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Are you looking for a method on how to organize recipes? Whether you are using one of your family's secret recipes or are printing out a recipe from Pinterest, this shows you exactly how to put together a recipe organizer.

recipe organization printables

If you're anything like me, you are constantly saving Pinterest recipes or finding delicious recipes on different websites.

I have my stash of cookbooks but majority of the time I am simply printing them off from the internet. I wanted to come up with a method on how to organize recipes that I print off from online or that I get sent to me from my family members (ya know, like good ole' family recipes ;). 

What I started doing was printing off recipes and then putting them in a binder. I loved how this was working out so I came up with recipe organization and it is GOLD! 

I'm showing you exactly how I set up my Recipe Binder so that you can go ahead and set one of these up for yourself.

How To Organize Recipes:

how to organize recipes

When thinking about how I wanted to organize my recipes, I knew that I wanted it to be easy enough where I could simply find a recipe on Pinterest, print it out, and just stick it into the binder.

I also wanted the recipes to be somewhat protected in case I spill on it while cooking. 

I decided the best method for me for my recipe organization would be to purchase a cute binder and then design different category pages. I could then just simply put the recipe in the correct section and be done with it. 

Here's What I Bought For My Recipe Organization:

I plan on having this recipe binder for a LONG time (like seriously, maybe passing it down to my my daughters one day haha). Because of this, I knew that I wanted a nicer binder that would be able to hold a lot of recipes, easily be cleaned, and was cute (priorities haha). 

The only things besides the binder that I bought were protective covers for the papers. I feel like this is an absolute must since it protects your recipes from getting dirty.

If I get anything on the recipes, I can simply just wipe them off. 

Here's the exact binders and protective covers I bought for my recipe organization:

How To Make Your Recipe Organization Binder:

recipe organization

It took me a decent amount of time to decide on the different categories I wanted for my recipe binder.

After researching how other people organized their recipe binders, I decided the best categories for me would be:

  • Front Cover
  • Conversions Sheet
  • Empty Recipe Sheet
  • Breakfast 
  • Appetizers
  • Main Dishes
  • Side Dishes
  • Crock-Pot
  • Instant Pot
  • Desserts
  • Drink Recipes
  • Miscellaneous

I am hoping that these categories give a place for all my recipes to go into. Basically, I included the miscellaneous category just in case something didn't fit in correctly.

Download My Recipe Binder Printables:

If you want these exact Recipe Binder Printables that I made above, I added them to my store. You can get them for 80% by using coupon code "isawtheblogpost" (making it only $2!). Click here to see it in my store.

If you want to create your own recipe organization sheets, you could use Canva to design them!

How I Set Up My Recipe Organization Binder:

how to organizes recipes
recipe organizer

Because my recipe binder doesn't have a front cover, I have the first page as the "title" sheet. I even included the year I started this binder in the corner since I am planning on having it for so long. Figured it would be pretty cool to open this in 2060 and see 2020 in the corner ;).

I then have the conversion sheet and empty recipe card. After that, I start the actual food categories.

It made sense for me to start with food in the morning and then organize the recipes in order from when you eat during the day.

Whenever I find a recipe online, I print it out and put it in a clear plastic cover. Than I put it behind the category section. You can see this in the GIF above. 

There you have it! That's exactly how to organize your recipes with my recipe organization method.

If you organize your recipes in another way, how do you do it?!

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