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Looking for kitchen storage ideas? Here are all of the best products and inspiration photos you need to see!

cheap kitchen storage ideas

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If there's one part of my home that I am always trying to fix, it's my kitchen storage. I'm always trying to find the absolute best life hacks and clever kitchen storage ideas to store food, pots and pans and all of the other stuff I have to fit in my cabinets.

Honestly, it's not easy trying to fully reorganize your kitchen to utilize storage. I have spent hours looking for kitchen cupboard storage ideas and even kitchen storage furniture. Lucky for you, in all of my searching, I have found both cheap kitchen storage ideas and some more high-end kitchen storage ideas.

No matter what your budget is, you can make your kitchen storage look so good, you won't even recognize your own kitchen. After you see all of these kitchen storage ideas, you'll be so motivated you'll probably get right to work updating your kitchen storage!

This post is all about the best kitchen storage ideas.


1. Put food into containers that are easy to store

Recreate one of these kitchen storage ideas:

"Great containers! Easy to take the lid off, and keeps bugs and moisture out!"

We all have that cabinet that's jam-packed full of opened packages and random bottles that you use a couple of times a year for random recipes. You know when you open the cabinet, and everything falls out? Invest in some stackable containers to save space in your cabinets and keep it looking good too! 

2. Label pantry food bins for easy access 

Recreate one of these kitchen storage ideas:

kitchen organization ideas

"I use these bins everywhere! They work great under the sink organizing toiletries, in the pantry holding snacks, and keeping the clutter off of the bar in the kitchen."

Wow, I am obsessed with this pantry! If you get an organizing itch one day, your pantry is a great place to start. I love how all of this bins in this pantry coordinate and are labeled so you know exactly what is in each one. I have very similar labels on my pantry bins, and it has been so nice having them! 

3. Opt for vertical storage for pans and cutting boards

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"Why hadn't I bought this organizer a long time before now. My cabinet is neat and organized."

Take it from me, I grew up having pans and cutting boards stored in the worst possible way, all stacked on top of each other. Vertical storage is such a game-changer, it makes it easier to find what you're looking for, and to put it away. 

You can easily change your pan storage with these wire racks from Amazon! So easy!

4. Hang pot lids on the cabinet door directly next to pots

Recreate one of these kitchen storage ideas:

"Really great product, just take a minute to work out which lid you want where"

For some reason, storing pot lids is impossible for me. These Caraway pans in the photo come with canvas storage pockets to hang the lids on the inside of a cabinet door. You could accomplish this with the pots and pans you already have with the holders I linked from Amazon. 

5. Hide your small appliances in cabinetry

One of my biggest pet peeves is having a ton of small appliances all over the countertop. If you have the space to hide away small appliances in cabinetry, you definitely should take advantage of that space. Pullout shelves inside the cabinets to make access to each appliance as easy as possible! 

6. Store plates and bowls in drawers instead of cabinets

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"I have only lower cabinets in my kitchen, so all my dishes are in drawers. This product works great!"

Lately, I have seen people opting to store plates and bowls in drawers as opposed to cabinets. If you are trying to figure out your kitchen storage, maybe try this out with some sort of peg system to keep everything in place, but still adjustable. You could definitely DIY this, but there are also tons of options online. 

7. Utilize the cabinet doors for cleaning supply storage

Recreate one of these kitchen storage ideas:

"This feels super sturdy and is strong enough to hold all of my cleaning essentials! The price is also excellent and another reason why I bought this! It was also super easy and simple to set up."

Under the sink is a go-to spot for storing cleaning supplies. If you find yourself always running out of space in there, utilize the space on the inner cabinet doors. These adhesive shower caddy shelves would be the perfect shelf to hang on the inside of the cabinet doors to hold sponges, scrubbers, trash bags, and more! 

8. Try kitchen storage furniture for extra shelf space 

Recreate one of these kitchen storage ideas:

"It holds all my big appliances without using up too much space. Very durable and stylish. Will purchase again"

Okay, how cool is this cart with storage for all of the extra plates and kitchenware? I am so obsessed with the way this looks. Don't get me wrong, this is something that needs to be done carefully and tastefully. Just think of it as a bar cart for plates, and you can make it as pretty as you want! 

9. Hang pots and pans in a cabinet on a tension rod

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"Very utilitarian and useful. Use one behind kitchen curtain over sink where I hang utensils ..... no container holding them out on the counter!"

This is one of the most genius kitchen cupboard storage ideas! Just grab some mini tension rods and hang them in your cabinet to store pots and pans hanging, as opposed to stacked. This opens up space at the bottom of the cabinet to store larger pots and other kitchen necessities. 

10. Store cutting boards on the inside of your cabinetry

Recreate one of these kitchen storage ideas:

"Fastened it to the side of our cupboards above a counter to store large cutting boards. Fits perfectly and sturdy."

Okay, this is so smart! I am all about utilizing the space on the inside of cabinet doors, and this might be one of my favorite examples I have ever seen! Having a go-to spot for all of your cutting boards will make your life so much easier! 

11. Hang a peg board to organize utensils and cookware

Recreate one of these kitchen storage ideas:

"I love this set of 4 peg boards with accessories! You can put them together or use them separately. Well constructed, easy to install and really frees up a lot of surface area in my craft room."

This is one of the best kitchen storage ideas for small spaces! Think vertically, and store stuff on your walls instead of on your countertops or in cabinets! This is something else that would be a pretty simple DIY, but there are also a ton of options online to buy what you want! 

12. Store utensils diagonally to optimize space

Recreate one of these kitchen storage ideas:

"I purchased 2 of these to put side by side in a wide drawer. Amazing - the drawer was a mess and we could never find anything and now it looks awesome and I can easily find everything."

Okay, I have been seeing this everywhere lately and I think it is genius! With diagonal spaces in drawers, you can fit the awkwardly large things like rolling pins and BBQ tools; and also have designated spots for small things like measuring spoons and mini spatulas. You can easily accomplish this storage style with the drawer insert from Amazon instead of having it built in! 

13. Get special organizers for water bottles to save cabinet space

Recreate one of these kitchen storage ideas:

"Water bottles no longer roll and fall out every time I open the door!"

I don't know about you, but I think water bottles are the hardest things to store ever. My water bottle cabinet is a disaster most of the time. I am 100% ordering these organizers as soon as possible, I hope they will not only keep me organized but free up more space for kitchen storage of other things. 

14. Store your spices in a drawer to save cabinet space

Recreate one of these kitchen storage ideas:

"I now have my spices in a drawer where I can see all the labels perfectly instead of hunting for them in the cupboard. I am so happy with my purchase"

Spices are another thing that is so hard to store in a cabinet because you're constantly digging around in the back trying to find the one you need. This drawer organizer will free up your cabinet space and help you quickly locate the spices you need! Plus, if you want to be extra fancy you can put all of your spices into matching jars

15. Keep produce in drawers to prevent countertop clutter

Recreate one of these kitchen storage ideas:

"These bins look really nice and simple and elegant in the pantry. They also hold a good amount of products."

Wow, I am so jealous of this drawer! I will 100% be building this into a future home, but I want to attempt to try it now. Essentially anything you would store in your pantry or a bowl on your counter can be tucked away in a drawer too!

16. Give everything in your fridge a designated spot

Recreate one of these kitchen storage ideas:

Okay, this is a little controversial because I do think you can overdo fridge storage. If you're like me, you need room for leftovers and random things in the fridge (it's not always perfect) so, having it full of containers just doesn't work. I think this sort of kitchen storage is amazing in moderation, and that has been very successful for me! 

17. Fold your kitchen towels a certain way to save drawer space

Recreate one of these kitchen storage ideas:

"These were even nicer than I expected them to be. Easy to clean as well. I use one in my refrigerator, one in a drawer, and one on a shelf."

Oh hey, Marie Kondo organization level! For this storage idea, you don't need to buy anything at all. 

If you're not familiar with it already, just do the Marie Kondo folding method, and you'll be able to fit so many more towels in your kitchen drawers! The acrylic bins I linked might just make it a tiny bit easier to keep everything in line. 

This post was all about the best kitchen storage ideas.

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