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Looking for Christmas gifts for daughter that she will love? Here are a variety of gifts for every type of girl. 

gifts for daughters

It can be hard to know exactly what your daughter is thinking... and even harder to know what she wants for Christmas. 

Some girls send long lists of everything they want, and others hardly give any ideas. If you're stuck on what to get your daughter this holiday season, we've got you covered. 

These are the best gifts for daughter - from teenagers, to college aged girls, to the overall best gifts, here are our best Christmas gifts for daughter this year.

This post is all about Christmas gifts for daughter.


Best Overall: Silk Pillow Case

"This pillow case is life-changing. I feel so luxurious when I go to sleep and it seriously is so soft!"

Best Under $25: Where the Crawdads Sing

"I couldn't put this book down. Seriously amazing!"

Best Value: Sephora Skincare Set

"This skincare set was perfect for someone indecisive like me. I got to try out so many nice skincare products before choosing one that I want to commit to."

Most Popular: We're Not Really Strangers Game

"My friends and I played this game and came out of it with such a deeper connection. Such good questions that led to amazing convos."

Best Custom Gift: Coordinates Bracelet

"I am obsessed with this bracelet. Not only is it classic looking, but it reminds me of my hometown every time I put it on!"

Best Subscription: FabFitFun Subscription

"I was gifted the FabFitFun box last year and love it so much. I look forward to my box every few months!"

Best Beauty Product: Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

"You really can't go wrong with a pajama set. It seriously makes you feel so much more luxurious. Love this one!"


1. Hair Mask

christmas gifts for daughter

Hair masks are something that women don't know they need until they try them! They seriously make your hair so soft and clean. 

This Briogeo deep conditioning mask is loved by so many. This is a great gift for any daughter, no matter the age! 

2. Gold Necklace

A simple gold necklace is a perfect gift for your daughter. If she loves to accessorize, you can't go wrong with a simple piece to add to her collection. 

Adina's Jewels has so many great options for jewelry and is definitely a trendy jewelry company that is especially popular among teenage girls. BUT you'll be able to find a necklace for any girl here. We love this one - I've been seeing this style everywhere! 

3. Running Shoes

For the athletic daughter, you can't go wrong with good quality running shoes. The On Cloud running shoe is all the rave in the athletic community. I'm seeing these everywhere and for good reason. 

These are super high quality running shoes that are made specifically to withstand long workouts. 

4. Alo Yoga Loungewear  

Loungewear is a go-to gift for any girl that loves to relax and be cozy. Alo Yoga is an amazing quality athletic wear company that also has really soft loungewear! 

Any sweatshirt or sweatpants can be a great gift for daughter that she will probably put on instantly. 

5. Hair Straightener

If your daughter is in need of a quality hair straightener, or wants to get more into doing her hair, this is the gift for her. 

This is definitely an investment piece, but it's amazing quality that will last her years (and less damage to her hair!).

6. Rose Quartz Roller

Facial rollers have been trending for a while now but it really is such a great thing for your skin. It relaxes face muscles, reduces wrinkles, eliminates dark circles, and more. 

This is great for the daughters that love skincare or just want to add an extra relaxing step to their night time routine. 

7. Custom Planner

A custom planner is a great gift for the girls that love to stay organized. Papier has so many great options and they are all customizable. They have so many cute patterns to choose from so you will definitely find one specific to your daughter's style. Highly recommend! 

8. Books

Nothing is more relaxing than curling up next to the fire with a good book. These are some of our favorites of the moment and ones that we know any girl will love! 


9. Oversized Sweatshirt

Nothing is more "in" for teenage girls than oversized sweatshirts. First, who doesn't love to be comfy? Second, oversized anything is always better! 

This Nike oversized hoodie is the perfect mix between trendy and comfy and we guarantee your teenage daughter will love it. 

10. Sunglasses

You never can go wrong with a high quality pair of sunglasses. Ray Bans are great because they have styles that are timeless and go with every outfit so you know they will last for years to come. 

This is also a gift she can wear through college - soo many girls have this and love them.

11. Gold Hoops

I swear every girl is wearing gold hoops these days. You can really where them with any outfit and something that any teenage girl should have in their wardrobe. These are great because they're super affordable but the perfect size! 

12. Workout Sets

Matching sets are the thing this year. They're not only comfy, but they make you look 10x more put together if you're matching. 

This is a great Christmas gift idea for any teenage daughter because it's so versatile and flattering!  

13. Ugg Slippers 

I recommend Ugg slippers to everyone. The quality is amazing and they truly are so cozy. 

Trust me, your daughter will be obsessed with these and will not be able to take them off! 

14. Biker Shorts

I'm sure you've seen these all over. Biker shorts are trending right now, especially among teenagers. 

They are so comfortable but can make any casual outfit look trendier. This is also a great affordable gift that she will get so much use out of! 

15. Wildflower Phone Case

Phone cases are a really fun way for your daughter to show her personality and jazz up your otherwise basic iPhone. Wildflower Cases always has the best cases that are super fun. The D'Amelio sisters have phone cases from this brand so I know these are cool 😉

16. Sephora Giftcard

For the makeup lover, you never can go wrong with a Sephora gift card. Sephora products add up fast, so having a gift card makes it so much more guilt-free when shopping! 

17. Airpods

If she doesn't already have AirPods, she will absolutely love and use the crap out of these. They come extra handy when studying, working out, or walking to class. I promise this is a gift no teenage girl could hate! 

The new noise cancelling ones are also amazing, especially for the girls that have annoying siblings they want to drown out 😉 

18. Eno Hammock

For the outdoorsy girl, an Eno hammock is a fun gift that allows her to hang (literally) out in nature. 

These are great because they are so portable and can be hung up anywhere. All you need is a few trees! 


19. We're Not Really Strangers Game

christmas gifts for daughter

I came across this card game on Instagram a while back. It has a ton of really interesting and deep questions that you can ask and discuss with a group of friends or family. I love this gift idea for college students because you can really get to know people - especially new friends! 

It's a really great way to get to know people on a deeper level and strengthen relationships. 

20. Film Camera / Disposables

Film and disposable cameras are definitely a unique gift for daughter. People are always looking for ways to take "vintage-looking" photos and this is truly the only way. These are so much fun to take around because you have to wait to see the photos! 

I loved taking these out to parties and game days throughout college and getting fun photos of my friends. 

21. Record Player

A record player is a really fun item for any music lover to have. Get them a few records of their favorite artists, and you'll have an amazing gift to give your daughter. 

22. Essential Oils Diffuser

Essential oils are a great way to relax while making your room smell amazing. We love this gift for daughter, especially for those that love to wind down at night.

23. Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is amazing for anyone that needs a new way to calm themselves and relax. It's been proven to help with anxiety too! There are so many benefits to weighted blankets, which is why it's such a great unique gift idea.

24. Slip Sleep Mist

This sleep mist is great for relaxation. Spray it around before you lie down and your girl will instantly feel calmer. This is a great gift option for those girls that have trouble falling asleep or like to unravel before bed. 

While your at it, get her a Slip Silk Pillowcase too. She will DIE of happiness!! 


25. Skincare Set

Gift sets are amazing for those pricier items (like skincare). They will give your daughter the ability to try a ton of different products without having to pay the extreme price points for the full bottles. 

Skincare can definitely hurt the wallet, so this is a fun gift set to get for your daughter. Sephora has sooo many different gift sets, so whatever her favorite brands are, they probably have a set for it! 

26. Pajama Set

christmas gifts for daughter

Comfy pajamas are also a good go-to gift for women. Every woman loves a good lounge outfit, especially when it matches. Shopbop has some really trendy sets and pajamas that are pretty affordable. 

I seriously love everything on this site so definitely one to check out!

27. Gel Nail Kit 

I have been doing my own gel nails for years now and it has honestly saved me so much money. Getting gel on your nails one time at a salon costs the same price as this whole kit! 

The kit linked is the exact one I own so I can guarantee you that it's good ;).

28. Barefoot Dreams Blanket

What's better than a cozy blanket as a gift? Barefoot Dreams is notorious for having the softest blankets on the face of the earth (dramatic.. maybe but I swear they're amazing!). 

29. FabFitFun Subscription

The FabFitFun subscription box will be a gift she'll obsess over, guaranteed. It's basically a subscription box that comes 4x a year with full size products of the best in beauty, fitness, wellness, home, and everything in between. 

This is such a great gift because you can customize it to what she likes and you get so much for your money. 

30. Silk Pillow Cases

Silk pillowcases are great for your hair, skin and sleep. They seriously are a game changer that many women don't know they need in their lives. 

Surprise her with this Slip silk pillowcase and prove to her you know what you're doing 😉

31. Airfryer

For the daughter that looks to cook, the airfryer is the best new cooking invention.

It makes everything taste better and cook faster. Seriously she will get so much use out of this! 

32. Bluetooth Speaker

You really can't go wrong with a JBL speaker. The sound quality is incredible and it will last her years to come. 

If your daughter loves to listen to music, this is the perfect gift for her. 

33. Kindle

Does your daughter like to read but maybe doesn't like to lug around a ton of books? A Kindle is something she would love because you can keep all your books in one place. Easy and convenient! 

34. Summer Fridays Face Mask

christmas gifts for daughter

Skincare is always a good gift for any daughter, no matter the age. Something about putting a face mask on makes you just feel productive and relaxed.

This Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask is so moisturizing and feels like butter on your skin. Highly recommend! 

35. Candles

Everyone raves about these candles. Yes, they are a little pricey for a candle. BUT they smell a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Give your daughter a real treat with this candle. She will be in awe the first time she lights it! 

36. Comfy Joggers

Sweatpants are always a comfy staple that every girl should have in her closet. 

These Brandy Melville sweats are the best I've been able to find. They're flattering, cozy, and inexpensive. What more could you want in a gift for daughter?


37. Recipe Book with Family Recipes

If your family has lots of family recipes, an amazing sentimental gift from mom is a recipe book curated for your daughter.

This recipe book is filled with blank recipe templates that allow you to write in all your favorite recipes you want to pass down to your daughter. How cute?! 

38. Long Distance Mugs

christmas gifts for daughter

If your daughter lives out of state, these long distance mugs are so cute to remind her that you're always thinking of her, even from afar. 

39. Coordinates Bracelet

A sentimental gift any jewelry-loving daughter would love is a customized coordinates bracelet. 

You could add coordinates to her hometown, favorite city, college town, etc. I got this exact one for my girl friend last Christmas and she still wears it all the time! 

40. Map of Her Favorite Place 

Another super cute sentimental gift idea is a map of her favorite place. Not only is this great decor, but it will constantly remind her of good memories or dreams of going to the place on the map.

41. A Getaway Trip 

Nothing is better than a good mother-daughter trip! Plan a little getaway trip for you and your daughter to relax and bond. 

While material items are always great to gift, I always say the experiences trump any item! 

42. A Cooking Class

Another item that you and your daughter will love doing together... a cooking class! How fun would this be?!

43. Personalized Wine Bottle 

christmas gifts for daugher

Is your daughter obsessed with wine? Then a personalized wine bottle is the perfect gift for her! 

Get her favorite bottle of wine, add a custom sticker, and you've got the best Christmas gift for daughter. 

This post is all about Christmas gifts for daughter.

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