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All right, let's be real. I think we can all admit that we have a slight Amazon problem 😅.  I place at least one order a week from Amazon because it is so dang convenient. One thing that I have struggled with from Amazon is that to find really, really cute stuff you have to do some digging. Usually, the stuff on the first page is 🥴.  

PS - how cute is our new office puppy?! Lauren got a puppy and we are all obsessed 😭.

A few weeks ago I was digging around on some of the BSL pages and stumbled upon our Amazon page. It was outdated. like real bad and almost embarrassingly outdated. Shelby, Hannah & Charli, three of the BSL team members, are Amazon queens. Even more than me!! I sent them an SOS to update it and it's SO good that we're now making it into a post. 

They spent literally hours searching through Amazon for the best stuff. I kept looking through our storefront being like "how did you find this?!" or "I NEED this!!". Next time I need a cute home decor or a gift for someone, it's the first place I am going. 

From gift guides to first apartment essentials the BSL storefront covers it all. Click into each one and stalk...they're so good!

by sophia lee amazon storefront


This post was all the By Sophia Lee Amazon storefront.

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