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The title of this blog post makes me giggle because it is very cocky (haha), but I do have to say that this is really one of my favorite bathrooms I have ever seen.

Choosing this tile pattern was one of the most bold decisions I made for the house. When I would tell people about the tile they would either be alllll for it or totally against it. Now that it's done, I think it's case confirmed the right decision.

The bathroom was in the new addition part of the home, which came with its unexpected challenges. It's so easy in additions to make things feel stale and boring, so I really wanted to make sure I was adding some life to the space, not taking it away. 

Since the tile is really the *wow* factor in the space, let's start there. This is handmade tile from Morocco. It is STUNNING. Debatably, the most beautiful tile I have ever seen! Apparently it was an absolute bitch to install because of how thick and irregular they are (so sorry about that). 

I actually got the tiles from two different companies. The blue tile is from Zia Tile in the color "slate gray". The white tile is from Cle Tile in the color "weathered white". We were actually going to use the white tile throughout the kitchen as well but decided to nix the idea. We have a ton leftover so be prepared to see that in the next BSL restoration too. #notcomplaining 😉

I wanted the grout to blend in with the tile. I feel like the tile is a showstopper enough that I didn't want to take any attention away from it. I had the blue tile matched as close to a grout as possible and for the white tile, we just used a standard white grout. 

In this whole process of restoring this home, I realized I have a knack for cabinetry. I looveee cabinets. I designed this vanity and then had it built custom. The wood is white oak and we put a really light stain on it. I loved the color of the white oak so I really didn't want to take anything away from that!

The countertop is marble - same slab that we used in the kitchen.

The mirrors are the only thing in this room that drive me crazyyyy :(. I love the actual mirror, but they're slightly off center to the sink. That type of stuff drives my type-A self CRAZY. I've walked a lot of family and friends through the home and ask them to spot what's off about the bathroom and no one seems to notice so I am starting to realize this is a ~me~ problem haha. 

Bet your bottom dollar though that I will be triple measuring at the next house to make sure I get the lights hung exactly where they should be so the mirror doesn't become problematic.

Because the tile is so thick, we decided to add tongue & groove around the room. It really made the room feel polished and complete. I think if we left the blue tile raw at the top it would have looked incomplete. 

Around the rest of the home we used "Simply White" by Benjamin Moore for the paint color but in here, because the white tile pulled a little creamier, we used the paint color "Calm" by Benjamin Moore. It is beautiful!!

bathroom ideas

Shower details linked above.

This. Shower.

bathroom ideas

All details in this picture linked above.

If you follow me on insta, you know about my vintage light scamming. I bought a light from Etsy and was obsessed with it. I loved that it was "vintage" and thought it would be the perfect way to add a little more character into the space. Come to find out that not only was the freaking light not vintage at all, but it also didn't work with US electrical coding.

Getting lights right now is a pain in the butt so I scored with being able to get these new bathroom lights within the same week (literally unheard of so a miracle haha). I really do love them!!

Just wait until you see the owner's 
bathroom ideas


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