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This post is all about one of my least favorite Amazon products I've purchased. I share a lot about my favorite Amazon purchases, so thought it was time to share some flops!

amazon products

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As someone who orders a LOT on Amazon, I've come to learn that you win some, and ya lose some. 

Unfortunately, it was a "lose some" type of day 😅.

I recently ordered rechargeable lights on Amazon, which I thought was a GENIUS concept.  

I had a few lights in places that weren't close to a rug and thought it would be the prefect solution to my problem...

The lights would last for only 3 hours, and then they would just die out.

I usually keep one by my bedside at night. But every night, it would get dimmer and dimmer, until it stopped working altogether.

Although I love Amazon, this one is a major fail and I would definitely NOT recommend.

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This post was all about my least favorite Amazon products.

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