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This post is all about graduation thank you cards.

Now that all the excitement of graduation is over, it’s time to thank everyone who made your graduation extra special. From whoever cheered you on at your graduation ceremony to the people who came to say congratulations and give a gift at your celebration, there are so many people to thank when it’s all over!

Graduation thank you cards are probably the last thing on your mind after all the chaos of a ceremony and party are finally done, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important. My mom taught me that you should always send handwritten thank you cards, and now I try to do it every chance I get!

I have searched the internet for hours to find the very best personalized graduation thank you cards I could find, so below I have shared with you the *50* best graduation thank you cards.

This post is all about personalized graduation thank you cards.






1. What do you say in a thank you card for graduation?

The most obvious graduation thank you cards message is to say “thank you”… duh. But you also want to make sure you are specific in your thank you! Don’t make it so generic that it makes the person receiving it think you’re not grateful. You want to specify what exactly you’re grateful for in your graduation thank you card.

2. How do you write a graduation appreciation message?

It can get tricky figuring out what to write in graduation thank you cards without it feeling like every card is the same message. You want to make the message personal for each recipient, and make sure you are being uber specific about what it is you’re thanking them for. This is true for high school graduation thank you cards AND college graduation thank you cards.

3. Are thank you cards necessary for graduation?

I think graduation cards are always necessary for graduation! My mom always taught me to write thank you cards for any occasion or holiday that I get presents or money for because it’s just the best way to show your appreciation. I even think it’s necessary to write thank you cards for graduation money.

4. How do I thank my family and friends for graduation?

The easiest and most thoughtful way to thank your family and friends for graduation is graduation thank you cards, of course! Cards are definitely the easiest and cheapest way to give out thank you gifts from graduate.

5. How do you end a thank you note for graduation?

Ending a graduation thank you card is easy! I always make sure to say “thank you” one more time at the end of a thank you card, then just sign your name. If you know the person well, you could make the sign off more personal too.

6. How long do you have to write thank you notes after graduation?

Because graduation isn’t as big or as busy of an event as a wedding, I would say you should send out graduation thank you cards about one month after your graduation or graduation party. At this point it’s still very relevant and it’s easier for you to remember who got you what if you don’t wait too long.

This post is all about graduation thank you cards.

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