ball Christmas Ornaments 

beautiful christmas ornaments

"Bought one set of these and was so impressed, I went and bought another 2 boxes. Excellent quality. Love the modern burnished colors."

3. Winter Metallics Christmas Ornaments

pottery barn christmas ornaments

"Not only are these beautiful to decorate your Christmas tree, these also work perfectly as vase/bowl fillers."

4. Blush Glass Ball Ornament Box

world market christmas ornaments

5. Metallic Paper Christmas Ornaments

unique christmas ornaments to make

6. Disco Ball Christmas Ornaments

unique christmas ornaments 2021

"In LOVE with these ornaments! They are gorgeous & add a little extra fun to my neutral space!"

7. Velvet Ornaments

unique christmas ornaments for tree

"These velvet glass ornaments are definitely a fun twist! All of my ornaments were in great condition and true to color."

8. Shatterproof Bauble Ball Ornaments

red christmas ornaments


Santa baby! You really can't go wrong with having a cute Santa ornament on your tree. I mean, he is who we are all waiting for, right??! There are so many funny Santa ornaments out there of him doing different jobs, or dressed in your favorite sports team's apparel. I found some of the cutest Santa ornaments this year and I am definitely ordering one of these ASAP. 

9. Jolly Santa Ball Christmas Ornament

diy christmas ornaments

"These ornaments were my very favorite this past Christmas. Simple design that made my heart smile."

10. Santa with Pink Hat Christmas Ornament

hallmark christmas ornaments

11. Santa Claus with Tree Christmas Ornament

christmas glass ornaments

"This ornament is very well made and is the absolute cutest! I can’t wait to decorate our tree with it."

12. Ceramic Santa with Dangle Legs Ornament

vintage christmas ornaments

"This item is so cute & made with high attention to detail."

13. Wool Santa With Bell Garland Ornament

christmas large ornaments

14. Felt Santa Ornament

disney christmas ornaments

15. Light Up Santa Juggling Stars Ornament

large christmas ornaments

16. Vintage Drop Santa Christmas Ornament

hobby lobby christmas ornaments

"I bought these ornaments as gifts and everyone loved them."


For some reason, I have been SO obsessed with the retro Christmas vibe this year. There is so much Christmas decor out right now that is retro, but somehow still cute and modern! Go for that classic blown glass look with all the sparkles to get your vintage Christmas tree look! Add some shiny tinsel and you're good to go! There's seriously nothing like this look, you have to try it this year!

17. Pink Lit Retro Christmas Tree Ornament Pink

large christmas ornaments

"Super cute! Bought the green one, too. Great quality!"

18. Retro Blue Deer Ornaments

christmas crochet ornaments

"I love how old-fashioned they look! So glad I scooped them up when I first saw them."

19. Cowgirl Boot Christmas Ornament

christmas ornaments etsy

"So so cute and such a good size !"

20. Multicolor Retro Tree Ornaments

old world christmas ornaments

21. Rainbow Glass Finial Ornament

christmas ornaments hobby lobby

22. Brownstone House Ornament

christmas ornaments walmart

23. Blown Glass Multicolor Ornaments

christmas ornaments canada

24. Retro Car 2-Piece Ornament Set

"These ornaments were so tiny and cute. Love the details!"


I was cracking up looking at how many food Christmas ornaments there are. Seriously, the most random foods ever as ornaments (and it's pretty funny). Like, who's buying the stick of butter ornament? I think it would actually be so cute to have a whole tree filled with random food ornaments. Maybe you can even set up a mini tree on your kitchen countertop with the food ornaments. The possibilities are endless with these adorable food Christmas ornaments.

25. Layered Cake Glass Christmas Tree Ornament

christmas ornaments etsy

"Super cute! The “coconut” flakes are a beautiful touch."

26. Glass Banana Split Ornament

christmas ornaments crate & barrel

"These will go great on my candy/ dessert Christmas tree. Love them. Good size and great colors!."

27. Glass Toaster Ornament

christmas ornaments west elm

28. Pasta Christmas Ornaments