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This post is all about Valentines Day printables that are the perfect, classy additions to your decor.

valentines day printables
valentines day printables

After Christmas ends, I feel like I have nothing to look forward to until summer lol. But this year, I want to make Valentine's Day something to look forward to and to celebrate. 

This will be my first Valentine's Day in my new apartment so I want to decorate and make it a little more special. We made these Valentine's Day printables to put up around the apartment and I'm obsessed! 

I love simple decor like this because all you really need is a frame and somewhere to print these (I usually send them to my local printer and it's always super cheap!). I mean, how cute are these?! 

If you want to decorate for Valentine's Day, these printables are right up your alley (and aren't cheesy at all ?)


valentines day wall art

Here's a closer look at all of our Valentine's Day printables...

valentines day printables

I love how classy these look. The colors are more muted and simple which makes it look more sophisticated than other Valentine's Day prints that I've seen. 

Download the Valentine's Day wall art here! 

valentines day printables

These are super trendy and not tacky at all. Valentine's Day decor can become cheesy very easily but I don't think these are at all! 

Click here for the printables.

valentines day printables

I can't wait to get these printed out and put in frames around my apartment.

This is my first Valentine's Day in my apartment so I've gotten so excited about decorating for each season. I never really decorate that much for Valentine's Day but I think these will add the perfect, small touch of decor! 

Download the free Valentines Day printable decorations. 

valentines day printables

The best part... these are all free!! 

Getting decorations for every holiday can be really expensive, and honestly unnecessary. These are perfect because all you need is a cute frame and you're good to go! 

valentines day printables

Click here for the free Valentine wall art. 

We obviously had to include some for our single gals and some cute quotes. My favorite is the "wine is my valentine" haha so relatable ?

valentines day printables

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