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In need of a new set of Christmas pajamas this year? This post has all the best Christmas pajamas that everyone will love.

best christmas pajamas 2022

Christmas is definitely the one holiday that has soo many traditions that families and friends always take part in. From watching Christmas movies to having Christmas parties, to going ice skating and sledding, one of my favorites is finding a new pair of Christmas pajamas every year!

I see families on social media taking holiday photos in family Christmas pajamas all the time, and they always turn out super cute! My friends and I also like to get matching Christmas pajamas and have a night in where we make holiday drinks, watch Christmas movies, and exchange gifts. The matching pajamas just make it so much more fun!

If you are looking for some festive pajamas for this holiday season, we have found some super cute pajama sets and matching pajamas that would be adorable for friends and family. Along with some more luxurious pajamas just for you to wear on Christmas morning ;).

This post is all about the best Christmas pajamas.


This pajama set is adorable and the ski resort pattern is perfect for Christmas! Mark & Graham has the cutest pajama sets for Christmas morning so if you don't like this set, you could definitely find something else on this site.

They also have very high-quality products so these pj's would last you much longer than just one Christmas morning!

How cute is this set?! Red and white stripes are perfect for Christmas and I can tell this set is incredibly comfortable.

AND they are having a 30% off sale right now!

I am *obsessed* with these pajama pants!! They come in so many different patterns for different prices, but I like this pattern the most.

They are not the typical Christmas plaid or red and green colors which makes them so adorable.

Super cute pajama set for kids! This is something all kids need on Christmas morning while opening presents. It makes the morning so much more fun!

This is such a classic Christmas pajama set. The colors, the flannel, the long sleeve... it's so perfect!

This would make super cute Christmas morning outfits as well.

If you have kids or have a little family member who would love new Christmas pajamas this year, this set from Target is adorable!

Kids would absolutely love a cute pajama set like this one to wear while opening presents.

Old Navy definitely has some of the best Christmas pajamas of any store I have found!

And isn't this romper so cute?? I have never seen a romper like this before but I am about to buy one because it looks so cute!

This pajama set is a super good short sleeve option if you do not love long sleeve pajamas.

The color is also the prettiest green color for Christmas!

The cutest little pj set for kids!

I didn't know Burt's Bees made pajamas but I have found some super cute sets for Christmas that they have made.

This pattern is exactly what I would expect from a Kate Spade Christmas pajama set.

Very, very unique and would also be a really good gift for mom or grandma this year!


How cute does this family look in their matching pj's?? These are for sure one of the best family Christmas pajamas I have found so far.

Hanna Andersson has some of the cutesttt family pajama sets for Christmas!

The little girl's nightgown is honestly my favorite part of this family pajama set. It's so adorable!

Seeing the Kardashians in this family pajama set really threw me off lol, but if they love them then they must be super nice!

They are very different than other Christmas pajamas which is super fun for Christmas morning as well.

This Burt's Bees pajama set is adorable! The milk and cookies is perfect for the kid's who love to leave out this sweet treat for Santa on Christmas Eve.

The red and black plaid with the antlers and "Merry Christmas"... classic Christmas pajamas!

These ones look super comfy and are super cheap as well.

If you need a new matching Christmas pajama set for your little ones, this one is perfect!

Your children would look so cute and match so perfectly wearing this set while unwrapping presents on Christmas morning.

Perfect for any lovers of the Grinch! So cute because the guy's and girl's pajamas are different and match the characters.

Santas on pajamas make the best Christmas pajamas family! Just look how cute these kids are.

These Christmas lights pajamas are so cute!

This set is completely matching for everyone and would make amazing family Christmas pajamas 2022.

If it's just you and your significant other for Christmas this year, then you NEED matching pajamas.

These onesies are adorable and would definitely keep you super warm and cozy all day on Christmas.

One of the best Christmas pajamas for couples that I have found so far!

These pajama sets are super simple but very cute! You would look very put together with your significant other or your family in these pajama sets.


These just look like the coziest pajamas! The stripes are so cute, and they're on sale right now.

This set looks super soft and comfortable, and is the perfect red color.

This one is on sale right now too!

I didn't really know Hollister made Christmas pajamas but I love these!! The bow on the shorts is an adorable touch as well.

I really like that these are kind of like joggers instead of regular pajama pants.

The pattern is also very subtly Christmas which is perfect if you are not a huge fan of crazy Christmas clothes or pajamas.

I loveee this onesie. It's so cute!

This with slippers or fuzzy socks on Christmas morning would be so perfect.

This adorable set comes in soo many different patterns.

They have a ton of Christmas patterns and other random, super cute patterns as well.

I got this nightgown with my friends as kind of a joke lol...

But now I LOVE it. It's so comfy and I wore it on Christmas last year and everyone else loved it, too.

This set with leggings is so cute! The fairisle pattern is also so classic for Christmas.

This would also be good to wear around the house throughout Christmas day.

If you have a Christmas party or a fun holiday event with friends this year, this is the perfect set for that!

Christmas pajama parties can be hard to dress for and know what exactly you should wear for them. This set, though, is the perfect happy medium of comfy Christmas pajamas and looking cute.

I will definitely be buying this for my Christmas parties this year.

This set is a very subtle Christmas pajama set, and perfect for the woman who likes nicer and more luxurious pajamas.

The colors are still very festive without being too out there or even cringey lol.

Short sleeves and shorts are perfect if you live somewhere where it is warmer for Christmas.

This set is still very festive but wouldn't be too hot for a warmer Christmas season.


Any man needs to have a classic pair of pajamas like this one.

This is also a really great gift for a dad or boyfriend if you need another idea! This set is a little more expensive which shows that it is actually high quality.

Another pair of kind of expensive Christmas pajamas, but these are so perfect for Christmas!

They have a few other colors and patterns as well which are also really good options.

This print is soo adorable!! The dogs are very different and make this pj set super cute.

Pajama pants are something all men like, and this pair from Macy's is on sale and look super nice!

If you're dad, boyfriend, brother, etc is a nicer pajama guy, then these luxury Christmas pajamas are perfect for them!

A little pricier but they are so nice and perfect for Christmas.

These pants are so fun! The pattern of Christmas lights is unique and men would love it.

These are the perfect pajamas for the Harry Potter lover!

And if your family loves Harry Potter, these would be the best Christmas pajamas family.

This Santa Claus set is so fun! I feel like this is a great set for men especially.

These pajama pants come in so many different patterns that are all perfect for Christmas day.

These are also on sale right now!!

These are just hilarious! Not so much Christmas pajamas haha, but definitely a funny gift or joke for the holiday season.

I can guarantee that dads or boyfriends will find these hilarious and actually wear them, too.

Star Wars is a little niche for a Christmas set, but if you have a man in your life who loves Star Wars, this would be such a fun gift for them!

This post was all about the best Christmas pajamas.

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