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From wall decor to party supplies, these are all the cutest 21st birthday decorations to be using this year.

21st birthday decorations

The time has finally come… the day almost every girl looks forward to for months (if not years). It's finally your 21st birthday!

Your 21st is one of the most exciting birthdays and it should be celebrated accordingly which means throwing a party with some super cute 21st birthday decorations.

Whether you're decorating yourself or planning for a friend, these 21st birthday decorations are absolutely guaranteed to make her party one to remember! Well, she may not… but at least you’ll have the perfect party decorations to take lots of pictures! ??

This post is all about the best 21st birthday decorations.


1. Fun Glass Garnishes

Recreate this coffee table book stack:

You're 21 now which means ditching the vodka crans and serving up some cute and ~sophisticated~ drinks.

Garnishing your drinks is a fun and easy way to add a little extra spice to your 21st birthday decorations. These metallic picks are super inexpensive but will make your drinks look 10x fancier. Add a little bit of cotton candy as a garnish as well to really step up your drink game! 

2. Sequin Backdrop

Recreate these 21st birthday decorations:

How fun is this sequin backdrop?! You want to be sure you have at least one area at your party decorated with balloons and a backdrop to take lots of pictures in front of and this is the perfect way to style it! Once you have a backdrop picked out, add a balloon arch to pull it all together. These look super expensive but are honestly really cheap on Amazon!

3. White Claw "Cake"

Recreate these 21st birthday decorations:

If I’m being honest, everyone (including myself) was way more focused on the drinks than any type of dessert at my 21st. Instead of a traditional birthday cake, make her one from her favorite drink cans! I can almost guarantee that any 21 year old will be a lot more excited about this than any kind of cake.

4. Pink Sugar Rims

Recreate these 21st birthday decorations:

This is a super simple idea but I thought it was just too cute not to include. I’m a sucker for pink birthday decorations and this is just the perfect touch. But, even if you go with a different color scheme with your 21st birthday decorations, this idea can still be used by just using different colored sugar!

5. Disco Ball Props

Recreate these 21st birthday decorations:

I don’t think disco balls ever truly went out of style but they are definitely a huge trend in party decor right now! You can either go the traditional route and hang disco balls or use them around your photo booth as props for a little extra sparkle.

And you can’t forget about the fringe banner! You can find these types of backdrops on Etsy or make your own with streamers if you can't find the color you want. 


6. Champagne Balloons

What better way to ring in your 21st birthday than with alcohol-themed balloons?

 My roommate used these champagne balloons paired as part of her 21st birthday decorations and everyone was OBSESSED. Throw in a couple of these with your other normal balloons to create variety in your 21st birthday decorations!

7. Tassel Tail Balloons

Tassel balloons are another one of my favorite ways to decorate!

Paired with normal balloons, and champagne balloons, adding these ones with tassel tails will ensure you have a whole variety of fun decorations at your 21st.

8. Metalic Fringe Backdrop

A metallic fringe backdrop is a go-to 21st birthday decoration so you really can’t go wrong with having one of these thrown on a wall or two! This is an inexpensive and low-effort way to create a photo backdrop everyone will be wanting to take pictures in front of. 

They also have these in pretty much every color you can think of so you can match the color to your party theme!

9. Balloon Arch

Like I said earlier, you can never go wrong with a balloon arch! In fact, I think every 21st birthday party I’ve gone to has had one and it’s a hit every time.

These look super expensive but they're actually really cheap which sounds like a win-win to me.

10. Fringe Banner

I think these fringe banners are so insanely cute so I had to add in this one as well. Like I said before, you can find some of these banners on Etsy but they can be a little pricey.

This one from Amazon is pretty reasonably priced but you can always make your own if you want to save money and are feeling crafty!

11. Banner & Tassel Garland

These 21st birthday decorations from Amazon are pretty much a full party decorating kit!

You may need to buy an additional backdrop or balloons but for the most part, this 21st birthday decorations set has almost everything you need!

12. Mini Champagne Piñata

Okay, these are possibly the cutest piñatas I have EVER seen. I didn’t know I could be obsessed with party decorations but here I am. These mini champagne piñatas would be the perfect touch to any 21st birthday party.

You could even fill it with shooters instead of candy to carry on the 21st theme!

13. Tequila Piñata

Another super cute piñata for all the tequila drinkers because I just couldn't resist. So cute and can be bought at Walmart!

This is such a cute 21st birthday decoration especially for all the girls that tend to stray away from the pink theme.

14. Rose Gold Plates & Utensils

If you’re serving any kind of snacks or food at your 21st you don’t want to forget cute matching plates and utensils!

I added this rose gold set from Amazon to match since the majority of girls go with a pink or rose gold party theme. But, you can find all kinds of cute plates and utensils in different colors on Amazon and Party City if you aren’t going with pink.

15. Custom Banner

How cute is this 21st birthday banner?! Definitely one of the trendiest ones I’ve come across.

Plus, it's completely customizable which will add a fun and personal touch to your 21st birthday decorations.

16. Rose Gold "Twenty One" Banner

Etsy has some of the cutest and most unique banners for 21s birthdays but this one is one of my faves!

This is such a cute party decoration if you plan on going with the pink or rose gold theme.

17. Polaroid Photo Prop

A polaroid photo prob is such a fun and unique party decoration to incorporate into your 21st birthday decorations!

Again, this is completely customizable which you can never go wrong with to add a personal touch. It will truly make any birthday even more special!

18. "Hello 21" Napkins

If there's one thing you need at 21st birthday parties it's paper towels and napkins.?

These not only make for great party decor on your table but will also be perfect for guests carrying their drinks around while socializing.

19. Rose Gold Fringe Cups

Absolutely LOVE these metallic fringe cups! These are such a cute way to serve drinks to guests and are disposable so they make for easy clean up after!

This post was all about the best 21st birthday decorations.

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