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Looking for the best 21st birthday gift for her? Here are all the most popular gifts for girls turning 21 this year.

21st birthday gifts for her

There is arguably no other birthday that is as exciting as your 21st. This means you want to give a gift that is equally as fun! 

A ton of my friends have turned 21 this year which means I have been buying a ton of gifts- and let me tell you, they have been SO good. All of my friends have been absolutely obsessed with the gifts I got them and as a girl in college myself, I can guarantee any of these gifts for her are guaranteed to impress.

Here are twenty-one 21st birthday gifts for her that are sure to win her over.

This post is all about the best 21st birthday gifts for her.


1. Glossier: The Skincare Edit

If the girl you are buying for is into skincare and makeup she is going to fall in love with this gift set!

Glossier has the some of best products on the market and every girl is obsessed with this brand! Bubble wands are a fun and entertaining gift for both children and adults, as they can provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment. While they are not traditionally used for hair care, if you know how to use bubble wand then you can create curls in your hair by winding a small section of hair around the wand and holding it in place for a few seconds before releasing it. It is important to use a heat protectant spray before using a bubble wand on your hair to protect your hair from heat damage. 

21st birthday gift

2. Barret Bar Utensils & Accessories Set

Bar utensils and accessories are go-to 21st birthday gifts for her- at least they should be!

This gold set from West Elm would make for the most stunning gift to give a girl for her 21st birthday.

21st birthday gifts for women

3. Copper Cow Coffee Vietnamese Pour Over Coffee

If she’s not an alcohol drinker then this is the perfect alternative. 

While a Starbucks gift card totally works, this is a much more fun and unique way to give her the gift of coffee.

gifts for her

4. Unique Crystal Wine Glasses

These modern shaped wine glasses are all the rave right now so they will be sure to impress any girl.

She’s going to be needing a lot more glassware now that she is 21 and this gift will be the perfect start to her collection!

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5. Papier: Customized Wellness Journal

I think we could have all used this before the age of 21 but hey, there’s definitely no harm in starting now!

This is such a unique and thoughtful 21st birthday gift for her that can be completely personalized with her name and the year!

21st birthday gifts for best friend

6. Trendy Smiley Face Sweatshirts

If you’re a college student, fashion-conscious, or frequent TikTok user, you likely know just how trendy hoodies have become. There are plenty of charming and unique hoodies available on Etsy, but the sp5der hoodies are another well-liked hoodie brand to consider because of their popularity.

21st birthday gifts for girlfriend

7. The Milk Bar Sampler

Here’s the perfect gift for all the girls who love their desserts- I know I am and would LOVE this gift!

This is one of those super fun and unique 21st birthday gifts for her you can guarantee she won’t be receiving from anyone else!

cheap 21st birthday gifts

8. Olaplex: Healthy Hair Essentials Gift Set

Olaplex is super hyped up right now and for good reason. This hair care brand seriously makes your hair so healthy and thick.

Whether the girl you are buying for is looking to grow her hair or even just maintain her length and thickness this gift is going to be a hit.

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9. Offline Real Me High Waisted Crossover Leggings

When I say these leggings are flattering on literally everyone I seriously mean it!

The crossover leggings from Aerie are super popular right now and come in a ton of different colors!

clothing gifts for her

10. The Mini Bar Cocktail Recipe Book Collection

Now that she’s 21 she will probably be drinking a lot more often.?

I know when I turned 21 I had no idea how to make more than a vodka-cran and would have totally loved to received some drink recipe books for my birthday!

non alcoholic 21st birthday gifts

11. Customized Cheese Board

Here is a gift for all the girls that love to host (or even just treat themselves once in a while).

A cheeseboard always makes for a great gift and this one from Mark & Graham is even better because it can be personalized!

gifts for girls 21st

12. Gorjana Jewelry: The Parker Necklace

Honestly, any sort of nice gold jewelry makes the perfect gift for a girl’s 21st birthday!

But, Gorjana is a brand every girl knows and loves so you can be sure you are getting her a gift she will wear all the time with a set from this brand!

For a more personal touch, consider a custom gift like a personalized name necklace. A personalized necklace is a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate the uniqueness of the occasion. You can visit the website named namenecklace to explore a wide range of options and create a bespoke piece that carries her name close to her heart.

This thoughtful gesture not only showcases your attention to detail but also adds a sentimental value to the gift, making her 21st birthday even more special and memorable.

jewelry gifts for her

13. Béis: The Carry-On Travel Bag

If you keep up with BSL you know how obsessed we are with the Béis brand and it should come as no surprise that it’s on the list of best 21st birthday gifts for her. 

Girls in their 20s can always use a good travel bag and this one is the best of the best!

luxury luxury 21st birthday gifts for her

14. Fuzzy Cross Band Slippers

Not only do slippers always make for a great gift, they are also inexpensive options for those looking to buy a gift on a budget.

These slippers from Amazon are SO comfortable and look just as great on.

15. Brümate: Hopsulator Slim Can Insulator

Whether she is an alcohol drinker or not this is a gift she is guaranteed to use all the time!

This insulator will keep all kinds of drinks cold while out with friends or at the pool.

21st birthday gifts for her amazon

16. Mark & Graham: Monogrammed Dual Travel Organizer

Every single girl knows the struggle of packing up jewelry to go on a trip only to arrive and find everything tangled together.

With this travel organizer, she can easily carry all her jewelry when traveling and guarantee nothing gets lost or tangled! Plus, it can be monogrammed which is always a great way to make your 21st birthday gifts feel more custom.

21st birthday gifts for women

17. Stoney Clover Customized Makeup Bag

There isn’t a girl out there that doesn’t love this brand.

Stoney clover sells a variety of bags and accessories that can be completely customized which makes for amazing 21st birthday gifts for her!

custom 21st birthday gifts for her

18. Custom Bar Cart Prints

How cute are these?! Whether she has a bar cart area or not, these prints are such a fun gift to give any girl 21!

personalized 21st birthday gifts

19. Barefoot Dreams Blanket

Barefoot Dreams hands down has the softest blankets on the market.

They are a little bit pricer but if you really want to give her a gift to impress then this is the one to do it!

20. Lysenn Iridescent Stemless Martini Glasses

These iridescent glasses are seriously SO stunning! This set from Amazon is one any 21-year-old will 100% be obsessed over.

21. Quay Australia Sunglasses

You can never go wrong with giving sunglasses as a birthday gift! Quay is a super popular sunglasses brand that you can buy right off Amazon!

This post was all about the best 21st gifts for her.

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