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This post is all about housewarming gifts.


Best Overall:  Wine Chiller

"This wine chiller is even more gorgeous in real life. Every single time I have people over I'm always pulling it out. I get so many compliments, love it."

Best Under $25:  Magnolia Table Cookbook

"Love this book, the recipes are excellent. Made the best ever pancakes already 3 times, as they are so incredibly good!!"

Best Value:  Electric S&P Shaker

"These are wonderful, and SO easy to use. I had one you squeeze a trigger, to use, and it was just too hard to work. Another thing I like about these, is you can dial the coarseness in, easily. Quick ship, too!!

Most Popular: "New Home" Candle

"So sentimental and smells AMAZING."

Best Amazon Gift: Echo Show 5

"The Echo Show now has a permanent place in our kitchen. I absolutely love the ease of it! Perfect for music, setting timers, showing me the weather... almost anything I want it can do!"

Best Gift Box: Pasta Night Gift Box

"I bought this for my brother and sister-in-law when they moved in to their new house. It was a perfect gift because it gave them at least one prep-free meal, as well as a whole book of additional recipes and a set of beautiful kitchen accessories."

Best Cooking Appliance: Air Fryer

"I love this air fryer! I use it to make hamburgers, chicken wings, sausages, bacon, to cook vegetables, and to reheat already cooked foods. It's also very fast. I have no complaints so far and I'm very glad I got this air fryer."

Inevitably, someone you love is going to move into a new home or apartment and you're going to need to get them a house warming gift!

I am a huge gift giver. I love bringing a little light into someone's life, especially when they are moving into a new place (which is not easy).

Also, I love finding gifts that people will actually use. Nobody moving into a new house needs a gift they either have nowhere to put, or will never use. 

The gifts are full-proof, I truly don't know anyone who wouldn't love at least one of them! 

This post shows you housewarming gifts.

1. Brass Wine Rack

housewarming gift box

For the wine lovers... who wouldn't love this?! Having a great way to display wine can become the perfect decor item missing in the living room, kitchen, where the wine goes.

Adding your friend's favorite wine to the rack would be the perfect addition to your gift! 

2. Welcoming Doormat

moving gift ideas

I love gifting things people might not necessarily think about when they are moving into a new house. 

When you're moving all you're thinking about is when your furniture is coming and where you're going to order food from.

A doormat can be just what they need to put a smile on their faces and make their new space truly feel like home!

3. "New Home" Candle

housewarming gifts amazon

Lighting a candle in a new home seems like a memory waiting to be made!

I am sure that everyone would be happy to get any candle as a housewarming gift, but I love the little touch added with the "new home" label.

4. Wine Chiller

housewarming gift ideas

Who would say no to a nice bottle of Prosecco and a brand new wine chiller?

Wine chillers are insanely versatile; you can use it for your large kitchen utensils, plants, and of course, wine!

A glass of wine to celebrate a new house sounds like a great idea to me.

5. Salt & Pepper Shakers

housewarming gifts for men

When you are moving, the last thing that's on your mind is salt and pepper shakers. You're probably worrying about when you bedroom furniture is going to come in.

S&P shakers make a perfect housewarming gift because most people moving into a new place would never treat themselves to ones! Allowing you to swoop in and give them a gift they will actually use and didn't even think to get!

More S&P shaker ideas :

6. Knit Throw Blanket

housewarming gifts for couples

Every home needs a few nice blankets! I love the idea of gifting a cozy blanket for a housewarming gift; it's thoughtful and a gift they will actually use!

7. Cookbook

traditional housewarming gifts

A new house means a gorgeous new kitchen to cook in. Personally, I would love to be gifted a cookbook at any time of the year, but it's a perfect idea to gift a cookbook as a housewarming gift.

Cookbooks were made to be gifted for celebrations such as moving into a new house. I could probably list 15000 cookbooks I love, but I'll stick with just a few lol!

More amazing cookbooks:

8. Massage Gift Card

Moving is a pain in the rear end. Gifting a massage gift card will be the most amazing present anyone moving could ask for. Give them the break they deserve.

I have started giving massage gift cards as presents, and I cannot tell you how excited people are when they find out. Almost everyone loves a massage. You really can't go wrong with this gift!

9. Silk Pillow Cases

housewarming gift box

Maybe this will sound like a weird gift, but everyone needs a nice pillow case. Silk pillow cases are amazing for your skin and look beautiful incorporated into a bedding set!

Amazon silk pillow case:

10. Homemade Meal

Moving basically means take-out for a few weeks. Having someone bring you a homemade meal while you're in the midst of moving can be life changing! 

I love the idea of bringing a nice warm meal to someone; it's a great way get together and also elevate a stress for them!

Housewarming meals to bring:

11. Cookbook Stand

practical housewarming gifts

Going off of the cookbook idea for a housewarming gift, if you know your friend/family member/ whoever you are gifting loves cookbooks, then get them a cookbook stand!

A cookbook stand does not have to be some ratty plastic contraption; they can be the perfect addition to any kitchen.

12. Pajama Set

Wouldn't you love to be gifted a comfy pajama set as a housewarming gift? Yeah, I would too!

Everyone loves a comfy set of pajama sets that they can put on after a long day. I am alllll about the matching sets, and I know a lot of other people who do too, so this is a well-raved gift!

13. Marble & Wood Cutting Board

useful housewarming gifts

This handcrafted gem would be amazing to gift. I love a useful housewarming gift ideas that I know my friends and family will actually appreciate and not throw away or hide in a cupboard when I'm not there.

Cutting boards are useful for anyone who cooks, and especially fantastic for those who love to host. As many of you know, I don't have people over without putting a little something together on a charcuterie board.

14. Echo Show 5 - Smart display with Alexa

best housewarming gifts amazon

The smart display of Alexa is amazing! The Echo lets you look up recipes, play music, and video chat with friends and family.

It's the perfect addition to any home and would be a fantastic housewarming gift idea!

15. Dried Flower Bouquet

Dried flowers are absolutely gorgeous and last forever! I am currently loving dried flowers (even more than regular) at the moment and I think this would be an amazing housewarming gift!

16. Large Candle Centerpiece

personalized housewarming gifts

A large candle would be perfect for any living room coffee table or on a kitchen island!

I am obsessed with this gorgeous honeycomb textured glass candle; it's stunning and would amazing in any home!!

17. Air Fryer

housewarming gifts amazon 2020

Air Fryers are the new best kitchen appliance out there!! I love using an air fryer for homemade french fries and baking salmon. 

The air fryer makes any meal healthier because you don't need oil! For real, I think anyone who cooks would love this as a housewarming gift.

18. Pasta Night Gift Set

housewarming gifts for men

Pasta is the perfect first meal to have in a new home. I love that this gift box comes with kitchen items people will actually use, and don't forget about the cookbook!! 

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