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best cookbooks

If there's one thing I know I will be collecting for years, it's cookbooks. Nothing compares to choosing out a cookbook in your kitchen and flipping through the pages to find the perfect dish. 

Also, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that cookbooks are my favorite type of decor for kitchens. I cannot tell you how many cookbooks I've bought simply because they're cute; the recipes are an added bonus. I know that will make some people cringe, but I'm a decor girl through and through!

When I was shopping for the perfect cookbooks to decorate the GBOGH kitchen I stumbled upon the problem I have every.single.time. I shop for cookbooks... there are NO pictures of the book spines anywhere!  

The spines of cookbooks, coffee table books, and basically any book is crucial for decorating. I will be the first in line to sign a petition requiring online stores to include images of the book spine 😅

All drama aside, it would be hypocritical of me to write a post on the best cookbooks and NOT show you the spines. 

PSA: if the color of the book spine looks different than the actual cookbook cover, it's because I took the photos of the spines myself to show you guys 😂. I promise, in real life, they're the same color as the covers!

This post is all about the best cookbooks.


From fashion to cooking, the effortless French style is something Americans (like myself) crave from sea to shining see. Something about the french vibe is mesmerizing and as soon as I saw this book, I knew I had to get my hands on it.

The book details the secrets of "effortless French entertaining" and the book cover is to die for. I love displaying the cover and spine of this book!

You had me at pasta. 

Pasta infuses you into Italian culture with its incredible imagery and insightful tips, tricks, and recipes.

I could spend hours flipping through the pages of this cookbook.

If you don't follow Half Baked Harvest on Instagram you are missing out. I have never seen such incredible food photography... even on Instagram stories it feels like you're watching the most beautifully curated food documentary. 

Teighan Gerard makes the simplest meals aesthetically pleasing and approachable. All of her content is extremely digestible (no pun intended).

The black spine of this book sold me. Simplistic and sleek it had everything I wanted and more. The bonus was the incredible recipes.

As usual, I feel in love with the cover of this book and who doesn't need a good cocktail recipe here and there?

Gather Round Cocktails has over 40 recipes for your casual weekend get togethers to the special holiday events. Filled with hacks and tips, this is a perfect cookbook for you cocktail lovers out there. 

Also, the gold book spine is to die for.

I love a good pop of rich color surrounded by a more simplistic design and thought this would be perfect for a little book stacking.

The Modern Classic was written for being your go to book for useful, easy, everyday recipes. If you want to get the most of your time without sacrificing flavor, this cookbook was made for you!

The texture of Sunday Suppers in person was exactly what I was looking for when designing the GBOGH kitchen

The perfect amount of beige, the perfect amount of texture, made to be stacked along with other books!

I know I keep saying this, but I'm truly just obsessed with the cover of this book. I love the pop of color in the blue text and how it gives a classic, yet trendy vibe to the book. 

Also, who doesn't love chocolate cake?

I am all for a simple, yet bold cookbook and Nothing Fancy is just that. 

The Modern Cook's Year is a thick cookbook with over 250 recipes...!!

I have seen this book all over Pinterest in some of my favorite kitchens and knew I had to get it myself. 

I absolutely adore this book. It reminds me of the classic cookbook your grandmother has had in her kitchen for years.

The cover, yes please. The pop of orange on the book cover is unlike anything I've ever seen! Love at first sight.

I also love that the spine is a simple black and white; if I'm not feeling the bright orange I can simply stack the book and just show the spine!

I have seen The Italian Deli all over Pinterest. At this point the book should be considered a classic! 

The pink, green, and gold goes perfectly together and makes me feel like I'm at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

If you are looking for a cookbook to use as decor year round, a simple white and black cookbook is perfect for you!

Consider this type of book like your basic t-shirt; goes with everything and will never go out of style.

You can't look at this cookbook and not want to take it home.

The book has the cutest description.

"Elisa Marshall and Benjamin Sormonte opened maman to fill a void in their hearts. They wanted to create a warm, cozy place for people to come together and savor a freshly baked madeleine or slice of savory quiche with the comfort and familiarity of being in their own living room."

If you were mad at me just buying books as decor, fear not, I use this cookbook all the time for dinner ideas!

So amazing and truly a bonus that it has a cute book cover.

The secret to finding some of the best cookbooks, for decor purposes, is to take off the book sleeve.

You don't know how many amazing books I have found at Goodwill simply because I took off the book sleeve and found treasure that's been hidden in plain sight.

This post was all about the best cookbooks.

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