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A kitchen sink doesn't have to hold just an ugly dish soap's some of my favorite kitchen sink decor ideas and how I decorated my apartment kitchen sink!

kitchen sink styling

One of the things I struggle most with my apartment is the red cabinets and red floors in the kitchen. I've been very vocal about this, so definitely not the first time you are hearing me say this 🤣. Even the countertop isn't my first choice haha.

Because of these things, I try really hard to make sure that anything in the kitchen is really cute. Almost too distract from the things I don't necessarily love. When we were getting everything ready for the GBOGH house, I started putting things together for the sink area. 

I was finding so many cute things and thought that it would be the perfect way to make my apartment kitchen look a little more my vibe. I also found some really cute Pinterest ideas for kitchen sink decor that are at the bottom of this post. 99% of the pins we're ugly for sink decor, but these ones are *chef kiss*.

This post is all about kitchen sink decor.


kitchen sink decor

One thing I strongly stand behind is that if something is going to be sitting out on my counters, it needs to be cute. I've had this dish soap from Target by my sink since I moved into my apartment. I love that it's white and looks much better than a Dawn bottle but I can't find it at any Target anymore! They have dark colors, which are really cute but I need something light with all the darkness occurring in the kitchen.

I've just refilled the bottle with Dawn dish soap for the last year, but since I've been doing that for so long it's at the end of its life. I found this dish soap bottle on sale at Pottery Barn for $11. Is $11 pricey for dish soap? Yes, but I am going to keep refilling that baby until she needs to be thrown away. 

kitchen sink styling

I don't have a ton of space to deal with so I didn't want to "clutter" the space. Some of the Pinterest ideas I was finding had a lot more space to work with and if I fully copied them, it would have looked clutter.

I also really wanted to make sure it didn't start looking "farmhouse-y". I feel like I got the perfect combination of adding some natural aspects without making it feel cluttered.  Let me give a breakdown of everything I got and why I got it...

Wood Piece for Soap:  I got this because I realized that every pin I liked on Pinterest usually had something similar to this. My only criteria was that it was real wood. I just hate the look of fake wood haha I found this one for cheap on Amazon and it was 1-day win-win. 

Dish Sponge: I already told Ben that he isn't allowed to use this sponge for anything with red sauce...but doesn't this look so much cuter than a normal dish sponge?! 

Dish Sponge Dish: I actually have multiple of these dishes throughout my apartment/GBOGH house. In my apartment, they're holding candy. These dishes are heavy and almost a cast iron material. They're also only $12 which I love!!

Dish Soap: Simply got it because it was cute but it smells soo good!! As I said above, if I am going to have something sitting out on my counter, it needs to be cute!

Aesop Hand Soap: This was actually a Christmas gift from one of the BSL girls, Hannah! I have been waiting to use it. Love it and really adds to the vibe. Also, smells like a spa.

Gold Paper Towel Holder: This is old from Target, but here's an identical one on Amazon.


Here's some of my favorite inspo images I found!! Love these because they would look great in an apartment and home!


One of the hardest parts for me when I was picking out my kitchen sink decor was keeping it simple. Obviously I couldn't buy everything but I found SO many cute things when shopping for my kitchen sink decor. So, here is some of the cutest sink decor I found that I didn't use but that I LOVED!!

This post was all about kitchen sink decor.

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