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Looking for the best white Christmas decor? Here is all the best inspiration to create the bright and snowy Christmas you've always dreamed of.

white christmas decor

Nothing against people who like using colorful lights and traditional Christmas colors to decorate during the holidays. I grew up with parents who loved multicolored lights and green, gold, and red everywhere so that traditional Christmas decor style holds a special place in my heart. 

But, if you keep up with BSL or even just take a quick glance at my Instagram you can probably tell I go for a more neutral look in my home- white, beige, grey, etc. So when it comes to decorating for Christmas it should be no surprise I stick with a similar color pallet. Give me allllll the white Christmas decor! 

Because I personally lean towards a more neutral Christmas, I am constantly on the lookout for the best white Christmas decor on the market. There are definitely fewer options when it comes to neutral or white Christmas decor but this holiday decor style is becoming more popular every year so a ton of stores are coming out with super cute options- and I’m totally here for it. 

If you are anything like me you are obsessed with all things white or neutral when it comes to decorating for Christmas so you are guaranteed to love these finds as well. Here is the absolute best white Christmas decor on the market right now as well as bright and white Christmas decor inspiration to create the snowy holidays of your dreams.

This post is all about white Christmas decor.


white christmas decor collage

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1. Snowy Christmas Tree

white christmas tree decorations

Recreate this white Christmas decor idea:

When I was thinking of how to decorate my apartment I knew right away that I was going to get a "snow" covered Christmas tree. Don’t get me wrong I think plain green Christmas trees still look stunning with neutral ornaments but I love how bright and Christmas-y this tree looked. I used gold, white, and beige ornaments to accent my tree and it added the perfect amount of decoration to my tree without looking cluttered.

This is the exact tree I bought but I will admit it is a little pricey. This tree from Home Depot is super similar though and costs way less!

If you want the rest of the Christmas decor I bought for my apartment you can find that post here!

2. Wintery Outdoor Decor

Recreate this white Christmas decor idea:

Want to make the outside of your house look just as Christmas-y as the inside? Here is the perfect way to do it. Decorate with snowy garlands and wreaths on your doors and windows and add a couple of white Christmas trees on the side. This honestly looks so impressive but can be done with just a few decor pieces!

3. Staggered Christmas Trees

white christmas decorations ideas

credit: @p.arruda

Recreate this white Christmas decor idea:

This is the perfect white Christmas decor inspiration that looks absolutely beautiful but is actually pretty simple. Keep things light and bright by staggering Christmas trees of different heights. Adding a skinny green tree behind a white one is a great way to bring color into your Christmas decor without interrupting the white/neutral color scheme.

4. Bar Cart & White Dishes

Recreate this white Christmas decor idea:

Bar carts are in almost every apartment and home by now so I know this idea is one that can be used by so many people. Swap out your usual bar cart decor and fill it with cute Christmas dishes, glasses, and other decorations.

5. White Christmas Dining Table

Recreate this white Christmas decor idea:

Whether you plan on hosting family and friends for Christmas dinner or just want to decorate your dining table for the holidays, this is a stunning example of how you can use white decor to do it. Stick with neutral-colored plates and placemats and accent with white candles and vases. To bring a bit of greenery into your decor, these super cute wreaths from Etsy make for perfect plating accents!


6. Mini Table Trees

Mini trees are my go-to Christmas decorations that I use all around my apartment. Coffee table, nightstand, kitchen counter, you name it. You can guarantee these will add the perfect Christmas touch to any room.

7. Vases & Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is an amazing alternative to regular florals that still looks Christmasy but sticks to your neutral/white color scheme. Swap out your regular florals into vases you already have or buy some stylish new white vases. Currently obsessing over these ones from West Elm!

8. Table Beads

You can’t forget white Christmas decor to use on your tables! When it comes to table decorations I always recommend buying decor with a variety of heights, textures, and neutral colors. I use these wooden beads as table decor year-round but it also goes perfectly with all other white Christmas decor.

9. White Ornaments

To go with your white Christmas decor you are for sure going to need some white ornaments to decorate your trees with! There are a ton of options on Amazon, Etsy, and Home Depot but these ones are some of my personal favorites.

10. Serving Plates & Trays

Serving trays and plates obviously look super cute on dining tables and kitchen counters but they are also amazing to have if you plan on hosting friends and family. Target, Home Goods, and local stores have super cute Christmas trays during the holidays so make sure to check for them in-store as well as online during the holidays!

11. Christmas Wall Art

Picture frames and prints are a super easy and inexpensive way to incorporate the Christmas spirit into your decor. I just used frames that I already had and printed out these super cute Christmas prints that Sarah and I designed to put inside. Absolutely loved how these looked in my frames for Christmas and it cost me nothing!

12. Throw Pillows & Blankets

I personally try not to go too overboard with Christmas bedding, pillows, and blankets because I feel like a lot of them look kind of tacky honestly. But, these snowflake throw pillows and neutral throw blankets are still super cute and give you that Christmas feel without throwing red and green in your face.

This post was all about white Christmas decor.

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